Pure Morning


Chapter Eighteen: Body:


I: Kami

Anna-chan's hair is a reddish-brown. Everyone else says it's brown, but I think it has a reddish hue. I love how easily it curls around my fingers. It falls down to her shoulders with her bangs in a hime cut. Her hair is sexy when it's wet. She wore it short when she was seventeen. Anna-chan hated it, but I think it looked quite fetching. She thinks I'm lying, but I really mean it. I'm smiling right now, as her hair is perfectly spread out on her pillow, framing her beautiful face just so.

II: Kao

Her face looks so youthful. The plumpness of her cheeks make her quite youthful. She looks sixteen.

When I look at her face, I always see a little baby doll that belongs in a museum. Her other features look just as cute. Sometimes when I look at her, I feel like I am in a dream. Her adorable face paired with her lovely petit frame are a certainly a winning combination for me. The serene expression on her face after we make love always put me at ease.


Her eyes are a greenish-brown. Again, everyone else says they are brown, but they have green tint to them. Her eyes and hair have a very complimentary color combination.

It's almost as if an artist painted a masterpiece that afterward, a clumsy apprentice had spilled paint on. But, when the artist himself saw the results, came to treasure the accidently improved piece.

Her eyes have so much vigor in them. I feel like I can see her whole life in them. That light gives me hope. Her love always shows her passion through her beautiful eyes.

IV: Hana

This part makes me giggle. Anna-chan has the cutest little nose. It makes me think of a little rabbit's. I constantly want to poke it. It goes with those cute, plump cheeks of hers. I love to kiss the tip and bridge of her nose.

V: Kuchi

And ohhhh… her mouth! I can go on and on about how much I love it. First, her lips - so plump and so damned soft. They always seem to be begging for my kiss. And I must admit, I find myself happy to oblige. It's my gateway drug for more.

Her voice is yet another one of her loveliest features. I love the sound of it. While it's not the most beautiful sound that I have heard, it does give me a strange sense of comfort just hearing her speak. Her voice sounds even better when she moans and cries out in pleasure for me.

There's her tongue as well. Ooo! I get chills down my spine thinking about it. When did she get so good with her tongue? She really knows how to use her mouth to make me come. I smile quite devilishly to myself at that last thought. I must be an excellent teacher.

VI: Ha

Her teeth are just as important. A woman's teeth are part of her strongest physical feature: her smile. They don't need much make-up, only their smile. Anna-chan has one of the most delightful smiles l have ever seen. Unlike me, she doesn't need to fake one all the time. I like her natural smile the best. I live in hope that I will get see it more often. Especially after this mess with her family is finally settles down and she can lay the ghosts of her past to rest. I reluctantly settle for her sleeping smile for now, though. So, I tenderly kiss her on the forehead.

"Good night," I whisper. The rain outside carries me off to sleep.

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