Loving You


Piper froze in shock as Phoebe and Paige told her about Chris. Phoebe had been trying to contact him for weeks but landed her no luck. He was keeping everything to. Even Paige tried but still the same replied she got from him.

Every time they went to P3, Chris and Andrianne would be out. There was no other way for them to tell the young man that his mother knows about him. “Andrianne? She’s my daughter too?” Piper asked. Phoebe nodded. “Chris!” she called. “Chris if you can hear me, come here, right now.” She said angrily.

“He’s not answering. I tried that for a week.” Phoebe said quietly. Paige nodded in agreement as she settled down beside Phoebe. “Maybe we should give him more time. He will come back here someday.” Phoebe said.

“Relax, Piper. Why not we wait till morning and then we go and search for him.” Paige suggested.

“You two drop the bomb saying I have another two children and you expect me to relax?” Piper raised her voice. “Phoebe, how could you keep this from me? How could you not tell me as soon as you know about Chris? Paige, why didn’t you say anything? Why cover for him when I asked where he was?”


“Chris, why didn’t you tell mom? Why didn’t you tell her yourself?” Andrianne questioned. Her voice soft and shaking. Chris shook his head, not knowing the reason for his own actions. He had none other than just to be close to the sisters, but at the same time, he needed to just keep below the radar. He wanted to be invisible yet known.

Andrianne just sighed. “I don’t need her to know that.” He said, avoiding her eyes. “I’m here just to correct what’s wrong.” He said quietly. Andrianne just smirked as she leaned on her brother. “Good lord.” Chris uttered. “Baby, you’re boiling.” He said as he touched Andrianne’s forehead. Andrianne just shook her head. “We need to get you to the doctor. You’re getting really warm.”

“I’m fine, Chris. It’s just a mild fever.” Andrianne said as she closed her eyes while her head was still leaning on Chris’ chest. “I’ll be fine.” She reassured her elder brother.

Chris let out a loud sighed. “At least tell me if you’re not well.” Chris said, his voice sounded disappointed and hurt. Andrianne straightened up and placed her face into her palms. “What is it, princess?” He questioned softly as he laid his hand on the little of Andrianne’s back. Andrianne just shook her head. “I know I have not been the best brother to you in the longest time, but I just have to come here to finish what our generation has started. I need to give you a chance to be with mom and for us to be a family again.”

“It’s not that, Chris.” Andrianne said. “Really I’m fine. It’s just a headache and a slight fever. Nothing to worry about.” She said as she rose from the single bed she was used to sleeping on for the past week. Andrianne suddenly felt her vision blurred and her surrounding once again went pitch black.

It was as if the color had been drained from her face as she got up from the bed. Her usual pink blush skin was chalky white. “My god.” Chris exclaimed. His breath was caught in his throat as he saw his little sister fell lifeless in front of him. His eyes burned as tears threatened to spill out of the lids. “Piper!” He shouted as he orbed Andrianne to the Halliwell Manor’s attic. “Piper help me. Please.” He cried. Cradling the little lifeless body in his arms.

Piper, Phoebe and Paige ran up the attic only to see the young man so torn and scared. Never had they seen Chris that scared of anything before. “Chris, what happened?” Piper asked as she approached her grown children.

Chris just shook her head. He had no idea what happened. Piper just cupped her son’s face to face her. His blue eyes frozen in fear of losing the only person he cared about more than his own life. “Look at me, Chris. Look at me.” Piper demanded. Reluctantly he obeyed his mother. The feeling of déjà vu crept in his spine. “Chris tell me what happened.” Piper said quietly.

The eye contact they made once again were broken by Chris. “I don’t know.” Chris said quietly. “We were talking. She stood up, then she fell.” Chris said. His voice cracked. “Nothing happened. Do something please.” He begged.

A groan escaped from Andrianne’s lips. With a sigh of relief, Chris embraced the little girl in his arms. “What’s going on?” Andrianne asked in a whispery voice. “Why are we in mom’s attic?” She questioned.

“You collapsed.” Chris answered. “You have no idea how scared I was. I panicked and brought you here.” He said quietly. Andrianne just lets out a laugh and pulled away from him. “You sure you’re fine?” He asked.

“It’s just a fever. Why are you so worried?” Andrianne replied an answer. “Try not to be too tense all the time.” Andrianne smiled at her brother. “And I’m sorry for him bothering you.” Andrianne apologized to the sisters.

“Andrianne, we know.” Piper said touching her hand. Andrianne looked at her puzzled. “I know you’re my daughter and he’s my son.” She looked at Chris as she uttered her words. Andrianne and Chris froze, unsure of how to react. “You should have told me, Chris.”

Andrianne looked at Chris. “I, we didn’t want you guys to know. We just thought of cleaning up what we started and take him back home where we belong.” Andrianne reasoned.

“With what? We don’t have the time-travel potion. We don’t have the spell.” Paige said. “Unless you’re not telling me something.”

“No.” Andrianne said disappointedly.

“Andrianne, whatever the reason might be, you or him should have told us who you were. And Chris, why did you ignore us. At least answer our calls.” Phoebe said calmly. Andrianne looked at her brother for answers. He was not with her all the time. He was always out. When she asked he said he was with the sisters.

“Busted.” Andrianne said quietly. “Chris? Where were you?” She asked.

Chris prepared his word carefully in his head before even opening his mouth. He did not want to mess up more than he had already messed up. “I was searching. Researching.” He said. He got up from the sitting position and walked lazily to the attic window. “I had to.” He said quietly. “Or else I would not happen. I would soon be gone. So would she.” He spoke.

“What are you talking about?” Andrianne said puzzled by her brother’s cryptic language. “Chris, what’s going on. What do you mean.” She asked.

“I was at the oracle, gypsies, fortune tellers and whatever else I could think of.” He started. His tone was down and hopeless. “I had to be conceived this month, or I don’t happen. This will all soon disappear.” He continued. “I couldn’t concentrate with you calling me. I just ignore it.” He said to Phoebe and Paige. “I was scared, I couldn’t think of what would happen if I am not there for her. I was so scared that I forgotten why I came.” Chris admitted.

“Chris, we’ll find a way through it.” Andrianne said quietly nearing her brother. “You just have to have faith in these things you know. You have to believe in fate and luck.” She smiled. “Maybe, just maybe, you meant to happen, I meant to happen. Someday, somehow it will.”

“She’s right you know.” Paige chipped in.

“Andrianne, I know you don’t want to be away from your brother, and I have asked him about this before. And I’m asking you now. Would you want to live here with us?” Phoebe asked. Chris looked down at his little sister. He knows he never provided enough, but she was fine and she would not ask more than what he could gave her. He just nodded at her.

“No.” Andrianne answered. “Not unless Chris comes too.” She said quietly.

“Andrianne.” Chris questioned her with his eyes. “Why?” he asked.

“I can’t.” Andrianne answered. “I’d rather live in the backroom with you if that is what it takes to be with you.” She said desperately. “I didn’t come here just to be parted from you again.” Andrianne spoke stubbornly.

Phoebe just looked silently at Chris. “Okay. Fine. At least she would be comfortable. And taken care of properly.” Chris gave in. Phoebe smiled the victory smile. “Only for you, young lady. Only for you.” He whispered in her ears. She just smiled at him. “You know you are as stubborn as I am right?” He teased the little girl.

“I’m more you than you know. You raised me. Of course it rubs off.” Andrianne quipped.

“Now that you are going to live with us, I want to give some normalcy to my children. Can you go to school?” Piper said to Andrianne. “Will you?” She asked.

Andrianne nodded unwillingly with a heavy sigh. She knows that was also what Chris wanted for her. Piper smiled. Even she knew that all Chris wants for his sister is the best he could give her. Nonetheless the time and moment never allow him to do so. “Yes. I will go.” Andrianne said. “Though I have to warn you that I had an extremely strict tutor, and I don’t really learn what other kids my age were learning.” Andrianne said quickly.

“I thought you how to read, write and basic math. And I am not that strict.” Chris protested. Andrianne stuck her tongue out at him. “Andy. Behave.” He scolded. The sisters just giggled at the siblings’ behavior. It certainly reminded Piper and Phoebe of their childhood.

“Not you. You are all soft on me.” Andrianne replied. “Bianca and Ryan. Ryan mostly but Bianca thought me literature.” She said.

“You’ve never been to school?” Phoebe asked suddenly. Andrianne just shook her head.

“You have no clue of how it is in the future.” Chris said, the tone of his voice changed as if he just realized where he was.

“Chris, she was just asking. What’s wrong with you?” Andrianne asked gently. Chris just shook his head. “We here to change that aren’t we. We’re here to mend what’s wrong. Maybe, just maybe the mending should start at home.” Andrianne said softly at Chris. Chris just sighed.

Andrianne sat quietly on the floor as she pressed her eyes on the heels of her palms.. “Andy what’s wrong?” Chris rushed to her side as he knelt down to her level. Andrianne just shook her head.

“The headache is back again. It comes and go.” Andrianne said.

“Let’s get some food in you and I’ll fetch some aspirin.” Piper held her hand out to Andrianne. As much as Andrianne want to get to know her mother, she also wanted to not know her. She wanted to be just like it was. She has no intention of hurting anyone else, but she knows she was already hurting the only person she had, her brother, her guardian, her friend. Chris.

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