Pure Morning

Long Distance

Chapter One: Long Distance:


I: Blush

Asato's warmth drowns me in a longing embrace. His kisses make me hunger for him. My desires push me deep into my happiness place.

-Happy Hour-

A young man about twenty wandered down an empty highway in the middle of nowhere in the heavy rain. He got lost hours ago and had no idea where he next destination was going to be. By nightfall, the young man wanted a bed and a warm meal.

Suddenly, the young man saw pink lights in the distance through the downpour. He rubbed his eyes with the hope not to be dreaming. The bright neon pink drew him further down the road as if singing with a siren's angelic voice. The rain didn't faze him anymore. The young man didn't even think about where he would end up.

Jasmine perfume greeted him from the beaded doorway. Pink lights gave the tavern an alluring look with the sleek black of the bar and the matching stools. A pink aquarium took up the back wall. The marble black floor could double as a mirror. Soft seductive jazz music finished up a song from the ivory jukebox to the right. The young man felt his cheeks flush as he drew in a heavy breath. Am… I dreaming?

"No, you're not in a dream," a voice said. The man jumped in the flashing pink neon lights. They skipped around, revealing a woman in the doorway. She held a big red umbrella above her. The flashing lights dancing around them couldn't compare to the elegance of her bright pink kimono.

"Welcome," the woman greeted him.

"Where are we?" the young man asked.

"My tavern," she answered. "You look tired. Come, I can fix you right up." Her deep rose geta's balanced rhythm alone enticed him to follow.

The beaded curtain did little to distract him from the fresh cut gardenia perched behind her ear.

II: Take Me Home

The young man happened to look up to view blooming jasmines in endless skylight. The blinking neon lights morphed into a soft purple as they moved upwards. The wires did little to rob the view of its strange charm.

"Do you like it?" the tavern madam asked as she moved behind the bar.

"What is it?" he asked.

"Urban skylight. I wanted something chic. Something with nature. Do you like it?"

A slight smile lit the young man's face. "I dunno, I guess…"

The geisha smiled behind the bar. "Good enough." She pulled out several little pink glasses and set them down in front of him. "What would you like to drink?"

The young man took his seat at the bar. "Just sake, please."

"Coming up." Madam barkeep searched through an endless array of bottled concoctions on the shelf behind her. Her heady jasmine scent fascinated him. She held him in rapt attention as she set about her task.

The notes of the soft koto music playing through the ivory jukebox in the background eased his heart.

However, another scent caught his nose. This one excited his senses in ways beyond his comprehension. The sharpness made his heart jump. However, the sweetness of it excited him beyond measure. The young man closed as he tried to regain his composure.

The scent had drawn him in deeper and deeper as it wafted through the air. The young man turned his head and struggled to bring himself back into consciousness.

III: Ravish

Another woman stood near the window, looking at the heavy rain. The young man gulped when he noticed her dangerous curves through her sheer white robe. Her wet auburn locks shined in the pink and purple lights above. He felt his heart do little flips at the sight of her.

"Beautiful, isn't she?" the mysterious barkeep whispered. The young man whipped around to better hear her gravelly voice as she spoke.

"Don't scare me like that!" he shouted.

The barkeep giggled knowingly. "I apologize, but she is beautiful, isn't she?"

The young man's cheeks felt flushed. "I don't know," he shrugged ruefully.

She raised an eyebrow at him. "You seem…Unsure?"

"Okay, yes. I find her absolutely enchanting. She's really quite lovely."

"Go talk to her."

His face turned bright red as he broke into a sweat. "What?!"

"This shouldn't be such a difficult question. Do you think she's pretty?"

He shifted his eyes away from the tavern geisha. "Yes…"

"Well, get going!" she chortled. "Go!"

She gave him a nudge of encouragement to send him along.

"Alright, alright," the young man said. "I'm going." Protesting as he turned and walked away.

IV: Rapture

The woman in the window looked up at the sound of his footsteps. Despite the pitch black rain outside, the glow from the skylight highlighted her radiant silhouette. All the words he had planned to say to her become lost in his mind.

Suddenly he felt her eyes upon him. She took him in bit by bit as she fixed him with an icy glare. Looking him up and down as she eyed him with suspicion.

"Can I help you?" she asked.

He shook himself back to reality and cleared his throat. "Uh… hi."


His cheeks were flushed as he struggled to speak. "Um… Uh… You're really pretty."

Her giggling set his heart on fire. "Thank you. Care to dance with me?"


The jukebox changed to a slow sensuous song. She took him into her arms and let the notes guide them. He allowed her sultry charm to devour him for an entire dance.

V: Dreams

It's raining today. I remember when Asato and I first made love. I smile as I remember it rained that night too. It's been six months since we'd gotten married. I glance down to see Asato cuddled at my side. My fingers gently lift away a few strands of hair from his beautiful face.

Somehow, it doesn't feel like six months. I can't help getting goose pimples thinking about it. Inside my head squeal with girlish delight, but freeze when I feel my love stirring beside me as he sleeps. I long for him to awaken. Staring into his violet eyes make my cheeks turn pink.

VI: Morning Rain

"Good morning," he smiles.

"Morning," I softly whisper. All the while, my heart is racing.

He gives me a small kiss on the forehead.

"I love you," Asato whispers.

"I love you too," I cooed.

The rain tells me it plans to stay all day as well.

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