Pure Morning

Family Dinner

Chapter Ten: Family Dinner:


I: Hunger

I stare at the ceiling as the rain poured lightly outside. I'm hungry, but I have a different type of hunger today. I lay in bed, planning how to fix this little "problem." My mind is quiet right now. And since I find myself with some much needed downtime, I begin plans to wrestle with that old demon of mine. From what I can tell, he's pretty hungry too.

II: Welcome

Anna-chan's out right now. She's trying to find a way to kill time during the week. To be honest, I can't actually say that I blame her. I myself couldn't be a house husband. Like her, I would probably be bored to death. I don't like to clean the apartment and Anna continually pleads with me to not cook. I shake my head at the thought. No, we both need to be out of the house during the day. I hear keys in the lock, and turn my head when I hear the front door open.

The sound of Anna-chan's voice calling out to me, "I'm home," fills my ears. I smile a cat-like grin as I rise out of bed.

The countdown is on… Here I go.

III: Appetizer

I poke my head around the corner and greet her, "Welcome back."

She looks up, trying to smile - but cannot hide the grim look on her face.

"What's wrong?" I ask.

"They didn't have anything I want today," says Anna-chan. "The only offers available were child care duties or bakery assistant, and I'm no good at either."

"You'll find something soon," I tell her with a sympathetic smile. The sunshine returned to her face.

"Thank you, my love."

"Do you need anything right now?" I ask.

"Like what?" Anna-chan tilts her head.

I walk over to her side of the room. "I don't know, but…" I tower over her as I stand inches away. "I'm happy to help you with anything you need." I kiss her sweetly.

"Mmm," she murmurs. "Now that you mention it…"

I gently wrap my arms around her waist. "Glad to help out," I reply, before planting a deep, passionate kiss. We rush back to our bedroom, where I playfully tackle her down to the futon. The demon has awakened, and wants to be fed. Now…

Anna-chan looks up as if to challenge me: "So what's your pleasure today, Asato-kun?"

I nip her on the ear, chuckling. "Come along and you shall see," I whisper.

The buzz I get from this surprises even me. Something about her arrogance is firing me up. I want to break her. Where to begin? My hands grab her t-shirt, and in one fell swoop, it goes over her head. The innocent flush of her cheeks, entices me. She knows this, but refuses to give in to my inner demon. Fine... The demon will not be denied, and looks forward to enjoying his little appetizer. In one swift motion, my own shirt joins hers in the corner.

I love how she the little games she plays. Pretending that she's so very innocent. That my demon can't easily break her will into a million tiny pieces at his whim. Today is no different. My mouth automatically claims her neck. The taste of her, and the soft moans excite me. I shake off the urge to rush ahead of myself and allow my tormented demon to begin his feast.

Be patient! You can't break before she does. Keep control at all times.

I grab her by the hips. The belt on her jean shorts seems to be mocking me. Asking, "So… Think you can just remove me, huh? Think again!" I can't help but snicker. Oh, but I can! I grin as I unhook the buckle of her belt. This won't cut it for an appetizer, so I move in slowly, tilt my head down and lay a trail of tiny butterfly kisses on her stomach. She lets out a loud gasp that makes me jump.

"No!" Anna-chan yelps.

I lift my head. "No?" I ask.

She draws in deep breaths with a bright red face. "Don't stop!" she pleads.

I sit up, pretending to look confused. "Well, which one do you want?" I ask.

My boxers end up across the room.

"Yes!" Anna-chan screams. "I can't take this!"

I give her a quick kiss on the lips. "Yes ma'am!" I reply.

Her little orange panties soon follow her white bra, and are flung into the pile of discarded clothing across the room.

IV: Main Course

On the night of a clear full moon, an ocean restaurant sets sail on the high seas. All of the guests wore their finest yukata made of light silk. A violet-eyed prince stood at the head of line. He heard that the chefs went all out for the first night of the festival. The young man couldn't wait to try their finest cuisine.

At nine o'clock, the doors opened. The hostesses in their red and gold kimonos ushered them into the new dining hall. A gentle jazz melody lured them further into the beauty that awaited them.

Fish tanks filled the walls, giving off a hazy blue light around the room. Each of the guests took a seat at the white lace-covered tables. The prince wandered around, scouting out the best seat in the restaurant.

That's when he saw her.

She stood in front of one of the fish tanks, watching a giant stingray swim by. The blue light added to the allure of her long white dress and matching kitten heels. The prince was smitten with her as the breeze from the air conditioning played with her auburn hair. As soon as he saw her, he knew - He had to have her.

The prince approached the woman at the tank. She turned when she heard footsteps. With just a single look, her hazel eyes had captured his heart.

"Good evening," he greeted her.

"Hello," the woman replied with an elegant smile. This alluring woman dazzled him with her white teeth.

"Care to join me at my table?" he offered.

"Sure, I'd love to," she said.

They smiled and nodded as they strolled to the table by the stingray tank.

V: Dessert

Within thirty minutes of the guests taking their seats, a cat girl dressed in a blue yukata approached the prince and his companion's table and removed her pink notepad.

"Welcome-nya," she greeted the couple. "My name is Yoko-nya and I will be your server tonight-nya. What may I get for you tonight?"

The prince read his menu, and placed his order. "I will have the chirashi special tonight," he said. The waitress scribbled his order on her pad with a beautiful fountain pen.

"And you?" she asked the woman. The woman closed her menu, before addressing the server. "I'll have the same," she said.

The kitty finished writing the order. "Okay!" she chirped. "Your food will be out soon-nya!" She walked back to the kitchen.

The prince took the woman by her hand, and stared deeply into her eyes, "I know this is sudden," he simpered. "But will you come back to my hotel room with me when we reach shore." His companion bowed her head.

"I… I would be most delighted," she smiled.

The prince's heart did little flips in his chest as his cheeks turned light pink. "Thank you."

Suddenly, white lights flickered around a stage in front of the assembled diners. All eyes fell upon a woman in a white dress. Lions walked around her in glass cages. The woman on stage walked onto red petals at her feet. Light black wings emerged from her back as she began to sing. Her swan-like song accompanied the meal evening's meal service.

Gentle waves swayed the boat, adding to the festive mood as the passengers feasted on their fine dinners before arriving at their shoreline destination for the festival.

VI: Drinks

Anna-chan lays asleep in my arms as my demon enjoys his after dinner cocktail.

I sink down into my pillow as I feel myself drifting off. My demon has had his fill this evening. He loves it when meals are this tasty, and perfect.

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