Pure Morning


Seventeenth Ghost Doll book. Tsuzuki and Anna enjoy an erotic summer while the Mother adjusts to being married for a third time. Hot and surreal sex scenes abound. Seventeenth book in the "Ghost Doll" series. Marriage is a burning thing. Tsuzuki and Anna try to fix themselves and each other through love and passionate desire. However like all marriages, they too have their up and down days. While husband and wife indulge in each other through the summer days and nights, the Mother tries to adjust to a third round of married life. Initially, she wants to devour Tsuzuki, but his love and tenderness throws her off kilter. Will she end up swallowing her pride and start loving her new "husband"?

Erotica / Romance
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Pure Morning


The dim morning light reflected upon Anna's bare skin from the big, bedroom window. Her deep, olive eyes stayed locked on Tsuzuki as he sat before her with a soft smoldering gaze in his violet eyes. Her lips slightly parted as if to invite him to kiss her. Her eyes filled with yearning stayed on her husband as he fixated on her. Judging by his lusty gaze and heavy breathing, his demeanor told her what he wanted. Staring into his hungry eyes made her gasp quietly.

Anna felt so small as he cast a shadow over her as he looked over every little curve and plane of her body. She could feel her heart beating out of her chest as she waited for him to make his move. She could feel her lips trembling as she tried to guess if Tsuzuki knew how much she wants him to sweep her into his arms and hold her. She didn't know how to control still her nervousness as Tsuzuki finally motioned toward her and knelt down.

Anna could feel the heat from his skin as his lips lightly skimmed her neck. The first taste was all it took to awaken the desire. Slow breaths came with a pounding heart as he lingered on her neck with tender butterfly kisses. Anna's eyelids fluttered closed, and her breath hitched in her throat. Soft mewling and slight whimpering escaped her excited lips. She murmured her only request:

"Take me."

His violet eyes scanned from Anna's collarbone to her face, as if he was magnetically drawn to her. But the look on his face was mischievous, as he decided whether he would deny her the satisfaction she so keenly desired right now.

"No, Dearest," he whispered, tapping her on the tip of her nose. "Not yet."


He silenced her with another kiss. His gentle warmth melted her to the bones. Tsuzuki slowly pulled away and swept Anna's bangs from her eyes.

"You are so beautiful," the shinigami whispered, desire making his voice rough. Her cheeks flushed at the flattery, knowing he was taking in every curve of her body as he surveyed her. His mouth moved back down to her neck, warm breath wafting over her skin, sending shivers through her body. His mouth traveled back up to her earlobe. He captured it between his teeth, nibbling humming and sucking. The sudden tingling between her thighs caused her to draw a sharp breath of pleasure.

"Mmmm..." she cooed. A smirk crossed the shinigami's face.

"Does that turn you on, Anna?" he asked.

She found herself quick to shake her head.

"No!" she squeaked. Despite her best attempts at protest, her heavy breathing and red cheeks told Tsuzuki otherwise. A chill crept up her spine as his hand explored between her legs.

"Sure, it doesn't," he smirked.

"It doesn't!"

His hot breath rested on her ear. "You're not really convincing me about that, Anna." His fingers made small circles against the sensitive entrance of her core.

"Shut up!" she pouted and yelped in protest. Her cries of pleasure spiked his own hunger as his teeth caught her ear lobe again.

"Oh god! I can't!" Anna whimpered. "Stop! Stop it!"

"Say please," he whispered. The third time made her spine tingle. The more she struggled to resist, the more the hunger consumed her.

"Please... stop!" she pleaded.

"Which one? Teasing or this?" he asked, as his teeth played with her earlobe. A small flick of his tongue punctuated each word for emphasis.

"Both!" his wife shouted as her body dissolved into spasms. Her mind was filled with lust and longing. Tsuzuki pressed his lips against hers in a gentle attempt to calm her down for before his naughty ministrations began. Anna closed her eyes and let her mind drift into her sea of ecstasy.

She slept naked in the deep darkness of the ocean. The yellow fish swimming by couldn't stir her from her innocent dreaming. However, something changed that morning.

Whose song is calling out to me?

White robes formed from the small bubbles and covered the curves of her body as she drew open her hazel green eyes. I must go to them, she thought. Her body moved with the little waves forming around her. Her robes made of bubbles clung to her body as she floated upwards. The singing willed her body to move in a graceful manner. Her heart flipped with each note.

Where will you lead me? This feeling…

Her robes draped down around her body as her head rose from the salty waters. The light shined harshly on her eyes.

"What's this?" she asked, shielding her eyes. The sea breeze carried away her voice. On the surface, the song floated loud and enticing. She let the water carry her to shore.

Once her eyes adjusted to the light, the song delivered a powerful image on the beach.

Two teenaged nymphs dove into the ocean blue. Each splash opened her up to a new world. Seagulls flew through the dim violet sky, forming trees in the thick clouds. A pair of hands made origami cranes from the seaweed. The little cranes gave born to more life on the vacant. She dragged herself towards the beach as the Book of Life turned its pages on the pearly sand to welcome her in.

Children appeared on the beach, singing that alluring melody. A woman in a dress made of stars floated in the light fog as she slept. The hands drew the woman in the water closer to the shore with silk seeds. She saw another woman sleeping on the sand when the water came up to her ankles.

Once on dry land, the woman from the ocean saw a strange violet-eyed young man with his hand out to her. As if under a spell, she took hold of his hand walked further onto the beach with him.

Anna opened her eyes as Tsuzuki rested his head on her breasts as the sun rose through their bedroom window on the first day of their summer.

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