Pure Morning

Blue Movie Angel

Chapter Thirty-Three: Blue Movie Angel:


I: My World Around Him

As I sit in our bedroom, something occurs to me. Sure, I may be strong, but I’ve come to rely on Asato-kun’s strength too. Marriage does that to a person over time. I can fly on my own wings. And I certainly am my own person, but Asato-kun complements me. I take a beat to gather my thoughts.

I’m not alone anymore. I have him. I have Asato-kun. It freaks me out to say this, but I’m still not quite used to it. Crazy, isn’t it? I don’t know, but... Still, I like my solitude and me time. Funny thing, though…? Solitude can’t talk to me. It can’t kiss me. Can’t cuddle me when I’m lonely. And it can’t make love to me, either. Well, maybe… But no, not really. I mean, not without batteries… But, I do know that solitude can’t make me happy. At least I think that’s true - but I’m not really sure.

I look up when I hear the sliding door open. And there stands Asato-kun.

“Did I keep you waiting long, my love?” he asks.

I shake my head, “Not at all.”

“I’m glad to hear.” He steps through the door, and slides it closed behind him.

II: Fire We Make

He lays me down on the futon that we’ve made love on so many times. I look up at him, and my eyes immediately devour him as I slowly scan down his body. I open my mouth to speak, but he stops my talking by softly putting his finger to my lips.

“Don’t talk, my sweet,” he whispers. “All I want is for you to just lie back and enjoy yourself tonight.” His strong, gentle hands drift over my black lace tank top moments before he inches it over my head. I feel so exposed, but I like this feeling with him. It heightens when he begins leaving soft kisses on my throat, just under my chin. I bite down on my lower lip a little and moan when he moves down to my shoulder, kissing and nipping along my bra strap.

I press my lips together just before he kisses me on the forehead. “Mmm,” I murmur. His hands move to my breasts as he moves to kiss me. My body quivers when his tongue darts into my mouth. Asato-kun, oh!

He breaks the kiss, “What do you want tonight, my lovely?”

I lick my lips hungrily as I look up at him. “Take me,” I breathe.

He nibbles on my earlobe, and my cheeks turn red. Needless to say, my bra ends up on the floor. His warm gentle hand makes my thighs tremble as it glides across my flesh on its way down my skirt. Asato-kun pauses as his fingertips search for the elastic of my waistband and ease their way into my panties.

“You like this, don’t you?” he purrs.

He continues nibbling as his fingers begin stroking me. I wriggle underneath him and he chuckles as he pleasures.

“I’ll take that as a yes,” he murmured.

III: I Will Pleasure You

Asato-kun lies down next to me with a rakish gleam in his eyes that almost screams “Entertain me!”

I sit up in response, feeling that he wants me to obey, but not wanting to surrender quite yet. I sit above him and slowly unbuttoned his shirt. I lean down, and my mouth instantly darts for his collarbone. He sinks deeper into the pillows beneath him and moans as he reaches for my skirt. I leave a trail of soft kisses until I reach my ultimate goal, and I’m kissing him on the lips. Of course my skirt ends up on the floor with his shirt.

“Take me, Asato-kun. Drink me in. Devour me,” I whisper, pleading. He swallows my words with a kiss as he rolls me onto my back.

“I will,” says Asato-kun, in a low rumble.

I put my arms around his neck, and let him have control.

Love waited in her parlor, watching the rain pour outside her window. The full moon is casting a bright silvery glow on her best kimono tonight. The pink and purple embroidery reflected the Yin and Yang of her true nature. More than anything, she longed to become an angel. Though she had waited for many nights, her pink wings had not yet formed. But it was still too early for her because she hadn’t realized her true purpose yet.

A young priest served his mistresses their temple home. But, the lad was not complete. Only the Angel of Love and Konohana understood the lost element of his training. They still sought a way to complete him. Cherry blossoms fluttered past his small ears. Love closed her eyes and nodded. “I finally understand.” She turned when a knock came on her door.

"What is it?”

"Your kitsune udon’s ready,” her chambermaid said outside her door.

"Set it in my room,” Love ordered.

The handmaiden opened the door, set her food on a lacquer table and quickly left the room.

IV: M’Aidez

Desire was instructed to make the first move. Tonight was to be special. She dressed herself in a long silky red sheath. Desire smoothed long black gloves up her slender arms. The gloves complimented the red roses in her hair. She glanced across the room to a clock. It’s almost time. A smirk accompanied her thought. Desire flung open the doors to her garden and sashayed out to the pond.

"Come, Koi-chan!” she beckoned. “I need your help.”

A shapely girl dressed in a yellow zentai emerged from the water.

"Yes, mistress?” she asked.

"Shine the lights into the sky,” Desire commanded, as she dramatically swept an arm over her head. “We need to start our mission.”

The water nymph perked up. “You mean…?” she asked.

Desire nodded. “Yes.”

"I’m on it!” Koi summoned a giant yellow star from her heart and flashed it into the night sky. Other lights began to brighten the night sky in different shapes and colors as they rose from the water. Each sailed upward into the sky. Desire returned to her garden and waited.

***V: Appetizer:

Ecstasy climbed into her bathtub. The oils from the warm water lulled her into rapture. She had to take the first step. Ecstasy slid off her light blue robes before the ritual began. The warmth consumed her as the water’s words filled her mind.

So, it is time?

Yes, my lady!

Ecstasy’s lips curved into a smile. Excellent! She emerged from the water and walked into her room. Ecstasy slid on a pair of lacy black panties. She climbed onto a table covered by a white silk drape. She reached across to a tray piled high with delectable treats, picked up a bunch of grapes, plucked up the most plump, and popped it into her mouth. Her servants had already brought out her favorite red wine to accompany her appetizer. Ecstasy smirked to herself. She lay back with a cat-like on her face. Their project began with a sip. Finally, he will come to see his heart!

VI: My Heart is His

I can’t help but smile as Asato-kun’s head rests sweetly on my breast. I can get used to not being alone in this monogamy thing we’ve got going on. In my heart of hearts, I’m starting to believe that we can make this work.

I circle my arms around him, and drift off sated, with a peaceful mind.

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