Pure Morning


Chapter Two: Dalliance:


I: Day One

I look at Anna-chan lying beside me on the futon. "What are you doing today?"

"Not much," she shrugs.

"Sounds delightful." I give her an upbeat smile. "Think I'll do 'not much' too."

"What?" She gives a blank stare. "Why not? Don't you have to work today?"

I shake my head. "It's Sunday."


"I have today off."

She raises an eyebrow at me. "Is that so?"


She places her small hands on my shoulders. "Okay, we'll do nothing, together."

I chuckle and kiss her on the forehead. "Lucky me!"

Anna-chan breaks into giggles, but I raise an eyebrow and. "What?"

She taps me on the nose. "You're so silly!" I smile as I pull her into my arms.

II: Rain

"Looks like it's going to rain all day today."

"Yep." I happen to turn away from the window and notice the little smile on her face. "What?"

"Do you remember?"

"Remember what, My Love?"

"You don't sound too convincing, Pet." She placed her hand over her mouth as she tries to politely smother a giggle or two; though I still can hear it in her tone.

"I trying!" My face turns red with embarrassment as she suppresses a giggle.

"What now?" I wonder aloud.

"You're so cute!"

I roll my eyes, and huff at her. "Shut up."

III: Garden

"Aw, why?" Anna-chan asks. I press my lips to hers. She utters a small muzzled sound in reply. I let up on her, smiling.

"Convinced?" I ask.

Anna-chan tries to form the words in her mouth. I chuckle when an idea forms in my head.

"Can't make up your mind, huh?" I slide my hand under the sheets to her soft, warm yoni. "Here, let me help you decide."

A violet-eyed black angel awoke under the big tree on a hillside. Deep rose clouds whispered to him; beckoning him to rise to his feet and move as they randomly drift by in the pink sky. At first, their message sounded jumbled together, cloaked in gibberish.

"What are you telling me?" the angel asked.

Go! Go! Go!

The words swirled in the air as they filled his ears.

"Go where?" he threw his arms open and begged the thankless sky. Suddenly, he felt the ground rumble where he sat. The angel looked up and saw a flight of pink glass stairs leading downwards. Once again, he turned his eyes heavenward.

"Here?" he asked.

Go! Go! Go!

"Okay, okay!" the young man shouted, putting up his hands, reaching for the unseen source of encouragement. "I'll go!" The angel began his descent down the stairs. The further he walked, the warmer the air became. Small chills began to run down his spine in tiny shocks.

"What is this?" he asked. When he'd reached the bottom step, the heat intensified.

IV: Wonder

He could feel his pulse ripping through his mind. A woman slept curled up in a giant red seed pod attached to a stone wall. The vibrations from her silk red gown and pod drew the angel in closer, hypnotizing him. The lilting plaintive sound of a harp's music could not compare to her lovely voice.

What do you desire of me? His steps and breathing grew heavier as he approached the seed pod. Her voice sent playful chills up his spine. Arouse me.

His wings turned a deep shade of grey. I understand. His hands touched the glass of the pod, letting his lips touch her upon the cold surface of the pod. His kiss broke the seed's shell the woman inside began to stir. Her gown morphed from red to pink as she stretched out, blithely floating above him. The angel's wings turned white as flowers bloomed around them. He clutched his hands to his chest.

Before the angel a white pedestal rose from the ground. The woman's dress changed from pink to white as she floated towards her altar. Her hazel green eyes and captured the angel's heart.

"I have been waiting for you," she told him. "I thank you."

V: Taste

I pause to lift my head from between Anna-chan's silky thighs, rudely licking my lips as I enjoyed the taste of her on my tongue.

"Did you enjoy yourself, My Love?" Her half lidded eyes are glazed over as she pants her reply.

I crawl lazily up to her, and stretch out. The sweat on her body is glistening in the faint light from the window. I rest my head on my pillow, and smile.

I love the sensations and feelings that linger after we make love. I close my eyes and let the last of her essence of her coat my tongue.

The rain pattering against the window panes heightens my awareness; making it all seem lighter somehow. More vivid than before our union.

VI: Breakfast

I turn my head to Anna-chan. "You want breakfast?"

She turns her head. "What?"

"Do you want breakfast?"

"Now? This moment, right now?"


"Right here in bed?"

"Yeah. What do you think?"

She looked coquettishly through her lashes up to the ceiling. "Sure, why not?"

"Be right back." I climb out of bed and make for the kitchen, full of purpose. I scamper about to fill a tray full of beautiful bite sized nibbles, determined to make each mouthful a sweet reminder of our love.

Tender, and delicious, and hauntingly sweet.

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