Pure Morning

Body II

Chapter Twenty-Six: Body II:


I: Mimi

I know one of her weaknesses. Discovered it completely by accident. With one tiny nip of Anna-chan's ears, she melts. Though she tries to deny it, her body betrays her. Knowing this makes me feel mischievous.

I nuzzle the shell of her ear, and she giggles like a little girl. So I decided to move in for the kill. I capture her earlobe between my lips, and hum playfully. When I begin to flick it with the tip of my tongue, her cheeks flush. Her breathing intensifies, but she tries her best to hide it as I continue. She's aware of her arousal, and now I am too; because her body begins to go boneless as her limbs grow slack beneath me.

I lay on top and take in each sigh and moan. Anna-chan is absolutely beautiful when she's like this. Her love sounds excite me, and makes me want her more and more each passing second.

She doesn't even know what she's in for. I plan on leaving her speechless before we're done.

II: Te

I marvel at her hands. They're so small, and delicate; almost like those of a child. Her fingers are long, graceful and slender. Today, Anna-chan's nails are painted in her favorite midnight blue color. Hotaru did a good job suggesting that color for my wife. Good thing - It looks great on Anna-chan, so she's decided to stick with it.

"It just grew on me," she said. I can't help but agree.

She's become quite skilled with her hands. It surprises me that she's learned so many naughty little tricks so quickly. Her skin is so soft, and smooth. I shiver as I think about those lovely fingers wrapped around my member.

III: Mune

I almost snicker out loud as I think about this next bit. I'm trying to be mature about this, but it's so hard sometimes. There's a part of me loves her breasts. I can go on and on about them. Her breasts are just that beautiful. Eleven years ago when I met her, she was nowhere near as voluptuous as she is now. Though it'd be unkind to say it - She used to be flat-cheated when I first met her. Eleven years have made a world of difference!

They grew into handsome, full D cups. Okay, a Japanese "D" cup, but still…

Her breasts aren't too heavy. Yet, they're not too perky, either. They fit perfectly into my hands. Her nipples are just as beautiful. My mouth seems drawn to them. I can't get enough.

I love everything about her breasts. Their size, beautiful shape, softness…

I'm getting harder by the second. Sitting here thinking about them makes me crave her.

IV: Ashi

Anna-chan has pretty legs. Her thighs are thick and soft, but very shapely. I like to tease her about them sometimes, but she knows how much I enjoy her body.

Her calves are slender and nicely toned. Nibbling the back of her knees arouses me. Her ankles have the same effect on me as well. Her feet are small like her hands, and she keeps her toenails painted the same color as her fingernails.

Sometimes when she's asleep, lying on her stomach, I lift the sheet just to let my eyes trail down to her legs, and stare almost lasciviously at her calves and ankles. She's never known that I do this. I want to reach out and touch her, but I never do.

Hmm… Maybe I can…? I shake my head. Nah! I really shouldn't. Should I?

V: Oshiri

Here is my second favorite part of her - I love her ass so much. Excuse me for saying all of this, but I can't help but admire how gorgeous she is.

Where to begin? Her ass has a lovely shape, and it's just firm enough for my taste. I smile at the thought of how tight it felt being inside her for the first time when I we began exploring anal love play last year. The craving makes want more.

Unfortunately, she isn't too comfortable about showing me the scars on her back. I want more, but that's going to be a challenge. I press my lips together and growl in frustration at the notion of what it's going to take. I just have to have more anal and I know what needs to be done.

VI: Chitsu

No excuses, I'm just going to be extremely blunt about this - There are no words describing how good her pussy is. I shut my eyes as that old demon of mine is inside my head, laughing like the fuck monster he is while I describe this.

Mmmph! I can go on and on about it. And, though I can't help it, a bead of drool forms in the corner of my mouth as I think of her this way.

Anna-chan's pretty little quim is sweeter than Lotte Shio, and just as much fun to play with.

I want her so much right now. I almost want to take her in her sleep, but there's no sport in that. She deserves her rest.

Something tells me she's going to need every ounce of strength she has to wrestle with my demon. Poor thing…

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