The Founder's Chronicles

The Four Founders

“Anyone see’n Avalon?” Helga looked around to find the Great Hall greatly emptied this morning.

Salazar and Godric looked down the table to two vacant seats where Rowena and Avalon sat habitually.

Godric smirked, “Perhaps dealing with unfinished business with Rowena?”

Salazar looked to the vacant seat on his side, “With the Volva?”

Godric leaned forward and saw her seat too was empty. He looked out to the Hall and noticed there was not a single Anexus among them. Was there a meeting this morning that they would miss breakfast? The entire clan without an owl or note to make the others aware? Of course there was no obligation for Avalon to make her clan’s affairs known, but it was not a habit of hers to give no warning. The three Founders present in the hall ended their meal early and commonly agreed to pay the Anexus camp a visit. It was still early and there was no need to draw concern or raise warning, but this was not normal.

Rowena came down the west hall toward the Great Hall, without company and wearing the same concern her fellow Founders did.

“Has anyone seen Avalon? Or even an Anexus?” She questioned, answering the earlier suspicion that the two of them were together.

Salazar shook his head, “We assumed she was with you, but neither her nor any of the clan have been seen since last night.”

The four exchanged silence glances of worry, it could be nothing, but it could also be something. Avalon, the Volva, Fenrir, nor the clan would all sudden become unaccounted for. They decided to save their suspicions and need to raise alarm for after confirmation. Causing a mass panic would not do well both for the school’s credibility nor for the peace and mind of the glen’s residents. From the western part of the castle, past the Anexus House common room and to the Dark Forest all appeared quiet from where they stood.

“Stop.” Salazar drew his wand, recognizing a distortion, “Someone has cast a concealment spell, a powerful one.”

He edged forward from the band, the rest already having their wands out and up to take on whatever lies beyond this spell. Salazar called out the dispell-ion that dismantled the casted, revealing smoldering, smoking ruins of the Anexus camp. Godric ran, against the other’s shout for caution he ran, body after body of alchemists. Stabbed. Burned. Cut. Crushed. These were the signs of attacks not from spells, but from physical weapons and alchemy. He fought them enough to know the distinct difference.

“My god...” Helga clasped over her mouth and nose to stop the foul smell from causing her to lose her breakfast.

“Who...” Godric knelt to the ground, shutting the eyes of one of the children, held in the arms of no doubt her father, “Who could have done this?”

“They would not turn on each other.” Salazar said firmly, “Avalon put down any flickers of rebellion early on in construction, besides...” He looked back to where they came, “The Anexus cannot cast a barrier like that, the same sort used by the Dark Ones.”

Helga had her wand at the ready, “One dark wizard could not do all this...and we witnessed the Dark Lord’s death.”

“Let us search for survivors before we start blindly blaming.” Rowena came between a tense Godric and Salazar, “If Avalon is still in the area then she would have others with her.”

She spoke with Avalon’s name hoping to give Godric something constructive to throw his energy at. But if Rowena was to be asked directly, considering the damage here, the sheer number of bodies and that none have come forward...she doubted that even someone as powerful as Avalon survived this...massacre. Yes, that was the word to use for this sight, for this carnage that they had hoped to never come to be seen again. Why now? Why when the school was completed? Did whose caused this want to wait for the Anexus to finish the castle? The clan was meant to return to their village in a few days time, a village none of the outsider Founders knew the location of.

This was no a vendetta against the Founders for the defeat of the Dark Lord, this was an attack against the Anexus Clan. An attack meant to spill only their blood and to prevent the interference of others, a spell was cast to hide the screams and cries of death and allow the castle to sleep peacefully, with no idea of the horror happening to their neighbors and friends just outside their windows. Was there nothing that could have been done to avoid this? Was this the end of the Anexus clan? A family whose history spanned longer than any in the Wizarding World? Was everything they sacrificed...all in vain? Rowena clenched her wand firmly, Avalon must be alive, she had to be alive. She has survived too much to be brought down by a tragedy as this.

The four walked the length of the camp, the bodies of some of the Anexus, made recognition nearly impossible. The group noticed as they walked, all the bodies had markings around them, as though they were within a transmutation circle. They followed the chain of runes that branched out to each circle, tracing them to the root; it origin. This was painting a different image than what they thought as to the cause of this carnage. Godric’s pace quickly sped up the further they followed until the wizard was in a full-on sprint. Toward the end of the camp, where the most concentration of bodies were, only one stood.

The sorcerers stopped dead in their tracks, seeing the back of the most familiar Anexus. She was motionless to them, her hands gripping her swords without relax, stained with her and her clan’s sin. Her name was called out to her, she paid little mind to it, but who it came from drew her to turn around. The four sorcerers hesitated at the sight of Avalon. Stained were her hands, by the death her blades brought; stained was her face by the splatter of their lives as she released each of them. Stained was the crest of the Anexus woven on the back of her shirt. Salazar inspected further, watching the pattern of blood and seeing that Avalon was without injury. All of the blood on her had been dried for quite some time meaning she...

“Godric wait.” He grabbed his younger brother before he went beyond reach, “Look at her, she is not injured. All the blood on her is not her own.”

“What are you getting at?” Godric looked at his friend more closely and found nothing to indicate injury. It was Anexus blood alright, but none belonged to her.

Godric went forward now with greater caution than before. His wand was still out as he came closer to Avalon, he reached his hand out. Avalon’s hand twitched, Salazar and Rowena appeared in front of Godric, casting out chains to hold her to the ground. The alchemist whose rose her head, eyes burning with a hateful yellow haze.

“You dare...use your magic against me?” Her voice was like a poisoned dagger aimed at their hearts, “After what you have done to us this night?”

Rowena and Salazar knew what this was, what was about to happen. The shift in Avalon’s magic was all too familiar, but now they could not sort the different between Avalon and what felt like the entire clan before them. Something was wrong, with this scene, with Avalon, with everything. The last Chief of the Anexus clenched her fists harder, glaring at the enemy before her:

“After everything, all we have done for you? You sorcerers; we gave you peace, gave you victory, we are the Architects of this school; our school!” Avalon’s strength made the chains break, “We should have never trusted you! We should have exterminated the Betrayers to the last child!”

Avalon spun, swinging her swords parallel when meeting with Godric’s sword. They came closer.

“Avalon! Wait! We had nothing to do with this!” He shouted, realizing that Avalon was not only beginning to overpower him, but that black was consuming her body. Just as it was four years ago. Godric slid the two blades down his own to the ground, then lifting his own above her’s to stop them from being brought up with ease.

“Listen to me!”

“NEVER AGAIN!” Avalon slid back and freed her swords, her mouth opening to speak one sword’s name.

Rowena threw a defensive spell and created on between the two that expanded out and trapped her in a box.

“Run!” She shouted, apparating Helga and herself away.

Godric stood in shock, “Brother!” Salazar held his hand to be taken as they watched Avalon swing Caliburn, slicing thru the barrier like a knife thru butter.

The two lifelong friends stared at another, but only one held hesitation, only one wanted to avoid carnage. Avalon lifted her sword. The word, the name, the spell of her sword beginning to leave her lips and be sent hurdling toward the brothers. Godric and Salazar apparated, but Avalon has entered their cloud and unleashed the power of Excaliburin the southern halls of Hogwarts. The hallway ceiling collapsed, the strike piercing the different levels and opening the castle to the sky. Avalon was near the courtyard now, between the entrance hall and the Anexus corridor, she cased the sorcerers with inhuman speed.

Godric was the best duelist in the lands, his skills were rivaled barely by Avalon, but now he knew would be different. Avalon was coming at him and the others with a killing intent and that would make all the difference. Their swords parried in the halls, the sparks igniting from the heat of their blows as they moved along the corridor. Salazar rejoined his brother, having been separated by Avalon’s first attack. He cast a spell meant only to incapacitate, but Caliburn’s position in Avalon’s hand was switched and as the spell came forward Caliburn swung thru nullifying its effect. Avalon’s rage only increased with every spell thrown at her.

Rowena and Helga appeared at the end of the hall, having sent everyone to the northeastern part of the castle to be evacuated, informing as few people as possible as to the nature of the situation. At most, all anyone knew was the castle was under attack, but what they were told was it was by a magical beast. How else were they to explain? They ran forward, using every spell they could to subdue Avalon, but when they arrived it was in the midst of the alchemist’s declaration:

“My clan!” Avalon yelled as they continued to parry, “Every single one of them is dead--because of you!”

Her back was hit by Stupify, but it only knocked her forward slightly. Godric pulled his sword back and put his wand forward, casting an immobilizing spell that had the ground rise up and trap her. The stone hardened, having formed around her legs, chest and arms to keep her still. The four sorcerers closed in, their wands remaining out knowing this would not hold her for long. It had to be long enough though, to know, to understand what it is that has her react this way, that has her attack them with such anger and rage never before present in her heart.

“Avalon yer mu’st believe us--” Helga reached her hand out, hoping that her normal action that calmed Avalon would react in the same way now.

It did not.

Avalon struggled against the stone, absorbing magic at an increasingly dangerous level. The effect of which was physically apparent as the four watched her body expand and blacken in all areas.

“Lies!” Avalon shouted, “The curse that plagued my clan was created by your kind! You said--you promised she could not hurt anyone!”

Avalon’s arm became free, “EXCALIBUR!”

Rowena threw up a barrier to protect herself and Godric, Salazar grabbed Helga and apparated away. The entire wing of the castle was obliterated, its damage reaching from the ground into the depths of the cliff, destroying all in its path. Avalon was free now and relentless, swinging hard against the barrier that kept Rowena and Godric safe from her. A spell came from behind them, Saraphine threw numerous more, one landing a mark on Avalon’s chest and sending her off her feet and onto the ground.

“Run!” She said continuing to fight against the ever-changing Anexus.

Avalon slammed her fist into the ground, feeling the pain of her body as wild natural magic fought for control against the new material present within her. Her hand twisted and grew into claws, changing into blackened fur-coated abomination that could be described to others only as monstrous. She gripped a dropped Caliburn, but the effect of the sword did nothing against this change. Avalon was alarmed yes, but her alarm compared none to the anger in her heart; the loss of her entire clan and being responsible for that loss if only for a fragment.

No, this was no her fault, this was not the punishment of Yggdrasil. This was not for the sin of making peace with an enemy nor for not maintaining their duties as Guardians of the Great Balance. This was the actions of a sorcerer against her clan, a plot to rid the world of the Anexus family and to remove their influence from Hogwarts and the Wizarding World. Someone knew their intentions, someone infiltrated their meetings either by bewitchment or some other reason. They wanted the Anexus gone, they will not have their wish and Avalon will ensure when people speak of the clan it will be in whispers to never dare stand against the eldest and strongest family of magic in the world.

Her body continued to change, the transformation spreading from her arm to her chest, Avalon commanded it to obey. Stay still, stay quiet, until those responsible are punished.

It slowed slightly. That was all she needed.

Godric, Rowena and Saraphine fled into a nearby classroom and locked the door with numerous spells and enchantments. They would hold for a while, until Avalon found them. When she found them.

“She cannot possibly be in the right state of mind. Avalon has never reacted in such a manner--”

“Are you saying if your entire family was murdered in front of you, you could remain calm?” Saraphine asked breathlessly, “That is a stretch even for you.”

“I am starting to remember why I am not fond of you.” Rowena glared, “If you have a suggestion please share it with otherwise you would do well to keep your mouth shut.”

“A little gratitude would be nice, I did just save you from a homicidal alchemist.” The witch snapped.

“Enough, the both of you.” Godric came between them, “Right now we have to focus on stopping her. Avalon is not a force to be reckoned with--she managed to hold off the Dark Lord on her own after all.”

The witches exchanged glances and nodded to suspend their feuding. What must be focused on now is containing the situation, avoiding people from being harmed in the collateral damage that was occurring to the school. Avalon took out half the corridor without a second thought and she no doubt has the intention of bringing down the entire school if it meant killing them at the moment. Rowena decided to speak up:

“I may have a way to slow her, at least long enough to prevent her from hurting herself.”

“Or us.” Saraphine thought to add as an important part.

Godric asked for her to continue.

“Avalon has a condition that has her absorb magic of the surrounding area and transform it into her own. This process though is almost entirely out of her control though and was actually the cause of her appearance in the battle four years ago.” Rowena waved her wand to display a projection of Avalon to visualize her explanation.

“Is this the cause of her behavior against us?” Godric asked

Rowena shook her head, “She is in shock Godric, I cannot imagine what she saw last night. She claims it was a curse cast on her clan and if so...only sorcerers would be responsible.”

“What you are saying is she will not tell the difference between a good or bad sorcerer?” The other witch questioned.

Rowena nodded, “That seems to be the case.”

Everyone felt another rumble.

“Alright.” Godric looked away from the door, “Trying to reason with her is suicide and I have seen alchemists tire in battle from over-using alchemy. If this way of yours can stop her we should be able to bind her and subdue her.”

Avalon and Salazar were at each other’s throats. Both held the intent to kill one another, but only one truly desired it. It had been more years, more battles fought together than against to return to the idea of her being an enemy. True, Salazar has always questioned Avalon’s intentions and her clan’s involvement in the core of their alliance, but she had never given him a true reason to doubt her conviction to their cause nor her loyalty to his brother. They were best friends, they would never turn against each other, but whatever happened last night changed her in a way Salazar never thought possible.

He did not blame Avalon for her actions because he understood them completely. She desired revenge for the demise of her family, her entire family was massacre before her eyes leaving her as the only survivor. That was a difficult burden to bear as a member, but as a leader, their leader who they put their faith and trust be that and the survivor was cruel. He knew her pain, understood her reason for taking that pain on all sorcerers because this was the same he did against muggles, that he still does. Salazar wondered how she survived the carnage, what was it that had her stand apart from the rest? Was she special, did the curse not take affect to her as it did the others? Or...did she take the burden of killing her fellow clansmen to prevent them from doing the same to another? If that is so she is far braver than Godric, more cunning than himself, wiser than Rowena and kinder than Helga.

Avalon leaped between the walls of the hall, lightning following her in a trail of white and light sparks that raced forward at her command. Fighting here was far too crowded, far too many risks of the surrounding area coming to life and ending him. He would have to lure her out of the castle and to the lake, there if he needed he could drag her to the depths below and raise her when she was rendered unconscious. Luring her would not be difficult, she was bent on killing him and the others and so long as no one interfered or distracted her it would be easy. The alchemist clapped her hands together and transmutated the ground into sand, then hardened it around his legs, locking him in place. Salazar saw her shadow before her as she brought down her swords.

She was forced from the air into the ground with a loud *crack* her body caused when impacting the foundation. Still she rose, watching Helga break Salazar free and flee with him. She followed again, but did not give them the chance to trap her upon arriving on the outside of the castle as she rolled forward and transmutated the ground to create rolling hills. Godric and Rowena arrived, flanking her, but Avalon knew them more than they knew her and about her true ability they knew nothing. She focused the magic into her sword and apparated behind Salazar and Helga:


Her arm stiffened, then was thrown forward, “calibur!”

Golden magic roared forward, smashing into the cliff side. It continued to bite and claw at it, digging deeper and deeper until loosing its strength and leaving a scar nearly twenty feet deep and the height of the cliff. Salazar and Helga opened their eyes, seeing the attack missed them by inches, but that before them was a changed Avalon. Half her body was taken by the change and progressed further, but it was not this that had saved the two from death’s welcome: Godric stood between them, his hands dripping with Anexus blood. Avalon’s Blood. His sword was driven into her side and pushed out the other side, skillfully evading any organs or major arteries.

“You--” Avalon’s movements were held in place by chains of light, bound to the ground and immortalizing her.

Godric stepped back, then fell onto his bum, the gaping wound in his left shoulder bleeding. Helga regained her awareness and made for the wounded wizard, beginning healing with a warm green light from her wand to her hand and over the gash. Salazar was embraced by Saraphine, Rowena kept her wand up to prepare for the spell, but the alchemist did not care to give them any chance to breath.

“I will not--!” She pulled against the chains, absorbing more natural magic, her body changing in response.

Her hair grew out, taking the form of a mane, coating her chest and back as she lurched more and more forward. The chains holding a leg snapped, then another across her chest. Avalon pulled the arm wielding Caliburn and the moment it was free she swept at the others and undid all that bound her. Godric could not defend him, Helga jumped in front and held her arms out to shield her patient. But without fear and without regard for herself, instead she ran forward and wrapped her arms around Avalon’s waist, pulling herself against the transforming alchemist.

“Helga move!” Rowena shouted, as Avalon rose her blade to strike down the witch.

In the alchemist’s mind she only saw an enemy, saw the one who took her family from her, forced them to turn against and fight each other to the death! She looked at the witch who held her, but rather than anger, Avalon distinguished that it was Helga. She was to let her blade drop to her side, rather than take the witch’s life, but her eye caught a spell that came for both her and Helga. Something was wrong with this spell, this jet of green lightning that hurled toward her. It was a twisting of words, a destruction she could only feel as danger not only for herself, but for Helga. Instead she grabbed the witch and threw her to the side and used Caliburn to disrupt it, but rather than dismantle the spell, it deflected it into the wall, the force had her thrown back, into Helga. The witch was knocked unconscious and left on the ground, the alchemist now on all fours above her, standing over the unconscious witch as another attack came at them.

She dashed forward, taking the attack head on as she transmutated lighting from her arm and met the green jet of light. The spell’s name was deafened by her alchemy, the sound of a dragon’s roar shaking the foundation of the glen. Salazar and Saraphine were hit with debris and separated in different directions, one into a wall and another into the water. Godric disarmed Avalon of Caliburn, sending the sword flying toward him. The alchemist cared none, she ran nearly on all fours, swinging Excalibur at the injured wizard. She collected magic for another attack and went for the wizard. To her surprise he parried and she meant to release her attack, but before she finished the spell she slipped thru his sudden apparation cloud, in the air above the lake, the spell canceled, causing a small explosion to ravage her arm.

Godric was above her a wand out, falling in air, Avalon twisted to have her back to the water, gripping Excalibur with both hands she held it behind her head and swung forward. Sending the spell at him, Godric apparated again, the distortion diverting the attack to the castle, striking below the southwest section of the castle. The attack shook the castle, loosening the foundation the quarters sat on, the cliff gave way. The entire section below the courtyard and to the left of the entrance hall broke away from the rest of the castle, crashing into the Black Lake and sinking to its depths. Avalon was swallowed by this sinking, caught in the suction of the descending structure she was pulled toward the same grave the breaking halls, the Anexus House Common room was to fill.

Godric hit the ground, rolling from the fall across the shoreline. Salazar ran to him, having recovered from his own distortion he patched the reopened wound to his shoulder. Rowena held up an unconscious Helga, prepared to carry her on her back if necessary.

“That will not be enough to stop her.” Salazar said, lifting his younger brother to his feet.

Godric hissed at the pain in his shoulder, “For once I wish it was.” The wizard felt multiple ribs in his chest had either been broken or cracked, he knew enough healing magic to mend minor injuries, but if he suffered worse wounds he would not be able to.

“That is not something I expected to hear from you.” Salazar said in surprise at Godric’s sudden shift from stopping, to killing his best friend.

Godric drew his sword, “Anyone, be it friend or even family, who threatens the peace we fought so hard an enemy.”

For once Salazar wanted to disagree, but his brother has not made decisions lightly and against someone, something like Avalon Anexus...there was nothing light about this situation. Avalon was out to kill them, for whatever reason she wanted their blood on her blades and it would no doubt stop with just their deaths. Now they were not only fighting for their own lives, but the lives of every sorcerer be it man, woman, or child. Salazar did not want this, he hated that someone he finally considered a friend...had gone back to right where they started. Perhaps it truly was foolish to hope for something more than senseless killing between the Anexus and sorcerers. Salazar and Godric saw the lake’s entire surface transmutate into ice, as Avalon broke from beneath and stood on top of her stabilized surface.

The moment she locked onto the sorcerer’s location she transmutated herself forward, riding the ice to the shore. Salazar and Godric shot out spells, aiming for the ice beneath her feet. One spell shattered the ice, but Avalon had the momentum to propel herself forward and land sliding across the shore. She shift her foot to slow her movement, then made a sharp left toward her enemy. Godric and Avalon collided swords, their movements far too fast for an unskilled eye to follow. Salazar interfered, changing the odds two to one. Rowena entered the fray and yet still the three only could evade and distract Avalon from leaving the area.

Avalon clapped her hands together and brought her lighting to life, only this time she held it in her hand.

“EX--” She vanished with a crack, appearing then not again and again skipping closer and closer until she was feet in front of the three, “-CALIBUR!”

Rowena cast a shield, a giant bubble formed around Avalon, trapping her and what she unleashed. The attack went forward, lighting dancing around it as it roared toward the shield, the barrier cracked, light and magic breached it, focusing the force into an even deadlier attack hurtling toward the castle. It broke thru the cliff’s wound inflicted from her earlier blow, continuing on and driving deep, forcing a great separation of the halls between the Great Hall and the Grand Staircase.

“The castle!” Helga voice sounded in the alchemist’s ear.

Avalon, spun around and clapped her hands together, transmutating the cliff, enforcing and creating a great divide, but ensuring half the castle did not suffer the same fate as the Anexus corridor. She did not think, she did not consider, she reacted to the fear the witch held over the castle’s stability. Why did she care? Why should she care? That castle, all those’s mutating form cringed forward--that castle is their legacy, their memorial. Hogwarts was built by Anexus hands and all would know the Great School of Magic was build by the blood, sweat and tears of her clan. She could not destroy it, she would not.

Godric apparated in front of Avalon, swinging his sword; Avalon caught it, roaring to the sky.


They apparated together, to an unknown place, together, the five of them somewhere, anywhere away from people. It was a greenery with a lake nearby, a lake that would no doubt be altered by the presence of the four most powerful people of the age. Avalon pulled at Godric’s sword, taking him with it; off the ground, the wizard was thrown behind her, out of sight, out of mind. Salazar darted behind a nearby rock, but appeared behind Avalon, physically wrapping his arms under hers, pulling them up and locking them behind her head. Avalon thrashed about violently jumping, decking and diving to throw the wizard off, but to no avail. Godric appeared in front of her, wielding a sword not of his, a sword of stone, forged from a fallen-star. The alchemist’s eyes caught sight of what belongs to her and a re-ignited furry had her reach back and grab Salazar, throwing him into his younger brother.

Avalon roared, the shock wave sending a force that threw the sorcerers across the ground.

"My people--” Sounded a voice not of their once beloved and kind-hearted friend, “--shall be remembered for eternity!"

Rowena cast more spells with the full intent of subduing Avalon only for the moment she needed to cast the spell that would mean victory or defeat. Avalon swung Excalibur, but Godric had grew accustomed to the weight and shape of Caliburn and used it to combat the raging spell. This defiance only fueled the changing alchemist’s anger. To use a weapon forged for her, gifted to her, now used against her was a dishonor she would not tolerate. A weapon meant to protect her people, that would cut no one, now it was to be held by the hands of a Betrayer. Avalon charged at Godric, Helga jumped in between--the alchemist hesitated, enough for Godric to pull the youngest witch down and step ahead.

“Godric don’t--!”

Salazar shot a spell to snap Excalibur from Avalon’s grip, the sword flew driving hard into a stone--the stone responded to the shift of natural magic and hugged the sword tightly, refusing to let go. Godric crossed the two blades he bore and ripped them across the creature, opening her chest. Helga saw what they were doing, she sought to stop this, to not allow them to kill Avalon. Helga yanked her wand from her robe and spoke to disarm the Enchantress.

She was not fast enough.

“Avada Kedavra!”


The jet of green lightning shot out as the lightened red snapped at her hand like a whip. The spell from Rowena’s wand diverted up, away from the alchemist’s chest and into the right of her face. Avalon was knocked off her paws and slid into the ground, red and green painted her blackened fur, the gaping wound on her chest would not be closed and healed by her rapid regeneration. Caliburn saw to that, but to be directly hit by this new spell caused something far worse. Avalon’s face was drenched in red and green, mixing together and changing into a blackened mass. Her wails of pain were heard loud and far, as she gripped her face, magic sinking into her as though she were a bottomless pit of nothing, desperate to be filled. Magic was unleashed in its rawest form, sending waves of power throughout the area, destroying anything in its path.

Lightning and alchemy spiraled out of control, unchecked, unchallenged: the four hid behind a shield of Salazar’s making. There was no time to shout for Helga’s actions, she meant well, but she could not see there was no helping, no saving Avalon. Their victory, their survival now depended on stopping, but no doubt killing their friend and family. Godric had an idea, but for would suicide alone. Rowena and Salazar moved with the wizard, following above him with wands in hand shield Godric as he moved. Avalon noticed him and threw out her free arm, lightning followed as she went to strike him down--Godric was gone.

Caliburn was driven thru Avalon’s back, a weapon unable to be sharpened, a weapon forged to protect, to never kill; Avalon stared down at the blade that existed her chest, she reached to grabbed it feeling the cold metal be stained with her blood, Anexus blood. It was as though sense had snapped back into her eyes, her quaking legs lost their vigor and dropped her to her knees. It was suddenly cold now, as though winter had arrived in the middle of the summer. Only Avalon was cold though, as the heat left her body she looked around to the four who stood and stared at her exhausted, heavily breathing, worn and torn from a battle they never thought would happen.

"What a--cowardice method--" The Anexus growled, ”If you were a true friend--" She glanced back to Godric, ”You would have stabbed me in the front--" Avalon cringed at the pain.

The Anexus looked around to the others, the earth began to crystallize around her legs and work their way up her body. This was not the end, this will not be the end of the Anexus, the end of her clan and line. They will live on, they will live forever in infamy, to never be forgotten as being the strongest, the greatest, the true seekers of peace and balance only to be betrayed by the selfishness of sorcerers. History will not remember them as the greatest, they will remember them as those who betrayed ones of their own. All will overshadow them no matter how many deeds or greatness they try to achieve.

Avalon yanked the sword from her back and threw it to Helga. To Master Kloog it would go and to the twins would it rest. She held the hole in her chest, the pain fading as the wound slowly stitch together out of sight. Her body continued to change, to morph, the last humanity visible being the left of her face not wound from Rowena’s spell, a spell that was meant to save her from this fate. Perhaps it would have saved her, perhaps not, but now...they shall never know, not for certain. That regret would eat at Rowena for the rest of her life, but...Avalon did not care. I wonder what Elene will do when she learns what has happened? The crystal was up to her chest now.

"I curse you.” Avalon stated, ”By the Anexus within me, by the ones beside me, I swear I will avenge what you Betrayers have done to us." Her teeth sharpened to fangs.

Godric frowned, “It is you who have betrayed us, attacking us without provocation--you should have known we would never do anything against your clan.”

Avalon chuckled darkly, ”I attacked you?” Her golden eyes showed disgust, ”You see? You have already begun to dishonor our name." She looked to Godric, then Rowena, “Antares told me--the day will come, when you would put your needs above my own. She said when that day came me and my clan will lose everything.”

The crystal was above her neck now.

"To think--it would be my so-called friends that would bring me and the Anexus to ruin." The alchemist's saddened eyes grew heavier until her lids shut, "History for remember you for this, not as the greatest witches and wizards of the age, but as the one's who betrayed their closest allies."

The crystal covered Avalon completely and shattered, leaving nothing more than glittering dust and a pool of blood.

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