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Like any other Wednesday, the last bell of the last class is the best time of Andrianne’s day. School was over, which means for her it was time for her to spend the time talking about her most favorite thing in the world. Books. Since the first meet, she had been taking Julia with her. Julia, like many other people, read just for the sake of show. For the sake to be accepted in the group.

“Andrianne, I don’t think I can keep up with the circle anymore.” Julia said quietly to Andrianne as Andrianne headed for her locker. “I thought you could just fool these people by reading the summary out on the net. But I couldn’t. I don’t know how you do it.”

“Julia, I read the books. Come on, you said it yourself the circle is fun. Plus we are the only few Lower Classmen there.” Andrianne said trying to get her to the circle. Julia just shrugged her shoulders. “Please don’t tell me you were interested to be in the group because of Riley.”

Julia hesitated a little. Andrianne just sighed heavily. She really did thought Julia wanted to go with her for her passion for reading. “Rianne, I sorry to use you like that but that was the only way.” Julia said.

“Don’t call me that. And I should have known.” Andrianne said disappointedly. “Julia, if you wanted to know him so much, why didn’t you just go and talk to him. He’s not a bad guy.” Andrianne asked.

“Because I’m embarrassed. I don’t want to be the girl who asks the guys.” Julia reasoned. Andrianne just shook her head. “Andrianne?”

“Okay, I’ll just go alone today. I’ll tell them.” Andrianne sighed. Julia thanked her and walked her separate way. Andrianne walked quickly to join Ryder and the classical circle in the school lawn which overlooks the ocean. “Sorry I’m a little late.” Andrianne apologized as she sat opposite Ryder.

“It’s okay Andrianne. We were just starting anyway.” Ryder smiled at her. “As I was saying, I know some of you have finished reading the book and some of us have not, and that includes me. I also know for some of us are already preparing for our SAT. So I’m giving you all a chance to choose if you want to do another book or just read the required reading for your respective classes and we can talk about the books, next week.” Ryder said.

Andrianne felt out f place as the group talked to each other about the decision they wanted to make. She was the only sixth grader in the circle and she had no clue what-so-ever about SAT. “Ryder, I don’t think it’s fair for lower graders who are following this group.” Sean, a member of the group said. “How about whoever still interested to come and discuss can do so and to the ones thinks it’s too time-consuming can just not come.” He suggested.

“That way, none of you would come, right?” Ryder said smirking at Sean. “This group is build so that we can expand our thoughts in the literary world.” Ryder started.

“Ryder, we’re here by will. No one forced us. Okay maybe some of us but mostly we came on our own will.” Sean said before Ryder started to preach about the importance of literature. Andrianne just giggled at the boy.

“Okay, so what book next?” Ryder asked.

“You have covered almost all required reading till first year of college.” Jeremy replied. “Why don’t we let the little kid choose? At least she won’t give us the killer books like you gave us.” He continued.

“She actually read worse books than I gave you.” Ryder smiled. “Give you best shot Andy. Make me proud.” Ryder said between chuckles.

“I don’t know.” Andrianne said shyly. “Well, I don’t know what you have read before I came.” Andrianne reasoned.

“Lord of the Rings, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and Persuasion.” Jeremy said in one breath. Andrianne tittered as she thinks hard for a book to match the list.

“She has read Kerouac and Rand.” Ryder teased the group. The group groaned.

“I’m halfway through with Rand, and it’s boring.” Andrianne replied as the group broke into a laughing fit. “How about Catcher in the Rye or Lord of the Dance.” Andrianne suggested.

“Catcher in the Rye.” The group said quickly in unison.

“My dad bore them to death with Lord of the Dance.” Ryder said as Andrianne recovered from the shock of the unanimousity of the group. “Alright then.” Ryder said and they continued with their discussion of the book Jane Eyre. Andrianne had been a little quieter that day rather than her usual ideas and chirpiness while discussing a book.

“You feel okay?” Sean said as the tidied up back the lawn before leaving. Andrianne just nodded. “I heard that you’re sick. Is it true?” He asked some more. Andrianne just sighed; she is not a big fan of self-pity and being pitied at. “It’s okay if you don’t want to talk about it.”

“I have cancer. Please just keep this to yourself. I don’t want people to fuss over me.” Andrianne said. Sean just nodded in awe. “And don’t give me that terrified look.” Andrianne rolled her eyes.

“Dy, your aunt’s here.” Riley called her from the bus stop. Andrianne just gives him a quick nod.

“See you, next week?” Andrianne said before leaving the stunned young gentleman before her. Sean just nodded. “Thank you, Ryder.” Andrianne said before going towards Paige’s car.

“Hey, come for the game Friday night. We’re all going to be there.” Ryder reminded before Andrianne got into the car. Andrianne just shrugged a maybe to him. “Nadim’s going to be there.” He said as Andrianne slammed the car door shut and turned crimson in embarrassment.

“A boy?” Paige asked slyly. Andrianne covered her face with her hands and she felt her face gets hotter. “Is he hot?” Paige fished for more information.

“Aunt Paige. Don’t listen to that guy. He’s just kidding.” Andrianne whined. “And Nadim’s twelve, and yes he’s a junior football player. But no he is not hot.”

“So, he’s smoking hot.” Paige teased her niece slightly. “Okay okay, I’ll stop teasing you.” Paige said as Andrianne sat quietly beside her.

“It’s not that.” Andrianne said quietly. “I have a feeling for the guy. I don’t know. Riley said it’s a crush.” Andrianne admitted. Paige’s face lit up. Andrianne sighed. She knew she should not have opened her mouth to her Aunt Paige. “I’m serious, Aunt Paige.”

“Are you sure you’re not my kid?” Paige asked in a ‘very’ serious tone. Then she chuckled at Andrianne’s disappointed expression. “Okay, it’s normal for kids your age to have a crush on a boy. He’s not that old compared to your age now.” Paige said.

“But I’m going to hurt them later. My days are counted; I mean I should not have led him on.” Andrianne said sadly.

“Firstly, you are going to get better with treatment. Secondly, enjoy life while you can. You can’t be like Chris.” Paige said. Andrianne just giggled at her aunt. She knows what Paige was implying and she knows that Paige only wants her to live her life to the fullest while she can.

“You think I should go for the game Friday night?” Adrianne asked. “He asked me to go out with him tomorrow; I haven’t given an answer yet.”

“Why not?” Paige asked. “Chris?” Andrianne nodded. “I’ll sort him out. You call the boy and tell him you’re going out with him tomorrow. And to the game Friday.” Paige said as she pulled out her cell phone and gave them to Andrianne.

“I don’t have his number.” Andrianne replied as she took the phone in her hands. Paige sighed. “I’ll just tell him tomorrow at school.” Andrianne said faking a smile on her face. Do you think I should tell Chris?” Andrianne asked.

“He’s your brother. You should know him better. Should you tell him you think?” Paige asked her back. Andrianne just shrugged her shoulders. “You never had a boyfriend before have you?” Paige smiled at her. Andrianne just shook her head. “You two have no secrets with each other. Why start now?”

Andrianne just nodded. Paige just could not help herself from asking more about the little boy who made her niece fell in love with him. Andrianne blushes as she spoke about the boy. He is just like any other boy, nothing fancy about him but somehow, he made her heart skip a beat every time she sees his face. He made her do silly things in his presences, and he also encourages her to do what she thought she could never do before.

“I seriously thought you’d be head over heels over that Ritter boy.” Phoebe said as she sat opposite Andrianne at the dinner table. It was better than eating alone every night. “Paige told me that the Sultan boy asked you out.”

Andrianne blushed as she looked down on the takeout food. She still could remember every night while she was at Phoebe’s and Coop’s she would have take-outs. Indian, Chinese, Italian, Mexican, you name it, she had tried it all.

“Do you know that in Arabic, Sultan means a leader?” Phoebe smiled as she ate her noodles.

“It’s just a friendly treat after school Aunt Phoebe.” Andrianne said slightly embarrassed.

“Okay, I’ll stop teasing you now, and you have to eat or your brother is going to dismember me when he gets back.” Phoebe said a little more seriously. Andrianne just obeyed and took a bite of the noodles. “Do I ever cook in the future?” Phoebe asked. Andrianne just shook her head. “Oh come on, it’s just a little detail. Not like it can change the future.” Phoebe grunted.

“I mean no. Not that I don’t want to tell. No, you don’t cook.” Andrianne said swallowing the noodles in her mouth before answering. Phoebe just nodded.

“Do you have cousins?” Phoebe asked another question.

“Nice try Aunt Phoebe.” Andrianne smiled. “But I have nothing to wear to go out tomorrow.” Andrianne said changing the subject.

Phoebe flashed Andrianne a sly grin as she continued eating. “That I can handle.” Phoebe said cheekily. With that note the quickly finish their dinner and Andrianne took her medication before phoebe dragged her into the attic where all her older clothes were at. They tried a few tops and bottoms and finally landed on Phoebe’s old but unworn little knee-length lavender dress.

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