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Lucifer's saint


A 16 year old girl's so called normal life takes a drastic turn as she develops weird supernatural powers and finds out about her strange origin.

Fantasy / Romance
Letticia B.♡
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Chapter 1: Hazel

What was that thing, why do i keep dreaming about this anonymous creature,what was it trying to tell me?

"Helloo...hazel...HAZEL!" I snap into reality as i hear Ashley's voice yelling my name.

"Yes" i respond back, my eyebrows raised but showed more curve than seen in fear.

"What's wrong babe, you've been starring at nature's sweet nothing for a while now, is everything okay?"

[oh yea thats my bestie, Ashley,we've been friends since kindergarten and not only that she's also our neighbour and we're in the same highschool...okeii, let me just say we're always together but a lot different from one another she's outgoing, talkative and bubbly but most importantly she the most sensitive and soft person you'd ever come across unlike me im somebody you wouldn't want to mess with because when i turn to bitch mode you'd regret the day you ever set your eyes on me or even the thpugh of breathing in my direction, to add on to it people always say im straightforward, antisocial , always indoors but then most importantly i dont give two fucks about what people think about me...yea guess im that bitch, but ey im not entirely heartless i also got some love for my people:) ]

placing her hand on my shoulder, with worry written all over her face. I blank stared into her big brown eyes frozen not knowing what to say to her.

"Uhm hello...you know what, no, we're not about to do this again listen im going to fetch my phone at my house I'll be back in a few and make sure you snap out of it because i wont be dealing with this any longer" she stands up placing her notebook on the table then finding her way out.

What's going on with me, what the fuck just happened? I whisper out loud to myself...until i hear footsteps getting louder and louder as someone approaches the door to the living room.

"Hello girls" I heared a woman's cheerful voice, oh yeah that must be mom she had gone to the shops to get some popcorn for us as we were about to watch a 'romantic' movie...Ashley and mom love romance and I'm actually not in for it, its soo boring and predictable, im more of a horror movie typa like person, i just need that little something to remind me that my heart's still functioning.

"Soo what have you girls been up to since I...uhm hazel where's Ashley ?" She paused scanning the living room finding no sign of Ashley.

"Oh hello mom, Ashley just went out to her house to get her phone but she'll be back in a bit" I said smiling my ass to her, grabbing the shopping bag gently out of her hand heading to the kitchen to make some popcorns.

I took out a saucepan placed it on the stove-top as i turn on the stove to 6, putting butter in the saucepan, i always use butter instead of oil to make popcorns because oil reminds of this other time when my mom made popcorns using too much oil, those popcorns tasted soo bad i still get grossed by the use of oil when making popcorn till this day. I take out the corn seeds from the shopping bag and pour some into the saucepan and place the lid on top.

As i wait for them to start popping let me grab a cup and pour myself some juice...

As im doing that this creepy creature invades my mindspace...

Maybe I should tell mom about this weird dream i keep having, this strange creature has been occuring in my dreams for the past few nights and its starting to creep me out.

"Hazel" again i snapped as my mom yells my name. Fuck!! i look down as juice overflows my cup running down the kitchen counter to the floor. I took the mop to clean my mess, if mom saw this she would freak the fuck out, one thing about my mom is that she goes crazy when she finds a little mark on her white marble kitchen tops so just imagine seeing this hot mess i just created, but mann this woman is soo obsessed with 'tidyness' i think its become a disorder.

"Hazel dear" i heared her call my name again- I dropped everything as i rushed to her.

"Yes mom" i answer to her. She was seated on her favourite white sofa with Ashley.

"Sweety, Ash tells me that you haven't been yourself for the past few days, is eveything okay?"

"Uhm no...ahh yess...uhm" i stutter, not knowing whether or not i should tell her.

"Come on sweety,whats wrong?"

"Uhm...mom I've been having countless dreams about this creepy looking creature..." i started but as i was explaining the reason behind my content limitation...she adds on to my words...

"Ahh" she sighs glancing at the window.

"It can't be" she whispers out loud to herself shaking her head,then looking back at me in disbelief

"but its time i guess" she says finally seating me down next to her.

"Uhm sweety there's something important I have to tell you"

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