Pure Morning

Slimcea Girl

Chapter Three: Slimcea Girl:


I: Bride

They say marriage changes you, but I don't feel any different. Really, I don't. I mean, I'm still me. I dress the same, act the same, talk the same, and I even look the same. I stare up at the ceiling. Okay, maybe there's a difference. I trying to figure out how. Well, I am a bit more sociable and I will talk to people a little bit. Not the usual small talk. The kind of conversation filled with laughter and meaningful pauses between confidantes, but I do talk.

I take in a breath. Or did I? I'm not too certain. I am happy. Of that I am certain. I married someone I love and that's all I need.

II: Pros of Marriage

Now that I think of it, marriage does have its perks. I get to share an apartment with my favorite person and don't feel as isolated as I used to. Just the thought of it makes me smile. Now, there's someone to laugh with, someone to share my inner most thoughts. He has my shoulder to lean on when he needs me, and we've bonded on multiple levels. He listens to my rambling when I am stressed out. Good thing too, because I often wind up talking his ears off. I roll over on my side, smiling like a mischievous little child.

Then there is the sex. I pulled the sheet over my face, giggling like a schoolgirl. I don't know quite where to begin. I can't even put my love life into words. My cheeks feel like they are on fire thinking about the tryst ten minutes ago. I draw in deep breath and try in vain to stop giggling. I need a minute...

III: Cons of Marriage

I frown once I stop laughing and push any remaining naughty thoughts in my head. There are also minor drawbacks to this marriage, however. Asato-kun is a shitty cook. He is terrible in the kitchen. I turned my head towards the doorway thinking about what crimes against humanity he is attempting to whip up this morning. Mostly, I dodge his cooking with TV dinners and take-out. However, Baby can't take a hint. He seems determined to cook for me.

Interestingly, I myself don't know to cook. I keep meaning to learn but, in the end, I'm just not concerned about adding a new skill right now. My cooking relies on the microwave or picking up a phone to order in. I sigh, staring at the ceiling. Maybe I will learn how to cook properly one day. Until then… yeah…

Another problem is with me. I stay at home while Asato-kun works and have nothing to do. I had a semi-job, but Ju-Oh-Cho made me quit out of safety. Now, I'm bored. Even researching random topics online has lost its appeal. Complaining doesn't help either; Asato-kun just pats me on the shoulders and says it will be alright. I end up forcing myself to smile and agree rather reluctantly.

I roll over onto my bed. We still have our baggage that we can't share with each other. The waiting makes it even worse.

IV: Alone

I reach for the ceiling over the futon. To be honest, the glass box didn't fully disappear. I still see traces of it. I guess I can't let go yet, but it changed before I fully saw it. Through college, I didn't think I would escape it. Now, I don't find it that bad anymore. It's different now, knowing I am loved. I am loved by my mother, my friends, and my husband. I finally see it and the glass breaks around me. Still, I can't bring myself to let go yet. I think my heart's not fully ready.

I close my eyes as I begin to feel down. I need to think about something else.

V: Floating

My cheeks flush red as I remember Asato-kun's a big boy. It hurts when he enters me, but it doesn't last long. Afterwards… I'm still amazed that I can handle him. I mean… Wow!

I'm squealing and cover my face with the sheet as I replay our ecstasy trip twenty minutes ago. My toes curl when I think about him grabbing me between the legs. He can be such a monster with the teasing. I end up begging for him to please me, and then struggling to catch my breath when he does. Where did he learn all of that? I can't even…

I draw my eyes closed and breathe heavier, but the images get stronger in my head. Every kiss, every caress, every lick, every…

I squirm as I grab onto the sheets covering me. Asato-kun makes me hot thinking about him in times like this. I think feel my juices soaking the sheets as my cheeks turn pink. Once I get like this, I can't turn off. I look at the open doorway. He's still not back yet. I glance down at my body under the sheets. My mouth waters and suddenly I'm getting a warm feeling that spreads all over. A few quick strokes. Just to release the tension growing behind my navel Surely that wouldn't be so bad. Right? Just a little quickie… Just enough to take the edge off. Ohhh! I need this. My body craves it.

I slowly uncross my legs. My fingers slip down between them. Chills race up my spine and I close my eyes. Images of passionate making love with my beloved husband drift through my mind. I allow my hands to wander as I begin to tease and pleasure myself. Mmmm. Nice… This feeels so good…!

VI: Interruption

I come back to earth at the sound of someone clearing their throat. I look up to find Asato-kin cocking his head and eyeing me curiously.

"Are you okay, Anna-chan?" he asks. My face turns bright red as I struggle to speak. My jaw drops in complete surprise. Asato-kun clears his throat.

"Breakfast is ready," he says. I can only nod, speechless.

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