Pure Morning

Brief Encounter Love Moon

Chapter Thirteen: Brief Encounter Love Moon:


I: Love Grab

It's another do-nothing afternoon this Saturday. It's still raining outside, and the still air and dampness can be felt in the apartment. I go into the kitchen for more milk. No sooner do I touch the fridge handle, then two big hands grab me from behind and begin kneading and groping my bottom.

"Hey!" I yelp. I turn to see Asato-kun grinning at me.

"Sorry," he lies. "It said, 'grab me!'"

"No, it didn't!" I swat at him playfully. It doesn't help that I'm laughing. I'm still giggly when his hands move to my hips.

"Stop!" I shout. He nibbles on my right ear. My body feels like jelly. His laughter colors my cheeks.

"You're so much fun. I love the feel of your skin," Asato-kun whispers.

Oh, he just used my own words against me!

"Shut up!" I shout. His laughing makes it worse.

"Play with me," he says.

"Wait, now?" I ask.

"Yes!" my husband laughs. He pulls me in closer. "But first," he purrs. "I have to warm you up."

II: Into the Sun

His fingers feel warm against my stomach. I can't stop panting. I don't know why I' become so sensitive to the touch when we make love. The look he gives me says, "Come on, we've only gotten started."

I try calm myself down, but the pleasure has already taken over my mind. His fingers make their journey past my navel down into my panties. Tiny beads of cold sweat break out all over my body as his fingers explore between my legs. My mind starts to wander into its happy place:

Hazel eyes flecked with green awoke in a land covered in snow. She sat up, not feeling the effect of the cold on her skin. What is this place? The sound of moans filled her ears. The woman looked above her. A halo the size of Russia floated above her. At first glance, it looked like a ring of butterflies. However, the woman took a closer look. Is that…hair?

Upon a closer look, the butterflies were people. People were being blown around in this halo. Two red-haired women flew on their trapped cycle. The woman on the ground shivered.

"What is this?" she asked.

"The ring of Lust," someone said behind her. The woman turned around.

"Who's there?" she asked.

"Help! Help! Help us!" the people cried. "We don't know how to stop! Save us!"

"Don't go!" another voice yelled. "You mustn't give in! It is a trap!"

"Save us! Save us!"

"Don't go!"

The woman fell under a trance. Her hand reached up for the halo. Her fingertips touched the light.

Asato-kun stopped playing. I look up with big eyes.

"Why did you stop?" I ask. He grins and hauls me away to our room.

III: Speeding

I fall back on our futon and he straddles me with his knees on either side of me. He begins to undress and flings his shirt across the room.

"You know," Asato-kun says. "It's good for me that you're just in panties right now."

"Why?" I ask. His hands grab the waistband.

"Less clothes to take off," he answers.

He skillfully slides my panties over my hips, down my thighs to my ankles. It doesn't take long for them to join his shirt. I blush as I part my thighs for him.

"Patience, my love..." Asato-kun says. "We'll get there soon enough." He unzips his jeans and causally slides them off.

"Alright," I nod. "Take me."

His lips curve into a smirk. "Good girl," Asato-kun says.

He sheds his boxers in one swift motion and I find myself back in my happy place.

IV: Tropical Isle Ecstasy

The woman sobbed in the darkness. Her knees rested in the warm white sand. Somehow her dress had fallen down to her waist.

"What's wrong?" a child's voice whispered around her.

"I am alone," she murmured. "How do I get back?"

"Don't you know?"

The woman lifted her head. "Know what?"

"You can go back."

"But how?"

"Look around you. You are back home."

Before she could ask, the gentle waves interrupted her thoughts. The woman lifted her head. Tall palm trees towered over her. The woman found herself sitting in the waves as they washed up on the shore. A string of pearls crawled around her waist and wrapped itself tightly. She could hear a steel drum band in the distance under the full moon. She could feel stars bursting from her chest.

I'm… I'm… "I'm home," she gasped. "I'm home!"

"I've been waiting for you," the child's voice whispered under the moon. The woman turned and saw a girl in all white. Her deep blue eyes stabbed the woman in the heart as she held out her hand.

"Come with me," she said.

The woman rose to her feet and took the girl's hand. In a bright light, one disappeared and the woman stood alone once again as the sun began to rise.

V: Waiting Game

That big baby. It must be easy for him. Despite his moments, Asato-kun is so happy. I almost envy him. Almost…

I should be happy. I've got a second chance at life, good friends, a mother, and a loving husband. Yet, I can't chase away this worry I have. I keep waiting to be disappointed as usual. It feels as if I'm expecting it to come crashing down. I hate this feeling but, doubt won't leave my mind. I wish that I could stop playing the "what if" game in my head. What if I lose myself again? What if we divorce? What if my family tries to kill me again? What if Ju-Oh-Cho try to tear us apart again?

I shut my eyes and shake my head. Stop it now!

VI: Reassurance

I feel someone touch my hand. I look over and see Asato-kun smiling at me.

"It's okay," his eyes tell me. "I will never leave you. I promise."

I hold his hand, and smile back at him. Somehow, this makes me feel better.

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