Loving You


Andrianne laid her head on Chris’ lap as the watch the television. The program that was on does not interest them in the little bit. But they had to put on a show just for Piper. To show they are fine. Having being cooped up in the room, reading or just talking is considered ‘not feeling well’ to Piper.

“I heard mom talked about dad to Aunt Phoebe.” Andrianne started as she sat up beside Chris. Chris just pretended as if he did not hear what she said. “Don’t pretend like you didn’t hear what I just say, Chris.” Andrianne said looking at her brother.

“What?” Chris asked. Andrianne just sighed and stared ahead at the television set. “It’s not going to make any difference.” Chris said quietly. “He was never there and why would he be there for us now?” Chris questioned.

“Maybe he hadn’t anytime. Maybe now is the time for you to mend it with him. Maybe this would be different from this point on.” Andrianne replied. “He is going to come and Aunt Phoebe is going to tell him everything. The thing is I don’t think I could make it to see him.”

“What are you saying?” Chris questioned.

“You know how dad is. He’ll always take a week longer than anyone else to respond. And I don’t think that is only in the future.” Andrianne answered.

“I have work in half an hour.” Chris said stopping their conversation about their father. “Mom’s getting her check up. Are you going with them or, are you going to hang with your boyfriends?” Chris asked.

“Nadim is my boyfriend. Only him. No need for the plurals.” Andrianne said slightly annoyed by her brother’s acceptance towards her personal life. “Well, Nadim and I are going to the bookstore then maybe we are going to the park or we might join the Reader’s Circle torture classes for the one who loves classics a little too much like me.” Andrianne said.

“Just make sure you’re home before five.” Chris said.

“Okay, dad.” Andrianne teased him. “Hey, thanks for bringing Ryan.” Andrianne said as Chris stood up to get changed for his work in P3. He just smiled at her and walked away.

Andrianne sat flicking the television channels as Chris reappear wearing his more appropriate work clothes and kissed her on her forehead before he orbed out to P3. Andrianne knows that it was not work that made him go but her topic just now. What was there to do in a nightclub at ten in the morning anyways.

“Andrianne, are you coming with me to the clinic?” Piper asked loudly from her room upstairs from where Andrianne were.

“No, mom. I’m going out with Nadim and my friends.” Andrianne answered. “And Chris had gone to work already.” She said quickly before Piper even asked. Andrianne orbed up stairs to her mother, as she was a little lazy to waste her strength to walk up the stairs to her mother.

“Andrianne, there are a connector to the upper level called the stairs, you know.” Piper said straight faced. “Are you sick? Or tired? If you are you’re not going out with your boyfriend.” Pieper said suddenly.

“No, ma. I’m just fine.” Andrianne said calming her mother down. “I need the fresh air, and I am going to be back in one piece. I promise.” She smiled. “But that’s not what I want to talk to you about.” She started as Piper took a seat beside her. “I heard you and Aunt Phoebe were talking in the kitchen last night about dad.”

“Don’t worry. I’m not going to call Leo. I know the terms he and Chris in right now. Those two hot head, if they meet it’s going to be world war three.” Piper said.

“No, ma.” Andrianne said looking down upon her hands. “I think you should tell dad. I mean he deserves a chance too.” Andrianne spoke quietly. “I mean when I came here, thinking that Aunt Phoebe and Aunt Paige are just like what they were in the future but I was wrong.” She paused. “What if with me and Chris coming back are not just to mend our future world, but also to mend our family so we can stay as one unit.”

“You know,” Piper said cupping her chin up making her eyes meet hers. “For a ten-year-old, you are far more matured than your brother. You always look at things in many ways before you judge them.” Piper said observing her daughter.

“Chris always said what doesn’t kill you make you stronger.” Andrianne said. “But I think what doesn’t kill you make you that much wiser as it makes you strong.” She smiled at her mother. “You see, ma, Chris have that much things in common with papa, but he just chooses to ignore it.” Andrianne said remembering the gentleness of Leo a few months ago when she first came.

“Papa?” Piper asked.

“Chris never liked it when I talked about Leo in the house. But Ryan always filled my mind with fantasies, dreams and hope about our family. So we used to talk in French if Chris was around.” Andrianne explained.

“Ryan is as close to you as you and Chris?” Piper questioned. Andrianne scrunched her brows, unsure where the question was coming from. “I know about the person Chris conjured for you the night after the treatment.” Piper said.

“Oh, that.” Andrianne smiled. “Ryan was attacked by a group of demon when he was just a passerby in the park. I was around four or five at that time.” Andrianne reminisce. “Before he came along, Chris and Bianca had thought me how to read and write, so I started fairly early since going to school actually required too much money, way more than we could afford.” She paused. “Anyways, Ryan was from a broken home, or so he said. Which I did not buy in for a moment because he was sort of rich, and by rich, I mean he went to school and was well educated. So he found a safe place in our safe bunk as Chris like to call it and offered to teach me things he knows and he would share more than just knowledge but also the will to dream and the will of just being free.” Andrianne said.

“So you all grew up together?” Piper asked. Andrianne nodded. “Where was I?” She asked. Once again, Andrianne hesitated to answer.

“That’s where Wyatt came in. but I don’t think you want to hear the sad stories, since it’s not much interesting other than killing demon and fighting.” Andrianne said uninterestedly. “Bottom line is that is all going to change. And who knows, maybe even if I die now, you will try to have me again.” Andrianne smiled.

A honk by a car cut Piper’s words in the air before she could proceed more. Andrianne stood up and went to the window only to see her two best friends and boyfriend were waiting for her downstairs.

“I promise to be back before five mom.” Andrianne said as she kissed Piper’s cheek before heading for the door.

“I will want to have you, my dear. One more thing.” Piper said stopping her in her track. “Do you have money?” She asked. Andrianne just smiled and nodded. “Anyways, here are some. Treat yourself today.” Piper said as she places a few bills in her daughter’s palm.

“Thanks, mom.” Andrianne said as she headed down the stairs and took her small purse and her jeans jacket, which was from Phoebe’s older pack of clothes. She stuck the bills in her pocket without even counting or even look at it.

“We’ll take good care of this particular little brat Ms. Halliwell.” Ryder said to the woman in the window from his car. A smack landed on his shoulder as Andrianne got in his car. “Hey, Andy.” He said as he locked the door making sure of everyone’s safety.

“I’m not a brat.” Andrianne said defensively.

“Yes you are.” Ryder replied as another hand hit him. “Okay, three against one, that’s not fair.” Ryder said groaning.

“Dy, tell us if you’re not feeling well okay.” Nadim said quietly as he sat back on the chair. Andrianne followed suit. “Because I promised your brother to take care of you.” He said looking for Andrianne’s eyes. Andrianne just nodded silently. As if it was a cue, Ryder pushed the on button on his radio.

The song ‘In the End’ by Linkin Park blasted loudly on the stereo causing Andrianne to winced. “I know guys have worse hearing than girls, but I didn’t know that you guys are deaf.” Andrianne said covering her ears with her palms.

“Don’t like the music?” Riley mocked Andrianne.

“I like the music, I love Linkin Park. But the volume is too loud.” Andrianne said. She felt as if she was shouting to be heard over the loud music with the harsh beat of the drums.

“Alright, she’s advance in the literary reading, she good in math and sciences, and she is musically literate. Where have you been all this while?” Ryder said happily. Riley just rolled his eyes looking at his happy brother. Nadim just smiled as Andrianne kept the answer to herself.

The whole day they spent doing what they like most, just hanging out and having fun. I which case is the bookstore, then the rollerblade rink. For a first timer on skates, Andrianne was considered extremely poised as not once she fell. But her strength was draining as the day dimmed to around three.

Both Riley and Nadim knew feeding her is not of the best idea in public, so they took her to Nadim’s uncle place and fed her with kebabs. Andrianne had her fair share of fun and lethargy that day but she chose to ignore her tiredness for she was having far too much fun.

“We should send you home before your brother slaughter us for taking you for too long.” Ryder said as they sipped their last drop of drinks. Andrianne nodded agreeing with him.

“Thanks for the wonderful day today.” Andrianne said softly as she entered the car.

“Our pleasure, my little brat.” Ryder replied. Andrianne could not do much, as he loves to call her that all the time. The drive home was a little quieter as they were all too drained for the day. Stealthily Nadim pulled out a paper and stuffed it in Andrianne’s purse.

‘Open it at home.’ He mouthed to her. Andrianne just nodded. Ryder was not even paying attention anymore as his eyes were focused on the road and the unknown music that were playing in his car audio system.

“Who is this singer?” Andrianne questioned no one in particular. Riley and Nadim just shrugged.

“Kids.” Ryder smiled. “It’s Josh Groban.” Ryder said. Andrianne nodded, as she knew she had heard his voice before but not this song. “This song is called,” Ryder stalled, as he himself was not sure of the name of the song.

“You’re still you.” Nadim said. Riley who was slumped on the shotgun seat immediately turned around. “I hear this song every day, I just don’t know the singer.” He said. A burst of laughter flooded the car and it finally came to a halt as the car stopped in front of the Halliwell manor.


The familiar strong sweet musky smell filled the air as Andrianne finished refreshed herself and got ready for their family dinner. Not that she eats much but out of respect and also out of habit, she does it anyway. Andrianne turned and looked for her brother. He did not have any idea it was coming his way. Could this have been a result of the conversation she had with her mother earlier or could this have been of Phoebe’s doing.

“Chris, I want you to listen to me for once.” Andrianne said closing back the door behind her as she rushed to her brother’s side. Chris was too stunned by her action, just nodded. “Dad’s outside. I can’t sense any anger or frustration from him, meaning he still doesn’t have a clue who we are, but I don’t want you to fight with him okay.” Andrianne said quietly pleading to her brother.

“Andy, Chris. What’s taking you both so long?” Paige’s impatient voice called. Chris took in a deep breath and nodded. Hand in hand, they walked together to the dinner table that was filled with feast.

“What’s the occasion?” Chris asked sarcastically.

“Before we eat, I have something to tell you, Leo.” Piper started. Instantly Andrianne felt regret was channelled from Piper. She regretted talking to Piper this morning too. “As you already know, Chris is here from the future to stop Wyatt from turning evil.” Piper said hesitating.

“What you don’t know is that we are your children.” Andrianne finished Piper’s sentence. Leo’s calm face scrunched up in suspicion. Both Andrianne and Piper felt as though a thousand pounds of weight had been lifted from their shoulders. The big secret was out. Chris was fuming with anger but he knew Andrianne just wanted him to be a part of this family as a whole. She was correcting his mistakes. His anger that lead to Piper and Leo’s separation in the first place.

Leo just stood still then he orbed out of the room. Just like he always does. Andrianne shook her head. She was wrong about her father was a better person than she had ever given him credit for. Chris was right; he was selfish and never cared for either of them.

“Chris don’t.” Andrianne said shooting up from her seat. “Please don’t. He don’t need to know if he chooses not to.” Andrianne said as she touched Chris’ hand. Chris’ face was flushed red with anger. He was not even thinking straight at that moment. All he wants to do was just to pull his father back down and pin him down and just tell him all of what he had done.

Minutes passed by, as the room was silent as the graveyard. “Have I not told you what kind of man he is?” Chris spoke finally.

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