The Founder's Chronicles

I am Your Friend (Enemy)

They walked from their opposing sides of the river, hearing the sound of the water draw closer and closer. Neither changed the pace the entire way, speeding towards the sound with quickness that was nothing, but usual. Godric and Avalon broke the tree lines at the same time. They greeted each other warmly, while tossing stones in their hands repeatedly.

“Think you can make it across this time?” Godric taunted when stopping at the river’s edge.

Avalon laughed when positioning herself to skip her stone, “Depends if you do.”

They threw. The stones skipped, crossing parallel before making it across into the other’s hand. Their eyes glanced down before speaking.

“Unfortunately, I only came to tell you I will be gone for a few days.” Avalon shrugged

Godric agreed, “That's too bad: safe travels then.”

They darted.

The two parties recognized the fast pace as a retreat and acted, each to attack and defend their children.

The chief held his axe at the ready, “Oric.”

“Tali” The head of family growled with a shinning sword, “Looks as though we both had the same thought in mind.”

Salazar and Falcon acknowledged the other, having crossed paths on the battle wild numerous times. They were long-time rivals who aimed to best the other by seeing who would be killed first. Two fathers, two sons; they charged, knowing as they threw weapons at the other’s son that even the hardest of warriors would falter if seeing their child fall. The one second of hesitation was all that was needed to turn the tide in the other’s favor. Tali threw a dagger at Salazar and Oric threw a stream of red light towards Falcon.


Avalon transmuted the water into a wall of ice separating the two pairs and bracing the spell’s impact from Falcon while Godric deflected the knife above Salazar’s head. The children joined the fry, fronting their family members. Avalon drew her dagger and transmuted the entire water’s surface into a non-slick ice.

“Oh?” Tali remarked in pleasant surprise, “Most impressive. Perhaps the day is not forfeit after all.”

Godric looked into Avalon’s eyes, unrecognizing of the once-gentle person in front of him. She was entirely different in a life-or-death match, the same look he saw in the eyes from his father’s memories were reflected perfectly by her. That cannot be the same Avalon he is friended to.

“No.” Avalon voice is steady, “We will lose if we remain--Godric is stronger than I.”

Tali huffed and spoke to Oric, “Very well. We shall continue this another day, when the favor is with us.”

Falcon whistled, calling three horses from the brush. Tali and Falcon with-drew first, confident in Avalon to defend their backs. Avalon was not so confident, she stood for a time, staring at Godric with a sorrowful gaze: this was exactly what she feared. She stepped back, un-trusting of any of the sorcerers in front of her until she was beside her horse and had her brother and father to keep watch.

“Avalon!” Godric called out against his brother’s warning, “What about our dream!”

Avalon paused before mounting her horse then continued, taking the reins and adjusting to their direction of travel.

“What is your real name?” Avalon did not yet leave.

The young wizard hesitated to answer, “I am your friend, Godric Griffendor!”

The fire of battle burned in Avalon’s golden yellow eyes, “I am your enemy Avalon Anexus. Next time we meet, will be on the battlefield.”

That was a promise made that day. From then on Avalon Anexus and Godric Griffendor were deeply integrated as warriors to their perspective sides. Their fathers personally over-watched their children’s training into forces to be reckoned with.

Though developing their magics, they focused on swordsmanship, training among their kin and against each other on the battlefield. Neither hesitated, not the first time they engaged, nor those that followed.

They exchanged casual clothes for armor, daggers for swords, even their appearance and style of hair changed to meet tradition.

Avalon braidded her hair to the traditional ways of her clan’s warrior’s rather then allow it to flow freely or in a single braid. Marking her face with warpaint, in addition to tattoos, colors different to each Anexus depending on the traits they mean to exhibit. For most it was red--a bold, aggressive color; to them a sign of death of their enemy. For a Volva they kept to green--encompassing life, a sign of earth and nature. Tali was, as clan leader, the only one to use gold--a symbol of honor and power in all realms. In Avalon’s case she kept to black, to them it was the root of all things, just as the roots of Yggdrasil kept to the darkness. She painted a stripe from her chin to her lower lip and marked the left of her face from the forehead to just below her eye.

Godric wore the lion’s crest and colors of red and hold that represented the family, matching the rest of his coven. His golden locks grew and to keep its interference tied them back.

Among their kin Avalon and Godric were the only two that conversed during combat.

“You ought to watch your footwork.” Avalon kicked the dirt at their feet, causing a cloud of dust to get into Godric's eyes, “You are too focused on stiff stances used for casting duels.”

Their swords produced sparks. Separating, they created a space before switching to magic. Avalon dropped below the spell, twisting while scooping a rock to throw at Godric in a single fluid movement. She found a movement and place a pre-drawn formula and transmuted the ground into a row of protruding spikes.

Godric flicked his wand and stopped the approaching danger. Avalon moved fast enough to be a blur, swinging her sword from under, barely catching Godric’s armor.

“How many of those parchments have you prepared?” The wizard’s flames incinerated most of the spare formulas the alchemist had come prepared with, “You should consider engraving your formulas into something less...flammable.”

Avalon and Godric blocked the other’s sword with their bracers, the embroidered runes protecting them from danger of the outside. They were no longer innocent children--on the battlefield there was no such thing as innocence. Everyone sinned, killing sorcerers and alchemists; muggles, on the battlefield, anyone not one’s kin was nothing more than an enemy.

War waged violently between the factions, causing death, pain, and suffering with no end in sight. Each was determined more than ever to whip the other from the history pages. Anexus and Griffendor expanded their territories, laying waste to opposing forces, but for the coven of witches and wizards they showed mercy to the uninvolved muggles and gave a choice to resisting all sorcerers alike. This was seen as a weakness by the alchemists, a kind-heartedness that would spell the end of the sorcerer bloodlines in due time. Though the clan was not particularly patient enough to allow the bloodlines to die out gradually--they wanted mass extinction.

Tending to the growing conflicts, Salazar was sent to the northern isles, a task he was more than pleased to carry out. Salazar was born in those isles, as was it his mother’s homeland, but now it was in crisis of corruption by so-called ‘muggle-borns’. These were a danger to the safety and pureness of magical blood and he would deal with them swiftly before they could delude the strength of magic further. He and a handful of his followers made way for the extended occupation, leaving Godric and their father to protect Moor.

Falcon accompanied his father while Avalon’s additional presence was often rare. Though Sid was in the care of the village, there was still no other Tali trusted to ensure the protection of the village than Avalon. Despite her transgressions from before, he never doubted her loyalty to the clan. She has yet to fail his expectations of her, though low as they were, and when she is older she will no doubt become an irreplaceable asset to the clan.

His daughter on the other hand hardly changed in her distaste for his methods. She trained under the Volva, however (under unknown watch) she also tested different techniques in the forests and at home. There was a desire to develop new alchemy, something unseen in their history, but incredibly powerful and beneficial, but to who this would benefit no one was certain.

With the end of each battle against the Griffendor not Avalon improved, her latest ‘project’ had turned to blacksmithing. While learning to smith and after enough failures she was successful when permanently branding a transmutation circle on a blade and to transmute objects by will when wielding the sword and touching it to the desired mass.

As Godric and Avalon grew older, the responsibilities of being children of heads of villages caused strain in their unique relationship. Before, they would injury the other lightly, enough for their restraints to be unnoticed, but both fathers demanded more results. Oric placed his faith and trust in his son’s completely, handing responsibility of house and army in their hands. Tali however, demanded constant proof of the loyalty to clan and culture. He drilled his two younger children to become merciless, fierce warriors that would die for the clan. Sid was impressionable, but after what Avalon saw what her father was capable of doing she truly changed.

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