Loving You

Final Farewell

Chris’ knee sank in the floorboard. His hands holding what was once his little sister but she was gone. Only the dress she was wearing and the memories of her surrounds the room. Her scent, her essence and her things were all still there. It seemed like she was never gone. But, she was no more in his arms.

Piper knocked and went in the room and hugged her son instantly. “She’s gone, mom. She’s gone.” Chris cried in despair. “She left me.”

“We’ll meet her again, Chris. I promise you.” Piper said with her son sobbing on her shoulder. He was way beyond broken, beyond shattered. He was crushed to his core. “She’s always is with you. She always will be, Chris.”

Nothing in the world mattered to him anymore. Nothing Piper or anyone else could say to change his mind. Nothing that anyone could do to heal what he was feeling. Yet he never would have felt as Piper felt. There is no pain greater than losing a child. Moreover a special child that she had no time to know.

Leo was frozen in his seat not knowing what had hit him and his family. His heart was numbed. He felt as if his blood was frozen in his veins. She had been waiting for him to tell him to change to go forward. She was waiting for the right time to tell him. She could have told him when Chris was out cold by Bianca, yet she waited till the day she knew she was going.

It wasn’t till the next morning that Nadim and the rest of Andrianne’s friends were informed about her moving on. Mr. Smith and his sons went straight after school along with Nadim. Nadim sat on the lawn where they were speaking just the night before. He could still hear her soft laughter and her sweet scent.

Nadim had a strange feeling of the cremation was just a story to cover for what actually happened. He knew something must have happened to Andrianne. He was so sure that Andrianne did not move on; instead, she just went back to her real time and continued her life there.

“Chris, can I talk to you?” Nadim called the elder boy as he looked up at him. “Chris followed him to the back yard. “Andrianne did not die.” Nadim said desperately wanting to believe himself. “I have this weird feeling that she would be there, only in a different time and circumstances.” He spoke. “I want to prove myself. I want you to keep this book we bought together, something I wrote with her is in it, we wrap it in a plastic and bury it here. In twenty two years time, or less, she will come and see me.” Nadim said as he handed Chris a copy of Jane Eyre.

Chris just smiled at the younger boy. He too wanted to feel the same and wanted it to come true. “I hope that is true. I really do.” Chris said.

It was the same night Chris and Piper took a clear bag and put all Andrianne’s favorite things in it and buried it in the yard. A place he used to play as a child and a place where she likes to dig when she was younger.

“When she finds this. I hope the bad memories will not be there for her. Only the happy and great ones.” Piper said as she patted the wet earth. Chris closed his eyes whispering to himself only for his heart to hear as a final tear dropped on the earth beneath his palm.


“Earlier this week, we lost a brilliant student to the battle of cancer. She was everyone’s friend, and she was every teacher dream student. As much as she tried, she finally lost her battle last Wednesday night. I would like all students to observe this moment of silence and pray for Andrianne Perry.” Principal Messner announced.

The Reader’s Circle was cancelled for the week and they had also gone to Andrianne’s remembrance service that was done in the Halliwell Manor on Thursday after school. Many felt her absence and yet some really mourned for her.


Never had Chris felt such a great loss before. Even when his mother died, he did not feel this bad. He felt as if even if the world ended today, there would be nothing more he could regret. He felt as if he had nothing else to live for. As he had lost the most precious thing in his life. His gem, his precious, his best friend, his sister.

“Chris.” Piper knocked softly. “You can’t hide in there forever. The future you came to change might have already changed.” Piper said softly behind the closed door. Three days after the service for Andrianne, Chris had done nothing other than eat and sat in the room he shared with his sister. His eyes were still red and puffy from all the crying.

“Chris, she was our daughter.” Leo’s voice said softly. He had been there since the day they had their talk. The day they lost their little girl. Regret and remorse was thick in his voice. He would still have the chance of having Andrianne again. He knows he will have her back.

Slowly Chris opened the door. At the risk of having getting pounced by Chris again, Leo did not care as he touched his son’s hand gently. Like an electrical jolt shot through them both as the father and son realized and brought back to reality.

It was her time. He had promise her that. The least he could do is to keep to his promise. Leo had promised her to change, as Chris had to give his father a chance. Andrianne might not be alive in the flesh, but she was surely alive in their hearts and soul.

Andrianne gave them a hope to change and a will to do them. Andrianne had left them more than a footprint in the house but she had left them as a family. What once was broken now was mended. What once was apart not as one.

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