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Fanfic- a bright eyed blue eyed boy comes on strong with his confident and striking nature. Instantly you are drawn to him, but the tables turn as he becomes controlling and abusive, when a tall dark mysterious figure puts him in his place. And his name is the famous Draco Malfoy.

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The halls of the castle loam over you as you scurry to find the way to Snape's classroom. Reaching the path to his room, the cold seeps through your robes causing you to shiver. " Why does it have to be so bloody cold " you whisper.

The door creaks open, Snape's head swivels round to glare. A dangerous and intimidating smirk appears. That's not good at all, why would he glare. I'm not late am I? You check your small wrist watch and see that indeed you are five minutes late. For god's sake this is your first day and your late. Great, way to go!

"Ahh y/n nice for you to join us. Your late, not a great first impression but I'll let is slide just this once!"

Snape said while gesturing for you to take a seat. He was more attractive than your friends had led on. He was pale with bright grey eyes, full lips, a button nose and a very sharp jaw. He was actually quite handsome.

The only seat left was one in the middle of the room. And of course there was a boy sitting next to it. Sighing you sat down and placed your bag on the floor. The boy next to you was also good looking. He had light blue hair, stunning green eyes and a pale face. Something about him was different. You were drawn to him. God this was not a good start.

Shifting your gaze, you glanced around the old dusty room filled with potion beakers, glasses that held live animals classic snape.

"Right class now that I've taught you the basics, its your turn" snape spat, god this man's mood swings is like April British weather.

"Shit" you whisper, you weren't listening for the past twenty minutes. So you had no idea what you were supposed to do.


A voice came from the direction of where the cute boy was sitting. Turning your head you see him leaning over the desk, and evil look in his eyes.

"How about you and I skip the rest of this lesson and go somewhere a little more oh you know...private.

Oh now this will be interesting.You agree and both of you hand in hand run out the door and head for the astronomy tower...

To Be Continued

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