The Founder's Chronicles

The Heirs of Their Fathers

Godric’s breaking the tree line signaled Fenrir to launch himself from Avalon’s side and bulldoze his head into the boy’s gut. The laughter and excited barking however did nothing to move Avalon. Sensing something amiss Godric walked to Avalon and incited their game by skipping a stone across the river--still she did not move.

“What is the matter?” Godric front Avalon who looked blankly into the waters.

Godric reached to touched her shoulder, Avalon jumped and slid back; quickly he grabbed her arm and kept her from falling over. The shock in her eyes was enough for him to tell she was genuinely alarmed, so much that she had instinctively reached for her dagger. Noticing her own reaction, Avalon withdrew her hand and held onto Godric’s, helping to steady herself when straightening back up. The shame in her eyes was enough of an apology and what confirmed his suspicion of her distant behavior.

Avalon reached to her side and picked up a stone, “My father and elder brother returned recently.” She spoke softly.

Godric smiled patting her back, “That is great news!”

Avalon’s expression did not change. Indeed it was grand her father was alive, her elder brother as well. That is a cause for celebration and yet with what was revealed last night she finds no comfort. It was one thing to grow up hearing of the evil of sorcerers, another to see battle, but to know its origins is another matter entirely. She wanted to think it nothing more than lore, stories and legends of her ancestors passed down thru oral tradition. Some thing are changed, others are lost in translation, but her clan is not known for its lack of historical records keeping.

More impending is what to do from here; what the future holds for the two of them. She cannot cease the mental image of the two of them fighting, battling to the death on a war-torn field. The idea of it was frightening, an emotion that caused her body to tremble and be held by Godric. How long would this continue until they are discovered? What would father do to Godric if discovered he was a wizard? Knowing her father she and he would no doubt--

“Remember that transmutation you were working to perfect?” Godric’s loud voice overpowered the coming thought.

He pulled her to his feet and drew his sword.


“Use my sword as a bases.” He cut her off.


The boy stabbed his sword into the ground to allow a full view, ignoring his name as he called Fenrir to his side. Continuing with the conversation of he and his father he explained to having been impressed with the style of fighting and wanted to see if other things could be used in ‘defense’.

“Godric!” Avalon shouted to an echo.

Fenrir’s ears dropped with his head in submission to his companion’s tone. Godric sighed, rubbing the wolf’s head and keeping quiet when finally allowing Avalon the chance to speak against his wish.

“My people will never stop until yours have been killed, down to the last child!” Avalon clenched her fists, “I do not want you to die because of me! I do not want--we have to st--”

Avalon found herself choking on her words, unable to finish for the thought that plagued her mind had returned in a blood-soaked massacre. If they are discovered Avalon will have no choice, but to kill Godric and even if she refused Godric will be killed by he and she punished for her betrayal of the clan. If they separate now he will have a chance--even when they cross on the battlefield she can run without engaging and spare his life another day. Surly she can do that for the rest of their days...right? In that course of action he will at least live...right?

Godric stood quiet, understanding her fear of his life, but also feeling the teachings of her people resonating. The same conflict occurs within he. Raised to hate and despise the other and yet the two of them became friends before realizing the true nature of the other.

“Close your eyes.”

“Pardon?” Avalon stated confused.

Godric grinned, “If you consider me your friend then you know you can trust me. Close your eyes.”

Avalon hesitated unsure if this was a game, trick, or else. Her mind told her to be wary, not to trust a wizard; her instinct sensed no foul intent; her heart knew Godric’s true self. She shut her eyes. Moments went by, by the time she was told to open Godric finished what he had done. Down on her left forearm was an unfamiliar leather bracer.

Godric lifted his own arm and showed the exact same on the opposite arm. Decorating them were runes she was unfamiliar with, but recognized has something that possessed magic--an enchantment. It was the first time she had seen an item like this in person, though having heard of them being used in battle...against her people.

“My mother gave these to me before she passed. She told me they would protect me from danger, now I’m giving one to you. Let it be a promise--” Godric said grasping Avalon’s arm, “We shall always remain friends.”

Tears dropped from her face, Fenrir ran into the two and forced them to lose their balance and fall together. Avalon felt all her fears and tremors melt away, replaced by the warmth that emanated throughout her entire body from the bracer. Godric, Avalon and Fenrir departed, sneaking back into their perspective places before their absence was noticed.

Avalon trotted thru the forest, feeling a chilled breeze that held no effect for Godric’s warm presence lingered on her. Always. That’s right, regardless of what father or the clan may think Godric is different than other witches and wizards. He was not a Betrayer, the sins of his ancestors surely cannot be held against him.

Just as she sees the clearing and the lights of the torches that revealed her village a hand came from behind--Avalon grabbed what was attached and threw it over her shoulder. In front and on his back, Falcon blinked a few times in surprise. That was a first. Quickly Avalon apologized and scurried to help her elder brother who began to laugh.

“Either I am losing my touch have been training behind the Volva’s back.” He brushed himself off before continuing, “Which would explain your occasional absence.”

Avalon sighed frustrated, “Sid.”

“You know he is a horrible lier, just be grateful it was I who asked and not father.”

Alarm shot up her spine as as rushed to formulate a believable excuse.

“I will not tell father, but only if you assure me whatever or whoever is not a danger to you.” Falcon said sternly when holding Avalon’s shoulders.

Avalon laughed once and gave him a confident smile, she will never be in danger of Godric. He would not intentionally hurt her nor she because no matter what they will always be friends. She is perfectly safe with him.

Godric entered his home with Oric and Salazar in wait of his return. The counsel had also been present, but were quickly dismissed for the evening.

“Come, my boy, sit, we have a matter to discuss.” Oric motioned to the chair across from he and his eldest.

All of a sudden a snake, Salazar’s familiar, entered the house and slithered up his trousers, appeared from his shirt and coiled around his neck. It spoke to Salazar, to what Godric assumed to be Parseltongue, whispering strange tones and words undisguised by the other two.

“A girl?” Salazar translates surprised.

Godric felt a dead sweat tense his entire body. Salazar sent his familiar to spy on him! What did it hear? How much did it hear? Do they know enough to endanger Avalon? Are they planning on hurting her? Godric knew he could not lie to his father, but there must be a way to protect her--even if it meant his punishment.

“Who is she?” Oric’s powerful voice sounded.

“My friend.” Godric began, “We met at the river some time ago.”

Salazar listened to his familiar, “Avalon? Are you certain?”

Oric’s eyes widened, turning his attention toward his eldest.

“Then the evidence is undeniable.” Oric stroked his beard recalling a memory of the past, “Does she know you are a wizard?”

Godric nodded slowly.

“Then it will be that much harder to manage this before our enemy moves.” Godric stated when standing.

“Manage?” Godric shot up, “You cannot possibly mean--”

“We do.” Salazar stroked under the chin of his familiar, “Have you learned nothing? Surly if she is aware of you, then you are aware of her true nature?”

“Father you must believe me! Avalon is not like the others--she is different!”

Oric looked at the portrait of his late wife to the side of the fire place beside their family coat of arms. He thought the same at Godric’s age. A friend he thought they were, but blood is thicker than water and his former friend made that clear when he set a muggle village after Salazar’s mother. No. None outside Moor can be trusted. Oric would protect his children from the same mistakes he made.

“‘Others’?” Salazar stormed to his brother and snatched the front of his shirt, “You mean to tell us you have known what she is from the beginning! Do you have any idea how much danger you have put this village in?”

Godric looked at his brother confused: what danger could Avalon be to the village? She would never attack him, she has no reason to.

“Salazar!” Oric snapped, “Do not make us to be as them! We do not turn on our own!”

Godric was roughly released and met with his father’s hands on bother his shoulders. This was a child’s mistake, nothing more. Yes a grave one, but not too late to remedy, there was still a chance to ensure they ended this without any causalities.

“Tomorrow when you meet her, will shall go with you. This will end.”

Godric tried to pull from his father’s grasp and plead, but there was no defying him now.

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