Pure Morning


Chapter Twenty-Seven: Favor:


I: Request

Anna asked a bold and unusual favor of me this afternoon.

"What?" I ask.

"I want you to make love with Asato-kun," she plainly states. "I give you permission to enjoy my husband tonight in any way you see fit," she giggles like an idiot.

"Why?" I'm moved to inquire. Her stupid giggling makes me suspicious. "Why?" I ask again.

"Isn't it obvious?" Anna asks.

"No…" I shrugged.

She continued giggling and leaned on my shoulder. "You have to be nice to my husband. Besides…" Her lips touch my ear, and she whispered - "I think you like him too."

My face burns red. "L-L-Liar!"

"Will you do it?" she quirked a mischievous brow.

I groan and roll my eyes. "Fine! I'll do it."

Anna hugs me from behind. "Thank you so much! You won't regret it."

I frown, puffing up my cheeks. "Anything to shut you up."

"Yeah, right…" she snark, with a wink.

II: Seduction

Little does my daughter know, I play my game well; I've had years to practice. Men are easy targets after all. Tsuzuki should be no different than the rest. He's a man; nothing more, nothing less. And they're all the same. Son in law included.

I walk into their living room, and make myself comfortable. I sit on the couch and await his arrival. Tsuzuki should be home soon.

I'm still frowning at this whole plan. How the hell did I get talked into doing this?

Hours later, I hear that foolish man say "I'm home!" as he gleefully arrived home. I lift my head proudly, and begin formulating a plan. Let the games begin.

"Welcome home!" I say back. I rise to my feet as he enters the living room. Tsuzuki smiles at the sight of me, swaddled seductively in my red silk robe.

"Oh," he says. "This is quite a lovely surprise."

I smirk at him as I cross the room. Once in his personal space, I plant a one tiny kiss on his lips. It doesn't take much to draw him in. He pulls me into his arms and I gently wrestle him to the floor. He runs his fingers through my hair as I kiss him on the throat.

"Hello there, kitsune-sama," he greets me. "What brings you by tonight?"

I lick my lips, and give him a mysterious glance. "It's a private party," I inform him. "Anna set it up."

"Did she?" he asks.

"Yes. She certainly did," I answer.

Tsuzuki only thinks he knows the game, but that doesn't change a thing. He's a tiny useless little creature that can't resist either of us. He is a man after all and, at the end of the day - they all want the same damned thing: To be fed, fucked, and taken care of like the infants they all are.

Keeping this in mind; I drop to my knees, unzip Tsuzuki's pants and take out his cock. It's quite nice, in fact. I take a few moments to admire the size and girth of it just before I take him into my mouth and swallow him whole. He feels good in my mouth. No. Just tolerable, I think. But he does have a very unique taste. Sweet, almost creamy. This is going to be fun after all. He has no idea what's in store for him this evening. Foolish, foolish little man.

I don't know why my daughter insisted upon this, but I fully intend on enjoying myself. Sorry? Not so much…

I dragged out a familiar trope and looked up at him through my lashes, and smiled. "Mmm…" I hummed. Then, I grabbed his hips, and bobbed my head slowly as I could manage.

I could feel his cock twitch on my tongue, which made almost made me laugh. I flattered my tongue, and licked his entire length before pulling back to have another look for myself.

Next up, feeding his predictably tiny little ego.

"You're so big. I love the way you feel in my mouth, Tsuzuki. And you taste so goood," I blinked coquettishly. He fell for it.

"Really?" he whined.

"Oh, God yes," I lied. "And you taste good too. Maybe even as good as chocolate." I purred.

He rolled his eyes, and lolled his head back.

As expected, a typically stupid male response. Dumbass. This is going to be too much fun for one evening.

III: Bitch

So far, I've maintained complete control in this little game of mine. His taste reminds me that I need to keep my wits about me. But his moaning, mewling and carrying on only serve to drive me further. I glance up at the idiot with utter contempt.

"I was right," I chuckle wickedly. "You do taste better than chocolate."

He furrowed his brow, and looks puzzled. "Umm… Thanks. I guess," Tsuzuki simpered.

I move back to his erect cock. My mouth already aches for action. He shivers and moans as I nibble on his already sensitive skin.

I smile, and congratulate myself on my handiwork so far. I finally think he's ready for real action. I let go of his tasty cock and sit up in front of him. Tsuzuki stares at me with those puppy dog eyes of his.

"W-W-Why did you stop?" he whimpers.

I lick my lips at him. "Do you want me?" I ask.

He nods, pouting.

In my mind's eye, I'm gritting my teeth, and seething. "You poor, poor idiot! Prove it to me," I challenge him.

He looks confused in an annoyingly cute way. "But, how?" he asks.

I narrow my eyes, and bring my face within inches of his. "Slap me," I challenge him.

"What?" Tsuzuki asks.

"Hit me. Hard," I command. "If you're man enough, that is..."

"Excuse me?" he asks.

It doesn't take long for the wheels to start turning in my head. A devious smile lights my face. This could work to my advantage; I think to myself.

"Aww, what's wrong?" I snark. "What? Are you too much of a pussy to handle me? Frankly, I fail to see what Anna sees in you!"

"What did you say?!" Tsuzuki asks, glaring.

I savor the deep anger in his eyes as I double down.

"Why would she even bother marrying a loser like you!" I scream. "For all your usefulness in bed, she might as well just be a eunuch!"

He slaps me so hard that he leaves a bright red handprint on my right cheek. I immediately double over, and turn away. The rush from the heat of it overwhelmed me, but turned me on. I turn back toward him with a smirk, and a knowing gleam in my eyes.

"Yes, hit me again!" I shout. With that, he raised his arm above his shoulder and backhanded me.

His hands aren't as soft as they seem. This makes me hunger for more.

I untie my obi, and allow my robe flutters to the floor.

IV: Queen of the Angels

Many men can't handle me in bed. Mostly because they're just too wimpy. Usually because they don't want to play rough. They claim that they don't want to hurt me, but find it easy to fall into the spirit of things once we get going. Men say they want heart eyes and tenderness, but it's all bullshit. If I've learned one thing, it's this - men will say whatever they think you want to hear if it'll get them laid. Thinking about the lies I've been told over the years makes me laugh out loud at the ridiculosity of it all.

What's worse than a man who's a liar? A man who's a liar and coward.

Tsuzuki's different so far. Despite having to prompt him, I can see the boldness in his eyes. He's not afraid of me. His performance shows me that he can handle me. It's not fake bravado either.

I find Tsuzuki's bravery arousing. Still, he is just a man. Men are just the toys I use when I am bored. Once they've served their usefulness, I throw discard them like the trash they are.

Sorry daughter dearest, but Tsuzuki will be no different than the rest in that regard.

V: Ride the Fox

Usually I'm on top; but tonight, Tsuzuki ends up taking control. He pins me down by my shoulders. I'm actually getting hot just from the way he's looking at me.

Riding the fox isn't cheap, however. I expect to be fully entertained. A man has to keep me begging for more. I look Tsuzuki in the eye, and silently dare him to take me. And damn if he didn't do just.

"Damn it!" I scream. He presses a kiss to my lips. "Yes! That's it, you little fucker... take me like a man!" I shove in my tongue into his mouth, and deepen our kiss. I hate to admit it - but, Tsuzuki knows what he's doing. And he's damned good at it.

If this is any indication of his prowess, Anna is indeed a lucky woman. Tsuzuki knows how to swing it…

Bastard! I hate this! I hate you! But ohhh, it feels good!

VI: Eye of the Storm

Look at this nitwit lying there like a baby. Just the sight of him lying there makes me want to puke. The overload of cuteness makes want to smother him in his fucking sleep.

"See? You do love him," Anna whispers.

"Shut up!" I growl, through clenched teeth.

Unfortunately, she's right. Dammit. I couldn't help it, but find myself blushing at the thought of it, and her laughing at makes it worse.

I angrily clutch the pillow under my head. Right now, I hate them both!

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