Pure Morning

Sweet Dreams Come at Night

Chapter Thirty-Two: Sweet Dreams Come at Night:


I: Beast of Burden

Meifu district in the evening is best. Anna-chan and I enjoy our walks home from the park. I wrap my arm around her waist as she carries our freshly emptied bento boxes in one of her cute little picnic bags.

"Dinner was good," I smiled.

"Mmm-hmm," Anna hums in agreement.

As we walk, I pull her close, nuzzle her neck and whisper: "But… I still want my dessert."

"Asato-kun! Wait 'till we get home." She swats my shoulder and giggles when I try to kiss her.

I pout at her like a spoiled child. "Aww, why're you so mean, Anna-chan?"

"Come here, you..." Anna-chan kisses me on the lips.

II: Sea of Lust

A violet-eyed youth walked along the beach as the sun just started to set. He looked out on the sea. The tide came in around his ankles.

It's warm! But, why? A wave of surprise came over his face. The youth looked down at the water but was distracted by the sound of a splash. A glittery pink tail appeared and disappeared into the salty water.

"What was that?" he wondered aloud. The young man waded further into the water. Airy ethereal singing swirled around in the sea's breeze and sent chills down his spine.

"I'm here," he said. "Please, come back to me."

Soft air bubbles broke the surface in front of him. A head of celadon hair emerged slowly from the surf and a pair of silver eyes began darting around. She was wearing a crown with pale pink blossoms woven throughout. They gave her hair a scent sweeter than the most heady luxurious perfume. The young man watched as she partially emerged from the water. Her was kept buoyant by her glittering pink tail. Her The youth gasped at the sight of her.

"W-Who are you?" he asked.

Her eyes locked in onto his as she beckons him: "Come with me," she whispered.

The young man nodded in a daze as he waded closer to the mermaid. She pulled him in for a kiss.

III: Negativity

I hold onto Anna-chan's narrow shoulders as I pant and groan through my release. When I release my grip, I'm nearly breathless.

After such vigorous love making, Anna-chan falls asleep in my arms. Though I'd like to, I'm unable to find sleep as easily as my beloved wife. I can't sleep. Not yet, anyway. I can't exactly describe this feeling. I feel like a different person. Then, bad thoughts come creeping in. I remember those, but they don't affect me tonight.

You're nothing but a monster.

Maybe. I can't really change that. This sexy little angel next to me would be more than happy to give a second opinion.

You are pathetic. Nobody will love you.

I shrug it off. I have my friends and my wife. I am deeply loved. These things are true. These things are real.

You will never be successful.

So what? Success doesn't always guarantee happiness. Muraki might be successful, but he's probably not very happy. Ha! What if his penis falls off? What would have to be so smug about, then?

I cover my mouth and begin giggling like a drunken schoolgirl.

I honestly think I've finally lost my mind.

IV: Tempting

I feel a cold, tiny foot on my calf. I peek under the sheet and turn red. She's still has her legs wide open.

Oh… Anna-chan that's not really ladylike of you… A naughty ideas fill my head. Would it be so bad of me if I…? I shake my head. No, I can't do that. But…

Reason and instinct war in my head as I stare at her sleeping face. Instinct wins out as I sink down and take her, wondering if a woman can cum in her sleep.

V: Thrills

The violet-eyed priest awoke to the sound of a koto in his temple. He rubbed his bleary eyes and wandered out of his room. He walked down the hall in a daze. Drawn into a trance by the light, ethereal music. The priest came to a thin red curtain. By this time, his senses were fully awakened by the smell of jasmine flowers. The shadowy form of a mysterious female lomed behind the curtain. He was puzzled, but intrigued by this.

Could it be? Is that… Otohime?

Yes, it is. He could hardly believe his eyes. There she stood - the dragon goddess. All tarted up in red silk lingerie.

She raised her right hand and began singing to him. Little red flowers bloomed across the temple floor. Her sister, Tamayori, stepped forward and snapped open her white fan.

"Ready to do this?" she asked. The white peony in her hair blossomed as she spoke. Her older sister smiled.

"Why yes," she said.

Anna dreams of visiting Tsuzuki at Ju-Oh-Cho. She's found him crying in a darkened hallway:

"Baby, what's wrong?" she asked. He whimpered about his co-workers banning him from sweets at work. However, there was one that he could still have. Before she got the question out of her mouth, the shinigami grabbed her by the shoulders and teleported into a bathroom stall. He pinned her against the wall, pushed open her thighs, and sank down on his knees…

Tamayori stripped naked and lay down on her back. Otohime raised her hands and began singing once, again as tiny white flowers bloomed around her sister's body.

The priest's breath hitches in his throat as he watched.

What are they doing?

Tamayori spread her legs as a black serpent crawled down her body. Her panting and moaning were more than the priest could bear. He groaned as a wave of heat spread all over his body. He loosened down his hakama and began stroking himself in time to the music of the dragon goddess' enchanting song.

I crawl back onto my side of the futon absolutely exhausted. Mercifully, sleep has found me at last. As I drift off, a pang of conscience hits me, and I wonder if my amorous diddling had any effect on Anna-chan's dreaming.

VI: Morning After

The next morning, Anna-chan and I are having breakfast at the table, when mischief gets the better of me.

"So, did you sleep well last night, my love?" I ask, innocently.

"Yes," my wife answers. She sets down her bowl and chopsticks. "Though I had quite an interesting dream last night."

I lower my chopsticks. "Oh?"

"Yeah, it was really hot. I, umm…"

I press my fingers to her lips. "Shhh, don't tell me. Keep it to yourself," I put my hand over her heart. "In here, okay?"

She smiles at me sweetly, and winks.

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