Loving You

Second Date

Andrianne tiptoed her way past her sleeping brother to the living room. “Mom. Mom.” Andrianne whispered as she made her way to the kitchen where Piper was feeding Wyatt his dinner. “Hey, sunshine.” She said kissing Wyatt’s cheek. “Mom, Chris is sleeping. I’m supposed to be grounded for talking back at him, but I have a date with Nadim. Can you cover for me for a while?” She said hurriedly.

“He’s outside isn’t he?” Piper asked as she heard the pebbles being thrown to her upper bedroom window. Andrianne sighed and nodded shyly.

“He never listens.” Andrianne rolled her eyes as she hurried towards the front door.

“Andrianne Hope Halliwell.” Chris called her full name loud enough for both his mother and sister to hear. “Which part of grounded don’t you understand?” He questioned his little sister who was awkwardly smiling at him.

“He’s outside.” Andrianne said pleading from her brother. “Oh, mom. Please. You are in power to overpower him.” Andrianne said looking at her mother. Piper just looked at Chris. “Please. Chris. This might be my last night out.” She reasoned as she pouted her lips a little.

Piper concealed her laughter with her hands covering her mouth. “Right?” Chris said half smiling at his little sister. “It’s Nadim isn’t it?” He questioned. Andrianne nodded. “Please tell him this is the last night date you two will have.”

“I love, love, love you.” Andrianne said giddily as she jumped and kissed her elder brother. “Last night date. Promise.” She whispered as he carried her in his arms weightlessly. “And tomorrow I’m all yours, for the treatment starts.” He carried her till the door where she begged to be put to the floor where she reached up and kissed her brother once more before she bids good-bye.

“A rose for my lovely lady.” Nadim said as he handed a rose, as they were sure they were out of earshot as well as out of sight of her mother and brother.

“What is this? The eighteen hundreds?” Andrianne replied with a smile that stretches from ear to ear. “Very well, fine sir.” Andrianne followed suit and accepted the rose. “Shall you not tell me, where our destination would be?” she asked as she placed her little arm in his.

“Okay I give up, I’m not as good of these olden English talk. But this is a surprise.” Nadim said. “Your brother told me about your decision, he also told me that this might just be the last night we could be together, alone.” He said, a hint of sadness blurred in his voice.

“So he knew?” Andrianne questioned. Nadim just nodded. “He knew we had a date tonight and still he was so sure of grounding me. Or you knew about that as well?” Andrianne asked. Nadim just shrugged naughtily. “You, brat.” She accused as she hit his arm playfully.

“Okay, okay. It was to build the suspense of tonight. And I was told not to feed you and not to take you too far from your house and also, I was told you like stars, literature and here’s the surprise.” Nadim said as he pulled Andrianne’s arm to walk faster. “You like songs and dances, you like old English and you like Ryder, Riley, Julia and our friends.” Nadim said as he revealed to her the decorated backyard of Mr. Smith’ house. “He told me that you might not make prom, so we make one for you. Just as you like it, ma lady.” Nadim smiled as he held his stretched arms to Andrianne.

“You’re a sick, sick man, Mr. Sultan. And your parents are okay with this?” Andrianne questioned.

“No one said it’s my home, my dear. It’s Mr. Smiths’ idea.” Nadim confessed.

“Aha.” Andrianne smiled as the two hosts greeted them in their trench coat and high hat. “Mr. Smith.” Andrianne greeted them with a curtsy.

“Miss. Perry, Mr. Sultan.” Riley said as he gestured them to enter his decorated lawn.

“Where are your folks?” Andrianne asked Riley who was right behind her.

“Out. And they know. Plus Ryder’s here. So it’s totally fine.” Riley answered quietly. “You look lovely tonight, Miss Perry.” Riley spoke getting back into his character.

The soft slow music filled the air as their feet moved on the grass wet with night dew. As the moon is the witness of true friendship and puppy love, the circle of friends danced happily under the moon blanketed by the stars and supported by the green grass covered earth.

“Thank you.” Andrianne whispered softly as she danced with Ryder.

“What for?” The young man questioned.

“For everything and more.” Andrianne replied as she let her head fell on his chest. He felt so familiar. His smell brings back so many memories. Ryan has no idea how much he and his father have in common. A single tear fell on the earth beneath her feet as she wished Ryder did not realized it.

“Let not ruin the moment, my dear. As the tears shed will only be the fall of the happiness build for the night.” Ryder said quietly.

“Let not the tears be the barrier between the joy of the night and the somberness of the morning. As the morning comes, this façade would only appear a lie, and the lie is nothing more than an act.” Andrianne said as she curtsy her dance and Nadim took her back to in his arm. “I need to sit.” Andrianne said quietly.

“Are you okay?” Nadim asked as he hurried her to a chair. “Are you sick?” He asked as he hovered over her. Andrianne shook her head.

“I danced four songs in a row. A little tired, even for a normal person. Maybe Julia is an exception.” Andrianne mumbled as Nadim fetch her a glass of punch. “Hey, Nadim, would you dance with me my last dance for the evening?” She requested.

The song was ‘Never Had a Dream Come True’ by S Club Seven. “Ironic isn’t it.” Andrianne said softly to the young man whom she was dancing with.

“Huh?” Nadim asked unsure of what she was implying.

“Never had a dream come true?” Andrianne smiled as she looked into her date’s eyes. It was inviting her into his soul yet there was a thick barrier between them, the one that keep them who they are. “I had all my dreams before tonight and I was sure I was ready to leave it all behind. I was sure I was not going to regret leaving anything.” Andrianne spoke quietly.

“You’re regretting it now?” Nadim questioned.

“I grew up having nothing. Nothing to hold on to, nothing at all. Now I have everything I could ever dream off.” Andrianne said. “Now I have so much to lose.”

“Maybe that’s the reason to keep on living.” Nadim said softly.

Andrianne just smiled at him knowing what he was doing. “My brother really should not have put you through this. I know how his mind works. And you are not fooling me, not for a second.” Andrianne said to the older boy.

“Dy, but I do really care.” Nadim said gazing lightly into her eyes. “Andrianne Hope Perry, would you accept me as your boyfriend?” Nadim asked as he knelt on one knee as the song ended. Witnessed by the little group of friends they got assembled under the moonlight where the stars shone their blessing over them, Nadim opened a small pink box containing a silver band with a little rose crystal on it. “Would you, Dy?” He asked again to the stunned young girl.

“Yes.” Andrianne managed to croak out of her throat. “Yes.” She exclaimed louder. “Yes, get off your knees, you’re making me blush.” She said as she tugged on Nadim’s arm.

“You look pretty when you blush.” Ryder teased. Andrianne narrowed her eyes at Ryder. “Andrianne, only a fool can’t see that you two are all over each other all the time.” Ryder said. “Just that I never knew him for a cheesy Romeo.”

Andrianne smiled as talked with her friend for a few minutes before she excused herself home. The night was getting late but Nadim was not ready to let her go for the night. Together they walked towards the Halliwell manor. “Nadim, remember this night as our night. Remember me as this for always. I don’t want you to remember me when I’m sick. Will you do that for me?” Andrianne asked as they approach the house.

“You will always be the beautiful girl, the smart girl that first stole my heart with an equation and with her wit. Beauty is merely a façade that we show to the world for always. As our heart is what stays true.” Nadim smiled as he kissed her hand and bid her goodnight. “Dream the sweetest dream, my lady.” He smiled as Piper opened the door for her little girl.

“As you, my good sir. Let this night be remembered for always.” Andrianne bid with a smile sealed on her face.

“For always.” Nadim said as the door was closed behind him.

“What are you two? Drunk?” Piper questioned as Andrianne blushed under the lights of the living room.

“Or in love.” Chris chipped in as he smiled at his little sister. “Nice ring. Rose is your birth stone isn’t it?” Chris said as he sat down on the cozy couch of the living room.

“You set me up.” Andrianne accused. Chris shook his head.

“I remember precisely what you wear out of the house and coming in.” Chris said gesturing at her finger. “Engaged already?” He teased.

“He’s officially my boyfriend.” Andrianne said shyly to her brother and mother.

“Do tell me about your adventurous night.” Piper said as she opposite Chris and Andrianne sat beside her brother.

“You smell of Ryan.” Chris commented.

“I danced with his father.” Andrianne said pointedly. Chris just shook his head. “Well, they threw me a time prom.” Andrianne began. “It’s a dance with an aged theme. So we talked in old English, as they like to call it. A few friends from the reader’s circle, Julia, Ryder and Riley was there. We talked and danced and we drank awful tasting punch, which I’m sure was done by Riley.” Andrianne smiled.

“Sounds like fun.” Piper said. Andrianne nodded. “Better go change and sleep. Tomorrow’s a big day.” Piper said. She felt as if she had ruined the mood.

“I’ll get better mom. I promise.” Andrianne said kissing her mother goodnight as Chris trailed behind her to their room. “Thanks Chris, for the wonderful night.” Andrianne said as she laid her head on her brother’s chest and wrapping her arms around his arm.

“Anything for my little baby girl.” Chris whispered in her ears as he hummed the song they both loved. In the matter of a minute, Andrianne heavy lids gave in and she flew to the dreamland. Chris was worried as well as glad to see his sister so peacefully asleep. “You have given me more than I could ever give back to you.” Chris said to the little sister in his arm who was tranquil in her sleep.

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