Pure Morning

Fear of Flying

Chapter Twenty-One: Fear of Flying:


I: I am Loved

I lay on our futon, awaiting his love. The soft rain pouring outside doesn't ease my excited nerves as much as one might expect. Maybe it's because his dull violet eyes are staring me down as if I'm a slice of freshly-baked dark chocolate cake. I'm stripped down to my black and red satin bra and panties. The dim lights from our bright red paper lanterns cast a soft glow on that perfectly highlights my curves. The ropes made from his fuda binds me to the futon. Asato-kun stands above me trying his best to hide any trace of emotion as he slides off his trousers. I can tell his cock is hungry for me. Maybe even starving. I can see it straining against the fabric of his boxers.

I gulp and worry my lower lip as I remember what a big boy he is. His technique as such is aggressive, and often leaves me sore, but I love every minute of it. Tonight will be no different. His eyes tell me, "I am going to devour you." My cheeks turn bright red as I steal a quick glance at the tent in his boxers.

"Take me," I say in a hoarse whisper. He places his finger to my trembling lips.

"I will, my sweet," Asato-kun tells me. "Just relax. Just relax." His lips meet with mine. "Relax." The heat uncoils in my spine and between my legs. His hands slip behind my back. They very touch excites me, forcing my tongue to dart towards his lips. I don't know whether I want to grab him, or the sheets. Sometimes, he struggles with my bras but tonight, the hooks come easily undone in his skilled hands. One at a time.

He's teasing me as he pretends to fight the tiny hooks, so I relax and enjoy his little game.

Oh, you're evil! Butterflies flutter in my stomach because I already know what's coming next. The outcome is the same, it's the journey that excites me most.

His tongue teases mine as he reaches the bottom of the bra. When the last hook pops loose, his mouth moves down to my right shoulder, gently sucking. He grabs my bra and flings it away. It lands somewhere near the door. He turns his attention back to me and doesn't hesitate to playfully sink his teeth into my skin.

"Oh!" I protest as I squirm in my bindings. His violet eyes glance upwards.

"You don't know the half of it," I read in his gaze. Asato-kun's mouth moves deliberately down to my breasts. My toes curl when he flicks my hardened nipples with the tip of his tongue.

Mmmph! This feels good.

Asato-kun is eyeing me hungrily, now. He sits up with a smirk. When he finally drops his boxers, my face feels like it's on fire.

"I haven't gotten to the good part yet," my husband announces. "Are you ready for me?" My eyes grow wide and I gulp nervously.

"Yes!" I yelp.

Asato-kun raises an eyebrow. "Yes, what?" he asks.

I close my eyes as I breathe in. "Yes, my master!" I cry at the top of my lungs. I feel his fingers brush away loose strands of hair from my forehead.

"That's better," my master says. My soaked panties end up on the floor with the rest of the clothes. He wastes no time using his fuda again to bind my ankles to the corners of the futon. I'm left exposed and bond by his ropes, spread out and aching for him. Asato-kun begins to take me with an open mouthed kiss as he pulls me into his sexual world.

II: Swans Flowers

-Hazel Eyes-

I awoke in the baby pink sky this morning. My long auburn hair floated around in the white cloud supporting my body. My mouth was agape as if waiting for something or someone to kiss me.

I didn't remember what happened last night. It started to rain minutes earlier; I could smell the freshness of the earth. The coolness didn't stir me as the little pink butterflies fluttered above my head. Fat koi fish swam below me in the sky. I rested my hands on my chest. I could feel him nearby. He's waiting for me in our garden paradise. I drew my eyes closed, pressing my lips together. My heart pounded out its own excited rhythm.

Excite me! Excite me! Excite me! Excite me!

I felt a small pulse in my hand. I opened my eyes and looked down to see a little pink lotus blossom resting on my palm. Petals rained on my head as he called me again. It didn't take my body long to start sinking down towards the earth. I had no choice but to go to him.

Come to me. I am waiting for your love!

By the time my feet rest upon the carpet of cherry blossom petals, I am reunited with my beloved in our garden of pink. He pulled me into his strong arms and kissed me on my forehead.

"Welcome home," he whispered in my ear. I rested my head on his chest.

"I am home," I said barely above a whisper.

III: Sex (I'm a…)

He took me into our secret place in our holy garden. He dressed me in the finest red silk for our private party. Violet eyes gaze upon me as my hair blew in the breeze mixed with the scent of tiny cherry blossoms. My tiny heart-shaped earrings held the rest of my love for him. I am blushing as I think of him.

"What do you desire of me?" I asked. My voice sounded so meek. By the way he looked at me he could tell that I felt so small as I stood shyly in front of him. My lover strode closer to me.

"Tell me who you really are," he said, lifting my chin. I stood silently staring deep into his hungry violet eyes. His lips nearly brush mine as he spoke. I looked at him with a dreamy daze in my eyes. My breath became heavier as I pressed our lips together.

"I can be anything you want me to be," I answered.

He pulled me into his strong arms. I could feel his heart pounding against my cheek. "But what is your real name?" he asked.

"My real name?" I glance upwards.


I slowly shook my head side to side. "I… I don't know it…" Something inside of me didn't want me to cross further than we already had. I wanted him to be closer to me, but I still wanted to keep a little piece of me to myself. He pressed a kiss on my trembling lips. "I will have to give you a name." He kissed me as he buried his fingers in my hair. This time, I kissed him. But my heart warred with my pride about what I really wanted.

His hand pressed against my breast, and I realized that I hadn't decided what my identity would be in this scenario. He pinned me down against the sea of cherry blossom petals. As my hair spilled over the sweet-scented pink petals, he stripped off his robes. I took in his naked beauty. The growing hunger in my head ate away at my judgement.

The feel of his fingertips against my skin made me shake as he slid my dress over my head. A warm breeze swirled around my naked body. The petals fell on my hair. He sank down for another kiss and I became drunk from the taste of his lips. He pinned my wrists as he planted tiny butterfly kisses on my neck.

Pleasure clouded my mind. Who am I? Who am I? He entered me and a dull pain raced through me. My beloved dulled my pain with another kiss. I was still uncertain who I was as he darted his tongue into my mouth. I ached to hold him, but he had pinned my wrists against our sea of cherry blossom petals.

I couldn't tell who was screaming. Was that him or me? Did I really hear screaming? The rush has distorted my sense of gravity. The harder he pounded into me, the more I desired him. This ritual felt different from all of the others that we danced in the past. I felt as if he was completing me for the first time. Before, we were just playing a game, comforting each other's loneliness. Tonight, my lover wanted to fully commit to me. Yet, I still didn't know what I wanted from him. I wrapped his legs around his waist, threw back my head and moaned when he let up for air. I could see myself falling over the edge into an ecstatic freefall. But the final decision was made for me. Take me! Use me! Love me! Love me! Love me!

A haze filled my eyes. Suddenly, something broke inside of me. Maybe it was broken all along and I've now just noticed it. At this point, my mind doesn't seem to care about anything at all as he pleasured me. Drowning in shower of delicate pink blossoms. My body ached to hold him; but still, he refused to let go of my wrists. But my nearly reveled in my newfound sense of brokenness.

What… What is this?

My eyes flew open as he held my wrists together. The answer had been staring me down the entire time. It took a long while for me to finally see it. I gasped in ecstasy. He stole another kiss from me just seconds before I saw it come together. He darted his tongue into my mouth one more time before I sensed him reaching his limit. That's when my mind's eye flew open.

Wait! This is…

I arched my hips to catch the product of his love. I… I… "I can't take it anymore!" I cried I shuddered in the intense wave before our bodies relaxed in the darkness. A tired, wanton smile lit my face as he rested his head on my bosom. When I had my answer to my internal questions, I admired his peaceful sleeping face.

By the deep red sundown, I rose to my feet with my now white dress falling to my hips. Two black wings grew from my back out of ecstasy. He grabbed me by the waist from behind and kissed me on the neck.

"I love you," he whispered in my ear. I closed my eyes and drew in a heavy deep breath as he kissed my neck again.

IV: Pleasure Night

I opened my eyes as I hear tiny giggles above our heads. We weren't alone tonight. I looked up and saw three pairs of eyes staring down upon us. My three graces stood watching us. I knew their names. Desire wore a red kimono and commanded her younger sisters. Her own lust poured out of her through her black lacquered fan.

To her right, Love's kimono was purple. She's flirty and girlish. She winked at my lover from behind her indigo fan. Love showed no shame in those she chose to shower with affection. I understood her because she and I bonded the most quickly out of all three graces.

Ecstasy was the baby of the trio in her light blue kimono. She was quiet, but secretly naughty. Her red fan was open next to my head. I looked at all three ladies. Judging by the looks on their faces, I knew they weren't here solely to watch over us.

. The Graces snapped their fans closed. "Yes?" I wondered aloud.

"We have come to take you to the wedding," Desire said.

I tilted my head. "What?"

Her sisters covered me under a large pink blanket. Before I knew it, it had wrapped itself around my body and turned into a wedding kimono. A dark pink obi encircled my waist. In my right hand, there formed a pink and white paper umbrella. The cherry blossoms flew around me like a snowstorm. I feebly shielded myself.

"What is this?!" I shouted. Before me, an old bridge arose across the light gold river. When the cherry blossom petal storm finally died down, I found myself alone.

V: Lost Paradise?

I looked around through the whitish-pink haze. I didn't understand anything that was happening to me and the pond below the bridge couldn't answer my questions. Why me? Why did he love me? I am nobody. I had no name and still he desires me. The lotus blossoms all sing to me in the water. "Go to him! Go to him! Go to him!"

At first, I trembled. "But I have no name."

"Go to him! Go to him!"

I lowered my eyes. "Is it really okay?" An orange butterfly landed on my finger. Only one message made me change my mind.

I am waiting for you.

I raced across the bridge. My heart sang out its own excited song that it had been before my day of awakening. Love me! Love me! Love me! On the other side, I met my lover. Fire surrounded his body as he turned to face me. I embraced with the grip of a lovesick, needy bride. I looked up at him with a new love in my eyes.

"Love me!" I shouted.

"I will," he said. We shared a kiss as an oath in our garden of cherry blossom pink.

VI: Sated

Asato-kun and I lie totally boneless. Barely moving, panting, slicked in each other's sweat. I smile to myself as he sleeps. I like the wanton feeling of being tangled together in our sheets with sticky skin and sex hair.

I continue to smile. And drift happily into slumber, tired and aching. Longing to have him utterly possess me again as soon as he awakens.

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