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Lucifer's saint

Chapter 2: Samatha

Its time Samatha its time i said to myself as i stared into Hazel's beautiful grey eyes looking back at me--craving for information.

"Look sweety i may not know how you'll react to this but i have to tell you the truth, i mean, its been eating me ever since we've been together" i started, my breathing losing it's rhythm hoping Earth would swallow me right there and then.

"Mom you're scaring me, whats going on"

"Ashley dear may you please give hazel and I a minute to speak alone as family" were my words because i know that as devastated and shocked hazel will be, Ashley will just pass out hearing what i was about to say.

"Oh okay ma'am..."she responds with a smile walking towards hazel,but her eyes could tell me that she was curious about this matter.

"I guess I'll see you tomorrow morning then...oh and dont forget your assignment" she comes closer to her as she wraps her arms around hazel with comfort.

"Oh yea thanks for reminding me, i wont, bye"

"Okay see ya" she waves, finding her way out of the room.

Okay i can do this.... "Soo whats going on mom?" she asks again but sounds more curious and her eye contact is just doing the most right now.

"Uhm...sweety you know that i love you right? And you know i would do anything in my power to protect you from any harm?" I stare into her eyes that were like a fog on a winding road starring at me.

"Yes mom i know you do...mom come on whats going on, now im the one whose anxious" she giggles exposing all her bright white teeth, her beautiful smile always reminds me of someone special to me...

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