Pure Morning

Kinky Games

Chapter Thirty-Eight: Kinky Games:


I: Games Begin

It's Sunday, and it's raining tonight. I'm bored, and look over at Anna-chan sitting on the couch, quietly reading a magazine. My first thought is that we need something to liven things up a bit.



I crawl over and hug her from behind. "I'm bored."


"Entertain me."

She looks up at me. "How?"

An idea pops up in my head and I nip her on the ear. "Ow," she giggles as she swats me playfully on the shoulder.

I kiss Anna-chan on the nape of her neck just before setting a timer and leaving the room. "Come find me after the timer rings," I whisper.

"Asato-kun?" she shrugs as I walk away.

I can't help but grin at myself. Let's see what happens next.

II: Timed Kissing

I wait in the kitchen as I listen for her footsteps with bated breath. Five… Four… Three… Two… One!

"Asato-kun?" she asked.

I summon her innocently with: "In here, dearest!"

Anna makes her way to the kitchen. I hold out my hands and smile.

"Welcome!" I smile, somewhat roguishly.

She looks at the timer on the counter as I greet her. "And what is this?" Anna-chan asks, pointing to the small device.

"Come and see, my love."

Anna-chan saunters over to the counter for a closer look, "Okay. I like where this is headed. So far..." Her lips curve into a sexy smile.

"Kiss me," I command. Our kiss seems to lead to Anna-chan being perched on the counter.

I reach over and set the timer for ten minutes, then pin her down by the shoulders. "Here's the deal, I'm going to kiss and lick you for ten minutes."

She begins to speak, but I press my finger to her lips to stop her talking. "And trust me, I won't stop there." My mouth trails down to that perfectly flat tummy of hers and kiss it. I take my sweet time, teasing her into frustration with soft strokes from barely the tip of my tongue. When the first pass makes her quiver, I flatten my tongue so that I can feel her skin respond to my touch.

"Ooo," she purrs. I give her another little lick, just to make things interesting...

"Is it good?" I ask. "Try closing yours eyes. The sensations will feel better."

I peek up and see her doing so. "Good." I add a few more nips to the skin. Her gasping encourages me to explore further. I slowly trail up to her right shoulder. I can't help but let my teeth sink in for a light nibble. Her screaming makes me rock hard. The taste of her is turning me on her I decide to be adventurous, traveling to her hip, side of her neck, collarbone, breasts, and inside her thigh. Her moaning is making me so hard that I can't take it anymore. When timer's alert-tone sounds off, Anna can't take it either.

"Oh god! Don't tease me like this, Asato-kun!"

I sit up, smirking. "You'll have to find me first."

She lifts her head, "What?"

I've disappeared down the hall.

III: More Ideas

Summer will be over soon, but my horny demon still wants more. Dirty ideas keep flooding my mind. I don't know where to begin. It's more fun with Anna-chan being submissive. I have been looking online for some tips to spice things up. The first trick worked but, now I want to take it further.

Right now, I wait in our room. My heart leaps when I hear her footfalls.

"Are you in here?" Anna-chan asks at the doorway. I lay perfectly still.

"Don't turn on the lights," I command.


"Come over to the futon." I count her footsteps in my direction. "Where are you now?"

"Right in front of you."

"Touch me, I need proof." I shiver as her fingertips touch my right calf. I gulp when she withdraws her hand. But she has other things in mind, it seems.

"Good, come and claim your prize." I chuckle. Then I close my eyes as she unzips my pants, and shoves her hand inside. She starts slowly stroking my cock over my underpants. Oh, my God. Now it's her turn to tease me, and I love it. This feeling… I don't think I can hold on any longer.

I'm nearly done by the time she unsheathes me and wraps her sweet mouth around my member.

IV: Lotus Candy

A lotus flower has begun to bloom in the skies overhead. The timing came at a crucial moment, as the sun had not yet risen. Still, this lotus had to bloom because a new era would be born.

Inside the lotus, a girl opened her eyes.

The chill of the night air gently roused her from sleep. She looked up at the empty night sky. Below was no different - the deep violet water looked rippleless and still. Despite the empty space around her, something wasn't right. She placed a hand on her chest and closed her eyes.

A soft laughter filled the stale air. She turned to the source behind her. Another woman floated in the darkness before her. This visitor looked elegant with her own haunting charm. The black rose necklace around her neck stood out against her pale skin. Her black kimono seemed to disappear in the inky darkness. When she walked, nature came alive. Even dead trees sprang to life around her. The darkly clad geisha froze when she saw the lotus maiden.

"Oh," she gasped. "I didn't expect you to awaken so soon."

The girl from the lotus gave her a confused look. "Who are you?"

The woman smiled gracefully. "I am the goddess of war."

"Goddess… of war?" Something about those made her stomach turn.

"That's right." The war goddess in black held out her arms. "You are just in time to witness the revolution."

"What revolution?"

"Look down!" Both women turned their attention to surface below.

V: Battle

Red and Purple armies met on a field. The Purple commander stepped forward to address his cohorts.

"You will face your ruin tonight!" he shouted. His men growled like rabid animals in the night.

Across the vacant battlefield before her, the Red commander stepped up to rally her troupe. "We may well face our end this night… But we will take you to hell with us!" she shouted back. Her army of warrior women raised their swords in the air and howled. The two armies charged at each other, full bore. Red and Purple clashed, spilling blood on the dim hill. Both equally matched. Why were they doing this? They themselves don't even know anymore. All they know is how to fight until they die. Today looked to be the decisive battle. This could be the end of them both.

The commanders wound up alone on another hill. They faced each other with their swords drawn. The Red and Purple commander's eyes met as they lunged ahead to attack. The impact of their armor lasted only moments before blood was spilled. He only fell in love with her as she fell to his feet, dying. He drank sake over her body in her honor.

VI: End of Round One

Anna-chan and I lie breathless on our futon, both of us slicked by a sheen of cold sweat. I pull her into my arms and tenderly kiss her forehead.

"Fun?" I wonder aloud.

"Mmmph..." she mumbles into the side of my neck as I run my fingers through her damp hair.

"Good," I smile, arrogantly.

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