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After Dark

By Rebecca Arbic

Romance / Horror


Christian Grey is immortal. He takes girls to use as his personal blood source. He had every intention of doing the interview and letting Ana go but one look in her eyes and he knew that wouldn't be possible. What he doesn't know is that Ana will flip his world upside down. Can she make a vampire's heart beat again to save her life or will she die trying?

Chapter 1

Start writing hereThe girl staring back at me in the mirror has a look of terror in her eyes. Why did I volunteer for this again? Oh right because I’m too nice. My best friend Kate has a meeting to interview some big CEO for a company that I can’t even recall it’s name. But of course- she’s too sick to do it herself so I have been tasked with the interview. It’s nine o’clock at night which is the strangest time for a meeting but I keep my mouth shut. Arguing with my roommate will get me nowhere.

“Ana, what are you wearing?” Kate scrutinizes my outfit. I look down and shrug. I’m wearing my favorite brown heeled boots, a black ankle length skirt and a pink t-shirt. Okay maybe my style isn’t up to par with the Kathryn Kavanaugh standards. Kate runs into her bedroom and comes out with a whole new outfit. My eyes widen at the clothing she holds in her hands.

A plum dress that zips up the back that I highly doubt will reach to the knee with a pair of matching heels. She pushes them into my hands.

“You need to make me look good Ana. Please, wear these.”

I let out a noise resembling a growl and stalk off into my bedroom to get changed. The things I do for my friend.

Once I am dressed in Kate’s clothes I make my way to the living room, refusing to look in the mirror.

“Holy shit Ana! You look great!” Kate grins widely at me and I flush, embarrassed.

“Oh-thanks. But don’t think your compliment is going to get me to forgive you for making me do this.”

Kate rolls her eyes and throws her car keys at me.

“Here, take my car. You’ll do great Ana. Give yourself more credit.”

After an agonizing three-hour drive later I have made my way to my destination. The GPS informs me that I have arrived at Grey House. I park the car out front and look up in shock. The building looks as if it’s sky high. It’s definitely intimidating. Sleek black and several letters meet my eyes Grey House. “Here goes nothing Ana.” I take a deep breath and open the doors.

There is a woman sitting at the front desk. She looks up at me and smiles.

“Katherine Kavanaugh, I presume?” The girl has white blonde hair and a beautiful grey pants suit. She looks better suited for a runaway rather than behind a desk.

“No- I’m Anastasia Steele. Miss. Kavanagh is feeling under the weather and has asked me to take her place.”

The woman gives me a knowing look and stands up from her desk.

“That’s alright. What you’re going to do is take the elevator on your right and his number 15. That will take you straight up to ’s office. He’s expecting you.”

I thank the receptionist and proceed to the elevator. I press 15 and as the doors close the receptionist is giving me a forced smile. That was...odd. I don’t know why but for some reason I am shaking. Perhaps it’s nerves. Afterall, Kate has told me nothing about this man other than he’s a billionaire. Thank god she’s compiled a list of questions.

A minute or so later the elevator dings and opens. I jump back in shock. There is a man dressed all in black standing there, giving me a surprised look.

“Mrs. Kavanaugh, I’ve been expecting you.” The man grins at me showing a perfect set of white teeth.

I step forward and clear my throat.

“Actually, I am Anastasia Steele. As I informed your receptionist, Miss Kavanagh is under the weather so she sent me in her place.” I feel so uneasy around this man but my god is he beautiful. Jet black hair, with a chiseled jaw and the greyest eyes I have ever seen. He would give any male model a run for his money.

“I see. I’m Christian Grey- it’s a pleasure to meet you Miss. Steele. Follow me and we can begin.” Christian clasps his hands together and turns around- oddly fast- and strides down the hall to where I presume is his office. I slowly follow behind, eyes wide, looking at all the artwork covering the walls. There are so many medieval portraits. It appears has odd tastes. muffles a fake cough I assume to get my attention when I realized I have stopped to look at the artwork. I apologize and follow him into his office.

The office has black walls with a black desk and black chairs. It’s oddly plain. I shrug and take a seat across from where he has sat down.

“Do you know why you are here, Miss Steele?” Christian gazes at me, grey eyes penetrating into my soul.

“Y-yes. I am to interview you for the WSVU student newspaper. You had donated quite a bit of money to the University and the newspaper wanted to know more about you.”

Christian leans forward in his chair until his face is a few feet from mine. I cower into the chair. There’s a hunger in his eyes making me uncomfortable.

“No Miss Steele, that is not why you are here. It appears Miss Steele that you are in the wrong place at the wrong time. If things had been different perhaps I would have let you do the interview and even let you go but after laying my eyes on you now I realize that letting you go just isn’t an option. I am truly sorry.”

Before I can move, or scream Christian lunges at me and all I see is darkness.

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