Loving You


Chris had no idea of why Paige loves shopping so much. She said it is a sin to wear the exact same outfit twice. Especially in the same week or even month. At least wearing the same jeans with a different top is acceptable but never the same top with the same bottom. “It’s fine if out don’t want to go. I’ll just take your sister along with me. It’s a Saturday and she deserves to have some fun.” Paige said to Chris. Andrianne who was there giggled at Chris’ reaction.

“Are you sure you can handle her?” Chris said questioningly at Paige. Paige just nodded. “You did not plan this did you?” He asked worriedly at Andrianne.

“Chris.” Andrianne said facing him and sat both hands on his shoulders. “All the while you knew me tell me one day I plan for a shopping trip.” Andrianne said. Chris shook his head. “Relax, I’ll be no trouble to Aunt Paige, and I’ll behave myself.” She promised her brother.

“I’m looking for a dress. She’ll be helping me out. At least I don’t have to go alone.” Paige smiled. Chris sighed. “She will be fine.” Paige said.

“Fine, fine, fine. Behave yourself and please don’t spoil her with anything.” Chris said to Andrianne then to Paige. Andrianne smiled and hugged Chris happily. Andrianne knew how hard it was for him to let her out without him along.

Andrianne sat in the shotgun seat beside Paige as she drove them to the mall. Like any first Saturday of the month, the mall is jam-packed with people. “Tell me if you are tired okay?” Paige said as they got out of the car. Andrianne just replied with a simple nod. She had always loved shopping trip with her aunt. She always gets whatever she wanted especially books and clothes. Paige has always been the fun aunt and Phoebe is more of the responsible one after Piper was gone.

“Aunt Paige, after you’ve gotten your dress, do you think we can go to the bookstore?” Andrianne asked.

“Sure.” Paige replied. “What are you looking for?”

“I was invited to a reading circle, and they are reading Harry Potter. It’s not compulsory, but I want to join them.” Andrianne said.

“Reading club?” Paige said making faces. “Eugh.” She teased Andrianne.

“They said it’s the it reading club with hot boys and jocks.” Andrianne said softly back.

“Now you’re talking.” Paige said and Andrianne just laughed. “Really? Reading club with hot guys? Why wasn’t there one in my school?” Andrianne just shrugged. She enjoyed the rest of the day with her aunt. They chatted and shopped together.

“Do we do this often in the future?” Page asked as they walked to the bookstore. Andrianne just smiled and shakes her head. “Come on, Chris have issues. You can tell me some things can’t you?” Paige questioned. Andrianne let out a laugh.

“Nope.” Andrianne replied. “Chris don’t have issues. At least not with you.” She said quietly. “He’s just scared, of what is going to happen in the future when it’s changed and to what we both will be going back to. Memories aren’t that easy to erase.” Andrianne said looking up to Paige.

“Andy, I don’t know what you and your brother had gone through. Oh, I wish I’d know.” Paige said as she wrapped her arm around the little girl’s shoulders. “You do realize you’re quite thin right?” She asked. Andrianne just nodded.

Paige let Andrianne wonder around the bookstore and pick out any books she would want, as she browses through the leisure section. Andrianne looked through the fiction section then she moved on to the young adult section and took two Harry Potters and then to her favourite section, literature. She stood two feet from the shelve to browse through the titles on the top shelves. She sighed as she spotted the book she wanted.

“Sir, can you help me reach that please?” Andrianne said to a man who passed her by. The man turned around and nodded. To her surprise, he looks oddly familiar. “Dr. Smith.” She said quietly to herself.

“Here you go.” He smiled. “Aren’t these a little advance for you?” The man asked. Andrianne just smiled. The man looked exactly like her oncologist only younger. Much younger. “I’m Ryder Smith.” He said holding his hand out for her to shake.

“Andrianne Perry.” Andrianne replied as she shook his hand.

“The infamous accelerated reader. You’re in the same class with my brother I think.” Ryder said smiling. Andrianne just blushed. “Riley.” He called to the boy in the other isle. “Look who I found.” He said.

“Andy. Hey.” Riley said nearing his foster brother.

“See these are the books you should read. Not those freaky vampire stories you love so much.” Ryder said ruffling his brother’s hair.

“No wonder dad asked her to join our circle.” Riley said as he pushed his brother’s hand away from his head. Ryder laughed at him as he fixed his hair in the reflective carved glass panel that acts as a divider between sections.

“About the circle, can I bring a friend who is interested too?” Andrianne asked between her giggles.

“Sure. The more the merrier.” Ryder said smiling. “These kids are reading Harry Potter. I’m conducting the circle who reads more classical ones. My father, he’s the one conducting the kids.” He made a face to Riley as he explains. “This little one is still reading his Harry Potter.” He teased.

“I’m just starting, myself.” Andrianne admitted. “What book are you reading for the classical ones?” Andrianne asked.

“I don’t think kids would be interested in my circle. We’re reading Phantom of the Opera, and we’re going to Jane Eyre next.” Ryder said. Andrianne’s face lit up like a thousand watts bulb when she hears they were reading Phantom of the Opera.

“I’ve read Phantom of the Opera. I love the book.” Andrianne said. “But I could not find Jane Eyre anywhere in the library.” She said.

Riley sighed an annoyed ‘thank you’ at Ryder. “I was thinking of you’re coming into my circle.” Riley said slightly disappointed.

“Why not you read Jane Eyre and come into mine?” Ryder said to him.

“I’m not reading a dead writer. Not just yet.” Riley replied.

“Here.” Ryder said handing Andrianne a copy of Jane Eyre and smiled. “How I wish my little brother is more like you.” He sighed loudly.

“Your brother is a boy. I’m a girl.” Andrianne stated the obvious. Ryder and Riley both burst into laughter.

“Good point.” Ryder nodded. “Okay, let me guess, you grew up in a house full of boys?” He asked. Andrianne just nodded. They chatted while walking to the counter as Andrianne introduces them to her Aunt Paige.

“So those are the boys in your reading club.” Paige started as she started her car engine. Andrianne nodded.

“Aunt Paige not again. He’ll never be my boyfriend. He’s old.” Andrianne whined.

“He’s two years older than you.” Paige replied.

“Not in my time.” Andrianne said shaking her head. “I know one of them in the future.” Andrianne said quietly. Paige’s face glowed with curiosity. “What?” Andrianne asked.

“Fate. It’s fate. You know him in the future and you see him in the past. That’s what we call fate.” Paige said. Andrianne just laughed at her and shook her head.

“Thank you for the books Aunt Paige.” Andrianne said. The drove home was full of teasing and laughter. They both had so much fun being with each other with nothing much of care about except for themselves. “Chris must be worried sick, right now.” Andrianne said quietly as they pulled over in front of the manor.

As they went in, the smell of lavender and honey stung their noses. Andrianne smiled. Piper must have been brewing some potion or Chris have brought home some lavender and cooked her favourite pancake.

“Chris?” Paige called. No one answered. “Piper?” She called again.

“In the kitchen.” Piper said. Both of them darted into the kitchen. “Chris cooked before he went out.” Piper said.

“Piper, is that lavender?” Andrianne asked. Piper just nodded. “What is it for?” She asked.

“I like the smell. So I bought some.” Piper said.

“So do we.” Andrianne smiled at Piper. “Wyatt, Chris and I.” She explained.

“So you two had fun today?” Piper asked.

“Loads.” Paige said as she took out her new yellow dress and showed it to Piper. “She helped me pick.” Paige said giddily.

“And you young lady, what did you buy?” Piper asked.

“Books.” Andrianne said. “And that reminds me, I have tonnes of homework to do. So I better get started.” She said as she took her bag of books and turned away from her mother and aunt.

“Don’t you want to eat first?” Paige asked.

“I want to change first and then eat.” Andrianne replied. “My mother thought me that when I was little.” She smiled.

“Alright then, smart-alec, go change and we’ll eat together.” Piper said shooing her daughter away. Andrianne smiled and turned into her room. Quickly she changed and went right back downstairs to eat with her mother and Paige.

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