Loving You


Piper looked at Chris as he looked after Wyatt and his little sister in the nursery she built for Wyatt. Somberly she looked down on her pregnant stomach. “Thank god, I have you my little angel.” Piper said quietly to herself as she felt the little feet kicking her from the inside as if he understands what she was saying.

“Mom, can I have a word with you and Chris?” Andrianne said softly as she looked up at her mother. Piper just nodded as she entered the nursery. “Before I came here,” Andrianne started. “Six months before I came here, I was told I have six months to live. I’m two months past my expiry date as Ryan like to say it.” She joked. Chris straight face was not at all amused by the little joke she made. “Well, I know you would want me to proceed with my treatment, but I think it’s a waste of time, money and my usable energy.” Andrianne reasoned.

“Let me worry about the money.” Piper said.

“But mom, how would you know I will survive this lifetime.” Andrianne questioned.

“Andy, please.” Chris said quietly as Andrianne’s eyes looked up at his broken eyes. “I’ll do anything and everything for you just to be well and with me.” He said selfishly. “You are the only thing that keeps me going and prevent me from going insane.” He said as his eyes brimmed with hot liquid.

Andrianne sighed. She hated herself for being too soft for Chris. With a heavy heart, she nodded. “With one condition.” She said looking at her mother. “Both of you have to let me go when the time comes for me.” She said quietly.

“Come here.” Chris said as he set Wyatt down beside him to make room for Andrianne. The young girl cocked a smile as she sat on her brother’s lap. “I can never let you go, not without a fight. As selfish as I may sound, it is the truth. You’re my little sister; you’ll be the only one.” He said as he let the warm liquid spilt from his eyes.

Andrianne wrapped her arms around Chris as she buried her face on his chest listening to his accelerated heartbeat and the soothing sound of his breath. “You have to let me go someday.” She whispered quietly.

Piper laid her hand on Andrianne’s back as she pulled away from Chris. With the pad of her thumb, she wiped the tears streaming down her brother’s face, as he would have done to her. Piper was lost for words of what to say to her children.

“You’ll take care of him once I’m gone right mom?” Andrianne said softly as her eyes turned to Piper.

“He’s my son, of course.” Piper said quietly.

“Please, whatever is going to happen, don’t tell dad.” Andrianne said in a pleading tone. “Please don’t make it harder than it already is.” She said quietly. Chris just nodded. He certainly would never tell him. He had never been a part of their family from the time he could remember. He would only come down once in a while to see Piper and Wyatt but never the two of them. He even wondered at some point whether he knew of their existence.

Piper did not say anything but she knows what happened in the future might still happen at the rate of Leo’s existence in her life.


Chris did not wait much longer for coming up with a plan for his little sister. It was later that same night he called upon all the Halliwell sisters and their grandfather to assemble at the dinner table. Victor came soon after he got the call from his daughter.

“Grandpa, at the risk of giving you a heart attack, I think you better sit down for this.” Andrianne said when she was finally alone with her grandfather. Victor smiled coolly at her and sat opposite her. “Grandpa, when at the table during our dinner the other day, I was not eating not because I was full or I was having a migraine.” She started.

“Andrianne, it’s fine. I don’t really know what you like and don’t in the future. I will learn soon enough.” Victor replied softly to his granddaughter.

“It’s not that grandpa.” Andrianne said quietly. “I need you to listen and not freak out okay?” She asked. Victor just nodded. “I have a tumor in my brain that sometimes makes me feel like I need to throw up without a reason. I black out pretty much every other day and I have intense headache every day.” Andrianne explained.

Victor’s jaw literally dropped to the floor upon hearing Andrianne. He could not think of anything appropriate to say to her neither he could quip up a joke nor he could find his voice. He took a deep breath and looked at his brave granddaughter.

“I’m sorry for not telling you this earlier.” Andrianne apologizes. “That is the real reason Chris called for you to come tonight. He wants everyone to know and he doesn’t want to make a decision on treating me without consulting with you and mom.” Andrianne explained. “But I just want you to know before he told you. I want you to hear this from me and not someone else.”

“Rianne, I’m so sorry to hear this.” Victor said softly. Andrianne just smiled and got up from her seat to join her brother, aunts and mother at the dinner table with Victor trailing behind her. Four pairs of eyes was staring at both of them as they walked in.

“I’m not going to drop dead here.” Andrianne mumbled. “Stop staring.” She said as she said beside Chris.

“Watch your tone and words please.” Chris said as he sucked in as much air he could. Andrianne stuck out her tongue out at her brother as he just rolled his eyes. “No date tomorrow.” He whispered quietly. A groan escaped Andrianne.

“Fine.” Andrianne pouted.

“Okay, what about this time?” Paige questioned as she observed the two siblings.

“I still can ground her.” Chris smiled proudly at his mother. “And I still hold her biggest secret.” He said eyeing his little sister who was still pouting. “Now stop pouting or Ryan would have to live with a girlfriend with beak.” Chris joked as a big punch landed on his arm. “Ouch. I really have to see what that guy feed you.”

Andrianne’s pale face turned crimson in embarrassment. “I thought, Nadim?” Phoebe said questioning. “Never mind. I don’t understand kids nowadays.” She said taking back her question.

“He’s my tutor.” Andrianne said with a higher pitch voice defending herself against her brother’s claim. “Nadim. Well, he’s just a good friend.” She spoke shyly.

“You kids do start early nowadays.” Victor commented. Smiling slyly at his daughters as well as his granddaughter.

“He’s a friend.” Andrianne repeated herself defensively.

“Okay, we are not here to talk about friends and boyfriends.” Piper started. “Chris and I had agreed to let you make the call. We know eventually you would be the one making the choices and you had done so very well.” Piper said.

“Mom. I thought we agreed. I’d do it with that one little condition.” Andrianne said cutting whatever else Piper was going to say.

“Andy, we can’t do it. We can’t make you do it, if that what you wish.” Chris said with a pinch of hurt in his voice.

“Chris. You’ve made many decisions for me all my life. What difference does it make? What if I’m dying you won’t want to be liable for it? Or just that you are going to feel guilty if I die?” Andrianne said darting her eyes quickly to her brother and brother. “Mom, when the time comes, it comes. Life, death, they don’t wait for no one.” Andrianne reasoned.

“Who made you so wise?” Piper said softly.

“You, grandpa, dad, my brothers, my aunts and everyone.” Andrianne replied quietly. “The point is mom, for once in my life; make up my mind for me. Please, just once. Just this once.” She trailed in despair. “Have I gone through it? Yes. I know the pain; I know the effects that it made to my body. I don’t care. I really don’t. I’m numb. I’ve always been. Just I want us to be a family again. You and Chris. You’ll have each other forever at least.”

“Andy, don’t say that.” Chris cut her words before she went further with her emotion. “We can never be a family without you. I can’t.” Chris said. His soft voice rising with every word. His eyes glassy as his veins felt as if it was filled with pins. “Think about it. About me.”

“Chris, this is one thing I have no control over. I have control, over my thoughts and my movements. But I have no control over my life, my soul. God gave me my life; it’s his to take it back.” Andrianne said. She could feel everyone’s emotion in that room. She felt as if she could explode with sadness and she could feel her brother’s anger. He’s angry with himself for leaving her, he’s angry to god for giving her such short life. “Stop it. All of you. Stop.” She pleaded. “Just stop.”

“Andrianne.” Chris started.

“Not another word. Listen to what I have to say.” Andrianne said calmly as she gulps in a deep breath. “I know you’re sad because you had to leave me. Seriously, I understand. What’s in the future is uncertain. We can’t determine our future. We can only do it for our present. We can only plan on it. What I’m having is no one’s fault. Stop blaming yourselves because of me. I’ve stopped. Ryan did. So please.” Andrianne begged. Not one eye was dried at the end of her plea. Not one but her own.

“Have you lost your mind?” Chris said, piercing his eyes on her. “What have you done to Andrianne?” He demanded.

“She grew up, to be a braver person. She don’t need to run away from her destiny. She doesn’t want to run away anymore. She’s safe wherever she is. Chris, you thought me to be brave and not afraid of anything that we face. The monsters in the dark, the boogeyman under the bed. Remember.” She said with soft glistening eyes. “Just think of this as the bad boogeyman. I’ll be with you forever, Chris. I’ll be with you in your heart. I’ll be with you in your soul.” She spoke quietly. “All of you, the memories, the sweet and hurtful ones are the livelihood of a person. The memories are the one that we leave and the memories are the one that will forever be with all of us.”

“No.” Chris whispered, cursing to himself silently. What has he done to teach her to accept this so easily.

“It’s never easy, Chris. It will never be.” Andrianne said as she held her dear brother close to her. “Either way, whether you left or not. Whether I’m well or not this has to happen. This has been written even before we existed.”

“It doesn’t have to end this way.” Chris cried.

“Every beginning has an end. This mine. This was how I was written. No one or whatever you are thinking can change this. Not even dad.” Andrianne said.

“What are you saying?” Piper asked as quickly as her ears catch Andrianne saying about Leo.

Andrianne just smiled as an answer. “People change. Elders are people with immortality. Elders are still human. They still have feelings.” Andrianne said. Her words were enough to shake the whole room to silence. To make them understand, things that will be are not always as been. As the future can be altered by a slight change of hope and dreams.

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