Loving You

First Day

Chris stared silently up to the ceiling. His tired eyes were just too obstinate to fall asleep. “Can’t sleep?” A little groggy voice said as an angelic face looked up to Chris. Andrianne moved her head and rested on Chris’s chest. “What’s wrong?” She asked again.

“Nothing.” Chris said. “Go back to sleep. You have to wake up early for your first day tomorrow.” He continued.

“Do I have to?” Andrianne asked. Chris just smiled. He was the one who thought Andrianne most of the things and the rest, she thought herself with some assistance from Bianca and Ryan. “I know more than any other ten-year-old kids. Besides, why do I need to expose myself? I’m not going to be here long.” She protested.

“Where are you planning on going?” Chris asked. She just kept quiet. “No, you don’t. Better tell me now before Mr. Tickle-hands wake up.” Chris threatens. Andrianne just rolled her eyes. “Oh, come on, you are ten. If you don’t go to school people will suspect something is wrong with this family.” Chris gave up.

“Right. Because we are so normal.” Andrianne uttered sarcastically.

“Alright, that’s it, young lady. Go to sleep.” Chris said.

“Alright, ‘dad’.” Andrianne answered sarcastically. “By the way, I didn’t come here to relax, you know.” She said mocking the way Chris said when she first heard him at P3 a few weeks ago.

“Ha ha. Very funny.” Chris said as he gently strokes Andrianne’s hair. She soon fell asleep on Chris chest, and moments later he too finally falling into the land of dreams. And hope. Where all the troubles were far and all the hurt cannot harm them both.

Chris Dream

It was in the future, he was in the safe house he builds for him and Adrianne, so that after Wyatt turned evil they are safe from him. The house was just the way he left it. When he left, Andrianne was reading on her bed. Slowly he walks towards Andrianne. Andrianne is always aware of her surrounding and always alert even with the slightest noise. Slowly he sat on Andrianne’s bed.

Another Chris came in the room and this time Andrianne shifted and sat up a little straighter. Her head never once left the pages of the book. He knew she was not reading them, but just merely avoiding him.

“You still mad at me?” the other Chris said. A rhetorical question he didn’t even need a direct answer. A question he knows the answer even if she doesn’t say a word.

He remembered this moment precisely even without this dream reminding him. This was moments before he told her he had to go to the past to change the future and the present. She didn’t say anything to him. He knows she was not mad but she was more worried about him.

“I’ll take care of myself. Don’t worry. I’ll be home as soon as I’m done there.” He said. “You’ll see me back in a flash; you wouldn’t even realize that I’m gone.” Chris said. Andrianne just kept quiet.

“Andy, you do know that I love you very much… more than anyone in this world. But sometimes you have to understand that if I decided to do something, I have a reason for it.” Chris said in such a way that hoping he could reassure Andrianne he was never going to let her be alone in the world.

“You love me more than anyone?” Andrianne asked suddenly.

“Yes.” He answered sincerely.

“More than Bianca?” Andrianne asked. “Is that why you’re going to kill Wyatt? Because he, unlike anyone else in this world can actually influence her love? You’re never going there to turn him for the better… You never had the intention. You had always posed him as a threat to you.” Andrianne finally said; her eyes rimmed with hot burning tears.

“Yes more than Bianca. You’re my sister. Nothing in the world can change that. And Wyatt is my brother. I’d be lying if I say it never crosses my mind to kill him but I’d never do that. I’d be killing myself to kill him… you know that.” Chris defended. He’s tone is a little hurt. “Since mom died…” Chris pause mid-sentence. “Since mom died, Wyatt and you are the only people I have in this world.” He said.

“Then, take me with you. Even if I don’t have long, at least I’m with you.” Andrianne said. “We can fight anything together. Like it or not we’re stronger together. Just without the power of three, we’re not as strong as mom was before. But we’re still strong. Come on Chris. Let me go with you.” Andrianne pleaded. “Chris, please… don’t leave me… Chris…” she begged.


“Chris.” Andrianne whispered as she shook him up gently. “Chris I’m going to school today. Come on. We’ll be late.” She said louder. Chris just groaned. “Chris, come on.” Andrianne pulled his arms. playfully. Chris just giggled.

“You go with mom. I don’t need to be there.” Chris replied.

Andrianne just complied sadly as she walked out the door. “Fine.” She said sadly. Chris sighed. He had never seen her angry before. However, if she does want to get angry, she will just sulk and do whatever she’s told as if she is a robot.

“Andy, I’m coming.” Chris called from the room they shared together. Andrianne just sat at the breakfast table quietly. “Andy, I’m sorry. I was just kidding.” He said as he sat beside her. “Want something to eat?” He asked.

“Just waiting for mom.” Andrianne answered as she played with the palms of her hand.

“Andy. You were never this needy before.” Chris said trying to fish out what his little sister was feeling. Her actions, her moods even her appetite was changing. They were not as when he left her before he came to this past.

“You never left me alone before.” Andrianne replied. Her eyes glassy and avoiding him. Chris stood stunned by her answer. He knows he was wrong. He knows what he did was selfish. Nonetheless, he did it for the betterment of the world. The good of his family.

“I’m sorry. I never meant to leave you. I never meant to hurt you in any way.” Chris said quietly as he busied with some bread and peanut butter.

“I don’t feel like eating Chris.” Andrianne said as she stood up from the kitchen stool to his side. Chris just ignored her. “Chris. Just stop.” Andrianne said as she touched his busy hands. “What’s bothering you?”

“You’re not eating. You’re shrinking and you’re having these headaches. That is just to begin with. Andrianne, what is there for me not to be afraid of?” Chris questioned her. His eyes glisten in hope that she would open up to him of what she had gone through when he was gone.

“The fact that I’m standing beside you and well. Also talking back and, I don’t know Chris. It’s just that I just don’t have much appetite. That is all.” Andrianne said as she helped Chris out with the sandwiches. “Fine, I’ll eat these. You should stop worrying too much you know.”

Chris just kept his silence. He sat beside Andrianne and ate with her. When Piper came down and saw her two grown children, she felt as if she had never existed in their life. Andrianne and Chris’ relationship were more than siblings; they were like each other’s protectors. “Good morning.” She said as she sat her purse down on the kitchen counter.

Chris barely answered, Andrianne just smiled. Her breakfast threatening to come back out of her stomach. “I’ll be right back.” Andrianne said quickly before disappearing to her room. The urge for Chris to run after her was immense but he respected her request for him not to be too worried all the time.

“I think she’s hiding something.” Chris said suddenly as he looked up at Piper. “Something she’s not telling me.”

“Sounds like someone I know.” Piper replied quietly.

“Piper I’m serious.” Chris said sighing.

“About what?” Andrianne asked as she appeared behind Chris with her blouse straightened up and her backpack. “Piper, since when do schools have uniforms?” Andrianne asked. “Ryan said he never wore anything else but jeans to school.”

Piper just smiled. “Since you’re not going to a public school.” Piper answered. “You’ll get used to this.” She smiled.

“I feel like Hermione from Harry Potter.” Andrianne giggled at her uniform. “Why do I have to go to private school? Isn’t it expensive?” She asked.

“Because I want to send you there. Why the questions?” Piper said questioning her daughter.

“Just wondering.” Andrianne replied. “I mean for a person who has been homeschooled all her life, of course, I have questions.”

“She’s just anxious and scared.” Chris chipped in.

“And that too.” Andrianne agreed, smiling at Piper. Piper let out a laugh. “What if I’m not smart enough?” She asked. Piper just smiled and shook her head.

“Andy, come on here.” Chris said as he patted the sit beside him. Andrianne just groaned and sat beside him. “What’s the sine of thirty?” he asked.

“Half.” Andrianne said nonchalantly.

“Cosine of sixty?” Chris quizzed her some more.

“Half.” Andrianne answered more confidently. “What’s with the math question?” She asked him back.

“Never mind that. What’s the capital of India?” Chris asked.

“New Delhi.” Andrianne answered quickly.

“Malaysia?” Chris asked once more.

“Kuala Lumpur.” Andrianne replied.

“You know more than a fourth grader, why are you so worried?” Chris said rolling his eyes. “Ryan is teaching you what he wants. And he is never teaching you the simple stuff. That guy is nuts.” Chris smiled at his little sister as he straightened her tie for her. “You look pretty.” He smiled as a peck landed on her forehead.

“We’re going to be late.” Piper said quietly. “Come on.” She said as she led them to the outside of the manor. “You’re pretty close aren’t you?” She said to Chris as they walked to the car. Chris just smiled a proud smile at her.

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