The Founder's Chronicles

United Against Our (Your) Enemy

Avalon stood atop the hill, overlooking thousands of souls she was soon to lead into what will either the final battle of this war or her own. The Anexus do no retreat, they withdraw, there is a difference in their eyes, but no matter what there was never surrender. An Anexus would sooner die than surrender and no matter how they clung to their lives, no matter how powerful or skilled in battle they maybe, they would never give up on their pride of their freedom.

Avalon huffed at the thought of ‘Anexus Freedom’. What freedom was it she had? She was their leader, their chief, a bearer of the Old Blood--she was not free, she would never be free and for the strangest reason that did not bother her. In fact she felt a sense of pride in being the chief, in leading her people despite her unease about whether she was leading them properly, or at least down the right path. There were uncertainties with every step she took and the only reason she had not fallen of her path was by the support and love of those around her. Something more motivated her, gave her the will to continue her battle despite the fact she was soon to run out of time and with it life--the very idea edged into Excalibur.

Better to fight and fall than to live without hope.

Hope. Hope of a better future, hope of peace, hope of being able to grow up with her clan, her family; nephews, friends, everyone without the fear of battle. She wanted more than anything was for people to be happy, to be able to see their children grow up, to see their children be born and to teach them to true way of magic. She wanted to be the foundation of a better way of life between alchemists and sorcerers so that the sins of their ancestors may hold weight to them no longer. Avalon had met too many good witches and wizards to believe they should be accountable for the mistakes of others and yet the same could be said for the Dark Ones she has known.

Avalon breathed out, seeing the heat escape her lips and trail into the air as the icy grip of the winter sunset took over. The image of Antares came into her mind as she recalled their conversations. They wanted peace, both of them, but the manner each went to go about it were as opposite as night and day. Was there a chance the Dark Lord maybe persuaded to abandon such a path? No. Avalon shut her eyes. That was no different than asking Avalon to change her way--it is not right to force another to give up what they know. Still...was it so wrong to want to save the Dark Witch from her fate? Avalon clenched her eyes harder. Stop it. That was not possible, that was wishful thinking, a hesitation that will cost lives. She must be absolute in her mission, in her decisions, as Chief of the Anexus.

Her father taught her the slightest hesitation dulls a blade and a dull blade costs not your own life, but the life of those beside you. As a child she took this little to heart, finding no hesitation in fighting, but now as an adult, having outlived all of her family she finds hesitation and doubt a constant enemy. Did her father battle such a struggle? Did his heart toward his children collide with his mind as the chief? Was this why, the moment he was freed from his obligations as chief that his actions took such a drastic turn back then? Avalon opened her eyes, the sun having fallen far beyond the horizon, allowing for the numerous balls of light in the valley below to be seen. It was as though fairies were dancing below.

“May I join you?” The familiar voice came from the same way Avalon walked to arrive.

She smiled slightly, “I thought we were beyond asking.”

Godric chuckled, finding a seat beside Avalon in the tried grass. Once comfortable, he patted the space beside him, prompting the alchemist to join him. After, he pulled a blanket from his satchel and threw it around the two as the winter bite was certainly affecting Avalon despite what she may say.

“How do you feel?” Godric asked, offering bread that was graciously taken as soon as the woman’s stomach growled.

Godric knew Avalon very well: she works hard, just as Salazar, often forgetting to eat or drink and sometimes neglecting her sleep. The man knew his closet friend did not do this on purpose, but it was a bad habit he hopped to break on day. Small details like these were more important to Godric than others--he remembered things small about people and his care of such small things showed his character. He was portrayed as brave and Bold Godric Gryffindor, but he was more than that; kind and compassionate, extremely caring of his friends and family. Avalon slid closer to Godric, leaning her head against his shoulder.

“You trust me do you not?” Asked Godric.

Avalon looked to the tents below, “Of course I do, what sort of question is that?”

“If something was amiss you would tell me would you not?” He continued, glancing down and meeting Avalon’s eyes.

Avalon eventually broke eye contact, “I suppose it depends.”


“Godric, if this is about my wounds from Hogsmeade, I can show you I have healed--”

Godric interrupted, “I am not talking about wounds you can see.”

Avalon kept quiet, she shut her eyes and leaned more of her weight for Godric to hold up. He was no fool, Avalon knew that, but she hoped she would be able to go on without him catching on something being hidden from him. She did not want to tell him, to worry him because knowing him it would be all he would think about and without a doubt he would voice keeping Avalon out of battle and out of harms way. Additionally, she knew Godric would be distraught over the fact there was nothing he, nor anyone could do to help her. There was nothing to be done...nothing to save her...all there is left is to use the time she is given to work towards a better future for those who come after them. This is what she wanted to do, above all else: to give her nephews a chance to grow up, for Elene to watch them find wives, to have children of their own. That was what she wanted to give her sister-in-law, that is what she deserved.

“You really can see thru me...” Avalon said in a low whisper, “Promise will not tell anyone.”

“I will take it to my grave.” He assured Avalon.

Hesitantly, but then finding confidence in Godric’s promise she spoke:

“In the three years I was gone I was traveling with a witch I found living in the woods near my village.” Avalon admitted dryly.

Godric was noticeably surprised to hear this and sensed there was more to this story.

“Her and I became incredibly close and I considered her and her sons as close to family as my own blood.”

She continued after a moment’s pause, “I knew if my father discovered the existence of her and her children that he would have killed them. I left to find a way to defeat Berserker to protect them because I thought since I could not protect you, I could them.”

“You saved her? You went against your father even back then?” Godric knew of Avalon’s rebellions against her father as they were children, but never truly knew the reason for Falcon Anexus’s death nor Avalon’s disappearance.

The alchemist breathed, “I became their aunt a couple months later.” She smiled pitifully at the thought, “Honestly at first, the only reason I spared her that night was because she was pregnant, but after spending time with her, getting to know her; understanding your way of life and the magic you use...I truly began to doubt the Anexus view of sorcerers.”

The night crept on, the sound of war-drums sounding as alchemist and sorcerer prepared and celebrated together. It was a practice of the Anexus before major battles to have such celebrations: celebrations of life, of honoring the ancestors the Great Balance and paying tribute to Yggdrasil. They were teaching the sorcerers these rites now, sharing with them the culture and history of peoples long sworn as foes, now side by side as brothers and sisters in arms.

“You must know how truly grateful I am to have been able to find peace between our people. After countless generations of pain and suffering, hatred and loss caused by another, as Chief and as a member of this Clan I am happy to see how far we have come.” Avalon gave a wider smile.

Godric laughed joyously, “And we are just beginning, we are young and have much left to accomplish after this war’s end. War is easy, reconstruction and growth are the true challenges we will face.”

The smile on Avalon’s face dimmed slightly, but not enough to draw attention to her friend.

“Godric, if something should happen to me--”

“Have no fear, nothing will happen so long as we are together!” The wizard interrupted confidently, but restrained himself when sensing the seriousness of Avalon’s tone.

“Will you look after Elene and my nephews for me? Teach them about magic; will you treat them as your own family?” The woman asked quietly.

Godric hooked his arm around Avalon and brought her closer, showing the matching bracer both donned, “I promise.”

The scouts returned to Castle Walpurgis with expected news. Their spies already gave warning of the impending force, but when this army would attack was kept within the ranks of the highest of command. Not a single sorcerer could infiltrate the Anexus Clan, however the same could not be said about the other covens--after all there were Dark witches and wizards, not alchemists. The Anexus were devoted to their family and way of life, it was nearly bred into their bloodlines to know no betrayal of the clan. Though recent years are questioning the strength of the bloodlines in that regard.

Antares waved her wand before her face, donning the dragon-bone mask before joining the rest of her council in the council hall. All gathered here with a select-handful of others close to the members either in terms of their use or personal value. The Dark Lord went to the center of the hall where a scale model of the castle and surrounding area stood, enchanted to show the presence of every soul that touches the limit. To the north, beyond the lake a vast amount of souls were marching, entering the sights of the model, their numbers growing. This enchantment was particularly useful as it also showed the magical strengths and what a soul was; humans were white balls, their size depending on their power; spiders were brown, giants colored green, house elves were a pale pink and water devils were a darker blue. There were more than twelve creatures and beasts that resided in these lands, all having a purpose to serve the Dark Ones.

The Dark Lord gave the order a time ago for all forces to converge on the castle and until now all they needed to do was wait. It was futile to march against this castle as the barrier was the strongest in the lands and could only be entered by those bearing the safe passage mark. Nonetheless there was concern; five lights entered at the back of the advancing force, three white, one light grey and one blended with black and white. Antares observed the army and thought how Avalon would have enjoyed seeing this--the souls of both sorcerer and alchemist were no different. The witch shook her head free of thoughts of the alchemist because that woman had already made her choice. A fatal one, but a choice nonetheless.

The forces were dispatched in layers, those unmarked remained outside the barrier--bodies to throw and weaken their enemy. Once weakened and believing in their victory they would march toward the barrier and hit an unpredictable wall, dazed and confused they would be without their wits and in that moment of hesitation and confusion the main force would finish off the rest. This could be done without the aid of the counsil, but the Dark Lord was not willing to take chances. She would dispatch herself and her fellow dragon-bone members in the face of the real threat. This threat would come with facing the commanders of this unified army--Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, and Anexus.

Godric Grffindor or Moore was an unmatched duelist and skilled in swordsmanship, however his care of his friends has him distracted from the main goal; Rowena Ravenclaw, whose beauty alone is said to bewitch the hearts of men has a massive collection of spells and is well-versed in defensive magic, nonetheless her and her coven have lived in seclusion for a great many years and are not well-adapted in working with others; Helga Hufflepuff is a renowned healer, kind and compassionate towards man and beast alike, but a pacifist who digresses conflict of any kind. Avalon Anexus is skilled in close-quarter combat, a master alchemist and with the aid of her Dire Wolf has significant ability in team-ups. Unfortunately the chief’s weakness is her doubt in her decisions and control of her power. This indecisiveness has caused her to slip up on more than one occasion with drastic consequence.

Anguis kept to the back of the crowd that surrounded the surveillance model. The time has come, he must peel away from these people and make good on their plan. No one may enter the barrier without the mark of safe passage, fortunately he has one and thanks to Anexus’s information it is possible to bring people without it within the castle. The barrier is maintained in the highest tower, embedded in a massive enchanted crystal that is powered by light from the sun and moon. It was a relic from a time long gone, the wizard had been told, said to have been pulled from the cave where a mighty dragon resided, one much larger than those alive today.

With Caliburn, Anexus would destroy the crystal and cause the barrier’s fall. This was the only method by which their forces could enter and in the midst of confusion the Slytherin coven, far smaller than the others would make their move. From the shadows they would eliminate enemy commanders, causing the Dark Ones to be without leaders and without leaders they would scatter in mass confusion and fear. This was a temporary solution, the only permanent solution would come by cutting off the heads of the serpent all at once. The Dark Lord and the Dragon Bane Council must fall and those who follow must bear witness to it. Word of mouth causes both legend and myth and the Dark Ones must not be allowed to be immortalized as legends, but to disappear as myths.

Salazar knew he must succeed else all will be for naught. Slipping away from the hall, the wizard returned to his lab and readied to apparate. He would be bringing three back with him, though a chain apparation was dangerous it was no better than leaving then returning for more people. The less apparation the better because it would lower the chance of discovery.

“Anguis.” Saraphine’s voice surprised the wizard and for a moment made his fear discovery grip him.

Salazar turned around, “Is something amiss? Do not tell me now you are having second thoughts about fighting?” He lied, “Have no fear, the barrier will keep you safe--”

Saraphine strode over in few steps, meeting her lips with Salazar’s as silence filled the room. Bold and brash, Rosier lingered for as long as possible before breaking their connection and stepping back. Salazar was without words, all his careful planning, his lies and the betrayal of who his was to this woman who he could not deny his feelings for were now coming to the surface as shame.

“Just in case.” The witch said with a small smile before turning on a heel and going towards the door.

She collapsed before taking another step, as victim of Salazar’s wand, now lowering after discharging his spell.

“I will not ask for your forgiveness, but I hope you will at least understand my reasons.”

The wizard lifted the witch into his arms, taking her wand and binding her hands. The spells that rendered her unconscious and hidden would last for many hours. This would allow for the battle to go on and end, giving Salazar the chance to return and retrieve Saraphine, finding her a safe place...away from him. She would be hurt because of his betrayal, but Salazar would rather her be alive and hating him than loving a lie and dying. He apparated from the lab, having placed her against a tree on the outside of the limits of the enchanted model, hoping the sheer number of souls present would allow for her disappearance to go unnoticed.

The wizard lingered for a time, watching her before waving his wand and rendering her absent from sight. An arm-sized serpent peered from within his robes, moving from one side of his neck to the other. In their shared tongue Salazar ordered the one of his many familiars to remain with Saraphine until his return. He would return not matter what and with a loud crack the wizard was off to join his brother’s side.

Avalon doubted the wizard’s alliance for a time, as he had being running late while Godric feared for his brother’s safety the alchemist feared for their own. This entire plan rode on the success of Slytherin getting their small band within the castle and her destroying the crystal that powered the barrier. Their main forces were already engaged in the front and Avalon longed to join them as a leader leads from the front, but her significant in the success of the final battle could not be overlooked.

She looked to her armor, armor tested against magic, might, and metal and holds its own while protecting her. Soon this armor, a blended combination of metal and leather, transmutated together, would be locked away. After this, age after age of fighting would at last come to an end and the Anexus would know peace. Nonetheless a voice spoke from the back of her mind, to never allow the coming peace to weaken them. She knew whose voice this was, whose wisdom that whispered into her conscious and provided her knowledge she who was without experience could not know alone. Deep inside he was still there, his essences used to keep her alive, to keep her human form and so much more. Tali may be gone from the physical word, having joined their ancestors within the Great Balance, but he will always be with her. Sid will never leave her side, Falcon will steady her blade and her mother will give her the confidence to go forward. Brothers and sisters who have gone ahead of her, Avalon knows they are all with her, watching her and giving her strength to fight on.

The alchemist steadied her racing heart, calming the storm of doubts, if only for a short while. Do not hesitate. Rowena and Godric came closer to her side the three turning to the loud crack where Salazar now stood. Fenrir howled, keeping beside Helga who nodded in acknowledgement of their departure. Avalon held Godric’s hand who took Salazar’s, Rowena taking Salazar’s other hand before they all vanished in another loud crack. They were inside the castle now, inside a lab all found appalling. The scent of blood was a strong metallic taste that lingered in the air and filled their noses, making all uncomfortable. Salazar made for the door, the others hugged the wall as he check for clearance. They moved. The crystal was up to the southern tower, closest to the back of the castle and very well-guarded. Numerous charms and enchantments littered the entire way, for Avalon they were of no consequence, but for the sorcerers such was not as easy.

“Anguis? Why are you not in the--” A flash of orange throws the Dark Wizard into a wall dead.

Avalon felt uneasy about this mission--the risks of their failure were incredibly high, nonetheless the need for the majority of the leaders to be present--the alchemist stopped dead in tracks. This was not right. Godric and Rowena noticed they lacked their fourth and slowed to a halt.

“Avalon? Is something wrong?” Godric asked wand and sword drawn.

The alchemist wore a suspicious expression, “Why are all four of us necessary to destroy the barrier?”

The question was directed at Salazar who retorted they had no time for this. Avalon would not move unless her question was answered and eventually Salazar conceded. Four were not necessary, rather Avalon and Salazar could slip in unnoticed and try to destroy the barrier in that manner, but destroying the barrier was not the only reason they were here. The Dragon Bane Council must be eliminated, they needed to be dealt with before they could make their move and decimate the forces with the power they no possess. The Anexus glared, this was not what had been agreed upon: they were to capture the leaders and have them stand a proper trial!

“You knew I would not agree to this.” Avalon accused.

Salazar did not defend himself, “Need I remind you these Dark One’s are bent on conquering or killing all in their path? Now that they have acquired a means to extend their life--”

“Extend their life? As in immortality?” Rowena asked, but saw the shock of horror on Avalon’s face to know the answer to her question.

Avalon darkened, walking past Godric and Rowena to Salazar’s side, “Lead the way.”

“That was a rather fast change, even for you--” Salazar saw a glimpse of gold and cut himself off and continued forward.

He has never seen the furry of an Anexus...perhaps today will change that. The tower was only a few hundred yards now, but the fact they had come across no guards raised their alertness. Nothing is this easy. Salazar slowed near a corner and motioned for the others to do the same. He glanced over the ledge and saw two trolls standing outside the doors where the crystal was housed. Rather stupid creatures, they were still not creatures not to be underestimated as their strength and size did great harm to the environment and people around them.

Salazar turned to develop the means to dispose of them. He did not perfer to use brute strength, but in this case that was the best option to deal with the trolls. As soon as they were ready the swordsmen ran out from the corner. The Alchemist went first, using Caliburn, she knelt, stabbing the sword into the ground meaning to nullify any traps below. Godric used her back as a ramp and leaped forward to remove the heads of the first troll. The second swung:

"Relinquere!” Rowena’s wand pulled Godric back, the club of the first troll slammed into his comrade rendering his head crushed.

Avalon left Caliburn and ran in front of the last standing troll. She transmutated the ground beneath and sent a deadly spike thru the other’s chest. Loud thuds shook the hall and no doubt drew the attention they hoped to avoid. There was no avoiding it, Rowena was faster than the apparated sorcerers however, throwing up a shield to protect herself and Salazar. Avalon retrieved Caliburn, deflecting a stray spell as she freed it from stone, creating a wall to protect herself and Godric.

“Godric! Door!” Avalon yelled as she continued to transmutate to maintain the integrity of the wall as spells barraged it.

A bolder of fire shot out with Godric’s command: ”Praemium!”

The door was broken thru, Avalon came from behind her wall and transmutated a barrier between the five and the Dark Ones.


They broke for inside, the wall crumbled down as more spells flew wildly in the air as Rowena and Salazar created more barriers and held them at bay. Godric stayed with them, Avalon and Fenrir continued on, knowing she must not hesitate for their sake. Inside the tower was a raised pedestal, upon it floated a clump of colored crystals, a beam of light rose the length of the tower, displaced and distributed by numerous mirrors towards the top of the tower. It was an impressive method of harvesting the powers of the crystal. Avalon rose to meet the crystal, gripping sword of a fallen star firmly in her hand beside its empties sheath. Without taking a moment to gaze deep into the beauty of the crystal Caliburn was brought above her head.

Fenrir jumped on Avalon, bringing her down on the stairs, knocking her head as funnels of blackened smoke missed her by inches. They flew wildly around the room, twelve landed, circling the room, they emerged as the Dark Ones bearing the dragon-bone masks. The Dragon Bane Council now gathered before one of their most feared adversaries. Avalon’s head pounded, her sight dazed as she reached for Caliburn inches away. The Dire Wolf growled, standing over Avalon as a thirteenth, followed by two council members walked towards them.

“Filthy dog.” Sounded a voice as Fenrir was hurled off Avalon and thrown into a wall with a loud yelp.

Avalon reached her sword, but had it slid away from her hand. She pulled her hands together, transmutating the ground to spikes toward the approaching, but her misdirection missed them entirely. Standing, the dazed alchemist, shook her head, holding the back in hopes to focus--bringing her hand back her vision began to clarify as her blood was known to paint her fingers and brought awareness to the situation she was in. Godric and Rowena were held in the arms of two members, still as they both had numerous wands pointed at their throats. Fenrir lie on the ground as two sorcerers cast chains to hold the Dire Wolf down.

“I must commend you on how far you came and your ability to enter the barrier, but I am afraid it was not enough.” Antares capped her hands slowly as she stood in front of Avalon.

“Who are you?” Godric demanded, struggling against his capture.

“Antares Malfoy--” Avalon cringed as the pain in her head continued, “The Dark Lord, leader of the Dark Ones.”

Antares frowned, “You call us Dark Ones, dark witches and wizards, dark beasts; all this ‘dark’, convincing yourself that we are the enemies of all when such is not. We are the same--”

“We are nothing alike!” Godric pulled against his restraints.

The Dark Lord rose a finger, rocking it back and forth as she shook her head, “We are, young Gryffindor, magic flows thru all our veins and it is thru this gift we also bear responsibility.”

Avalon looked around the room, searching for Salazar and found him to not be captured. Where was he? Had he betrayed them? Had he fled to avoid capture or...? The alchemist gripped the opposing sword that occupied her right hip across from where Caliburn would rest. The council members that trailed behind Antares rose their wands, as did the others, feeling a coming threat. The Dark Lord lifted her hand and motioned for her followers to lower their wands, there was no reason they could not be civil.

“You have all fought valiantly.” She looked around the room, “And though we may have our disagreements, there is no reason to spill another’s blood. Our battle lies not with another, but against those who would persecute us for being born with power while they were not--muggles, a disease upon the world, a plague that has brought pain and suffering to that which gives so much.”

Avalon’s head began to hurt less, not because there was less pain, rather she was turning her attention away from it. Focus was now on the occupants of this room, how to deal with them, how to free the others and how to destroy the crystal. There were too many chances on something going wrong and Avalon knew that if she hesitated even the slightest everything would fail and all light would fall to the darkness these twisted people would bring about. If they have completed a method to gain immortality then it is without a doubt they have no limit on what or who they will sacrifice in this pursuit of domination. She would not allow it, none of them would and they each vowed that they would not leave this battlefield unless victory or death took them. Focusing on the content of the room was not her only reason for ignoring her own morality, but something much more. Preparation of this kind takes time and such is the cost of greater abilities.

Antares stepped closer to the alchemist, “What of you Avalon?” She said quietly, “I ask you once again: will you stand with me to cleanse the world of this plague? To correct the balance of our world and the world of muggles?”

Avalon felt moisture drip from her head, but whether it was blood or sweat was unknown by her. This was a situation she has never been before: Anexus are trained to fight until the death, but Avalon is unlike others of her clan which acts both as a strength and weakness. Antares noticed this woman had not once looked her in the eyes--she was hesitating. She did not wish to fight the Dark Lord, she did not go out and seek war or death, she only wanted peace.

The chief is young, they all are, having survived to their ages in times like these were feats of their own, but often it was due to cowardice. None of these young bloods were of such a way of life, they had fought, killed, and gained power necessary to survive and still held onto senses of morality. Such is a rare sight indeed, a trait none of this council possess. Their deaths would be a waste, they are the strongest of their covens, of a majority of the Dark Lord’s army and given time and teaching they would rise to surpass her as well. That was the path the sorcerers have walked on, however Avalon is vastly different than her comrades and special among the alchemists of the Anexus.

“Avalon...” The Dark Lord uncharacteristically pleaded, “We will have the peace you desire, you would be able to watch Osmond and Eskil grow up without living thru the horror we have. You will not have to face the future alone, together we can bring order to this chaotic world. All I ask is that you kneel...and pledge yourself to me and me alone.”

Godric’s heart sank, another knew of Avalon’s secret family and for her that was the most effective way of getting under her skin. The chief was most certainly one to follow her gut more than her heart and mind, but is no doubt heavily influenced by simply what was for the best. What was best for her family was certainly her first and foremost importance, but it was the matter that the Dark Lord knew what affected Avalon was more personal than knowing one’s enemy. They knew each other and Godric wondered if the Dark One who captured her was this woman. If that was the case...there is no certainty Avalon would have given such information willingly when she did not even tell him until recently.

The alchemist's mind was slowly clouding, her awareness of the room slipping away with the only unaffected focus being Antares. Her senses were losing their sharpness, a feeling of closing in--tunneling--where the only escape was to the Dark Lord. She wanted to escape this feeling, wanted to go to the end of that tunnel to the feeling of 'safety' that was associated with Antares. Why? Why was rational thought, why was her mind suddenly finding comfort in going to the witch's side? Surely she did not believe going to that side to be safe, to be right, but a whisper in the back of her mind was edging her to believe it. Go to her. It said. Believe in her. It comforted. Trust in me. Antares's voice, but the face of the Volva held her hand out. In her mind's eye Avalon reached for the familiar hand.

“Avalon!” Rowena's voice echoed in the tower and resonated in the unseen mind. She elbowed her capture, freeing herself for a moment before being held to the ground again.

“You mustn’t listen to her!” The Enchantress continued.

A member kicked her in her gut, “Quiet you!”

Antares ignored the attempts to draw Avalon’s attention, she was locked in conflict with the Dark Lord’s words and her own thoughts. Malfoy walked closer, her foot steps echoing in the tower as the only sound to be heard.

“Shall I rephrase?” She questioned holding out an offering hand, “Will you save your family or watch them be betrayed and fall by foolish notions of hopes and dreams?”

“Foolish notions?” Avalon breathed out, raising her head as she locked eyes with the Dark Lord.

“It is better to fight and fall than to live without hope." The alchemist's eyes shifted from brown to gold, "And we Anexus never surrender."

Salazar shot spells towards Godric and Rowena’s captures; Avalon clapped her hands together uprooting the ground and distorting the people. Avalon went forward, surfing the moving ground to reclaim Caliburn for a second before she pivoted back and made for the crystal. Throwing the sword forward, the weight and force met the stone and shattered it into pieces.

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