Pure Morning


Chapter Nineteen: Whore:


I: Craving

Kiss me, for I am loved. You take me under the moonlight against the cherry tree with all of its glorious blossoms floating downwards around us. Your lips press against mine while your fingers reach for my blouse and try to make quick work of the tiny buttons. I lightly push your hand away, saying, "Not now, wait until we get inside." You look at me with those innocent puppy eyes that I cannot resist. My knees turn to jelly as I lower my gaze.

"Take me," I whisper.

"I'm sorry?" you ask. My face feels hot before I force myself to repeat it.

"Take me!" I yelp louder. "Please take me!" You kiss me on the forehead.

"Let's go," you whisper, smiling. We march right into our apartment.

II: Stripping II

He shuts the door behind us. I am not even allowed to turn on the lights. He embraces me from behind.

"You don't want to ruin the mood tonight, do you?" he whispers in my ear. His breath on my skin sends chills down my spine. I nod as I struggle to answer him. He kisses me on the nape of my neck. My knees feel like mush as he drags me into the living room. I can tell that there's only one thing on his mind tonight. His dull violet eyes make me feel tiny. Oh… He takes his seat near the kitchen.

"Strip for me," he commands. My heart jumps at his words as I slowly reach for my blouse.

"Remember," he says. "I want to be turned on tonight." So, I slowly unbutton the rest of the small buttons one at a time. His intense gaze makes me nervous. My blouse flutters to the floor behind me. I feel for my skirt as my eyes lock on him.

"Go on," he encourages me. I gulp before unzipping my skirt. He licks his lips as it falls to the floor. When I step out of the garment, I'm trembling. His lips curve into a dirty smile.

"Aww... What's wrong?" he coos, in an annoying baby voice. "I'm not going to bite you or anything." His tone makes me spine go stiff. My body refuses to move, as if it senses him lying. He folds his arms above his head.

"Oh come on," he insists. "At least I'm trying to be nice. Finish up; I have a little present for you." My hands reach for my bra. Despite my shaking hands, each hook comes apart easily. His eyes fixate on me. He's holding back the urge to devour me now. I fight to keep a stoic face. My bra lands on the floor with a dull thud. His eyes rest hungrily on my breasts.

"Now for your panties," he orders. A chill races up my spine as His eyes wait for me to move. My fingers creep up to my hips. The dark pink and black lace falls to my ankles. He leans forward, and with a flattened tongue, takes a lick.

"Come to me," he orders. I step out of my panties and walk over to him. He pats his lap and I ease onto him while he kisses me.

"Good girl," he whispers. Now, I have a gift for you." He pulls me closer.

"Come with me."

He leads me back to our room.

III: Mirror Game

A big mirror against the back wall awaits us. It takes up nearly all of the wall space. My eyes widen as we get closer.

"Wow!" I jump backwards, but you nudge me in the side.

"No talking," you warn me. "Don't make me punish you."

I silently lower my head as you kiss my forehead and place your hands on my shoulders.

"You look so sexy," you whisper. "I want you to see how you look when me make love tonight." You kiss me to silence me. With your strong grip on my shoulders, I feel compelled to obey your every command.

I fall back onto the futon. You smirk as I watch you strip. My eyes widen as I lie helplessly on our futon. The demon before me likes to tease me. You shed your clothes slowly, and your eyes stay fixed on me the entire time. Making me wet in anticipation of things to come. My face feels so hot as I breathe heavily, feeling the apples of my cheeks getting hotter by the minute.

"Please don't tease me!" I beg. "I love you! I want you!"

You freeze, standing before me in your boxers with a smirk on your face.

"What was that?" you ask.

I gulp, red faced nearly swallowing my words. "I love you, Asato-kun!" I cry. "Please, take me!"

It is when your boxers fall to the floor, that I finally realize playtime is over.

IV: Wash My Soul

-Hazel-Green Eyes-

I walk towards the sea into the starry night. The only thing I possess is an old locked suitcase. He is calling me with the waves.

Desire me! Desire me! Desire me! Desire me!

His love in the water carries me away. I am not alone, however. Flowers circle me, but they are no stranger to me. In fact, they draw me deeper into the welcoming ocean before me. I have no fears. He is waiting for me in our kingdom far away.

Come to me! Come to me! Come to me! Come to me!

I don't know where I'm going, but I will let the water guide me there.

V: Whore of Babylon

Your voice guides me to our gate. The toll girl awaits me while a tiger sleeps at her feet. Her Indian beauty can't compare to you, however.

"Welcome home, my lady," she says with a bow. I am taken with the orange and red silk she wears.

"Thank you," I tell her. "Please take me home."

"Yes ma'am," the toll girl answers. She turns to enter the main office. Her manager arrives to talk to me. The woman's white dress reminds me of spring.

"Welcome home," she greets me. "Right this way." Her tone commands respect. I almost jump to attention. Despite not wearing any shoes, she's very much in control. I follow her without question.

VI: Wanton

I lie here looking at myself in the ceiling mirror as he sleeps peacefully at me side. A greedy smile dances across on my face. I can be such a whore at times.

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