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A girl who is friends with a boy named jungkook and he introduces me to his new 6 friends and two of them have a crush on her and she has to pick from one of them

Mystery / Romance
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Chapter one

My name is chaewon i am 17 and i am in grade 11 i am friends with a boy named jungkook we've been friends since i
was 10 years old my whole life i was not an opened child i had no other friends except for jungkook.

Jungkook and i go to the same school unfortunately jungkook had 6 other friends which i never knew about they would alway hang out together and somtimes i would get jealous but i would never show it.

I was at school and me and jungkook were talking and he suddenly asked me if i ever wanted to meet his friends, i agreed but inside i felt like i was being replaced by these boys.

When i was about to go home i saw a boy come up to me he asked my name and i told him , then he told me his name ,his name was jimin, i saw him very adorable and handsome at the same time. he asked for my number so i gave him.

After a while he asked so many quetions and i answered all of them. He walked me home and once we reached there he told me that he has never seen me at school then i also told him that i have never seen him at school too.

He told me that he was gonna call me
then i gave him a big smile and went in the house and went straight to my room.
When i reached my room i couldn't stop blushing .

When it was dinner time i went downstairs and ate my dinner.

I went to bed and when i woke up in the morning and i got ready for school and i went down for breakfast as usual.

After breakfast i was waiting for my dad ouside so he can drop me of at school.and when i arrived at school i saw that jungkook was waiting for me outside the school gate, amd when i saw that the school was closed he told me that something happend lastnight and they only informed parents in the morning.
I was about to call my parents but jungkook just took the phone and put it in his bag and told me that he wants me to meet his friends and that they are waiting for us at the mall.

I was kinda nervous but i just said ok to him because i trusted him.

When we arrived at the mall he told me that his friends were at the converse store.

When we reached the store i saw his friends and i decided to greet them,but then suddenly i saw jimin and i started to panic and i got more nervous about everything.

Jimin looked at me and smilled then i decided to just go to the bathroom,i told jungkook that i wanted to go to the bathrom so i told him that i wont take that long and that they must not leave me.

I reached the bathroom and started to panic ,i tryed fixing my hair and pamping myself.

I soon cameout the bathroom and rushed to the converse store,i got thier and jungkook asked me if i wanted to go shopping ,then i asked were he got the money ,then he told me he got it from his friends.

Then RM asked us were we wanted to eat then jin told him that he wanted to eat at SPUR everyone agreed to the suggestion, then everyone looked at me then sudently suga asked me if i had any other suggestion but i just said no and said spur was fine .

When we were on our way to spur, jimin pulled me to the side and asked me why i did'nt answer his calls , i told him that i did'nt answer because i did'nt have airtime, he looked at me and laughed ,then he held my chin and stared at me in the eye, but then jhope saw us and asked us what we were doing but then jimin told him that he was wipping off something on .

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