But Catherine I love you. I'm sorry Sam. My love goes to Dean your brother. He always gets the ladies. How come I can't have you? I put my finger on his lips. Sh. Don't worry I'll run back to you soon Catherine Elizabeth Black is a supernatural & paranormal FBI agent and has been in the family business since 4. Also she is expecting on a case on her parents deaths as she runs into two more supernatural & paranormal FBI agents named Sam & Dean. (BTW Dean likes pie) Sam & Dean help her but, who will she pick to be her true love even though she has a dark side.

Action / Horror
Heather Geier
4.0 2 reviews
Age Rating:


I was running after a shapeshifter that bit into a victim not too long ago in the woods. But I hear footsteps behind me so I run faster in a different direction. "Where did she go?" "I don't know Dean." Then Sam and Dean here me fall from afar. "There," said Sam. They ran to me. "Hey." I gulped my saliva, got up and threw my knife. The only weapon I got. Dean caught it. I show my FBI beige to them that I'm not a shapeshifter. They show theirs too. Let's see how I would die.

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