Pure Morning

Stroker Ace

Chapter Forty-Six: Stroker Ace:


I: Kitty Games

Another idea fills my head. I want a cat. Not an actual one, but…

Oh! I see! That type of cat.

I frown over my plate. You're still here?

I'm only here to help. I love your idea.

I take another bite of cake. So, what do you want?

To help, of course. Your details could use work.

Go on…

That pesky little demon, the one that always lurks just over my shoulder is back again. Smirking. Licking his lips as he formulates mischief of some kind. Leave it all to me.

Somehow, that has me worried. Right…? Really worried…

II: Prepping

I head back to that out of the way adult book store. Oh fuck! Who am I kidding… it's a sex store. When I open the door and cross the threshold the clerk looks up with a knowing look, and that huge, creepy ass grin of his. Gross. I need a shower, and I haven't even been shopping yet.

"Ahhh, Tsuzuki-san!" he greets me. "So good to see you again." I wave awkwardly and smile back. I need to stop coming here so often.

It'll fine, you big baby. We have to work to do.

Yeah, yeah. I walk up to the counter. "Excuse me, sir."

"Yes?" the pervy old clerk asks.

I square my shoulders to give myself confidence while trying to find the right words. "I would like a few things for…"

He leans in with intent. "Hmmm?"

I gulp down my embarrassment. "For…" Why won't it come out?




"Kittyplay!" My cheeks are burning as I lower my head. Geeze, I want to turn around and run away.

That old perv grins at me. "Oh, really? Who's the pet?" He asks, while lewdly stroking his chin.

"A woman. Why does it matter?" I shrug. Can I go home now? I'm sorry I even thought of this idea in the first place. The demon chokes back a snicker.

"Come with me," the old man says. He leads me to the back of the store. I nervously follow behind him.

This part will soon be over. I only need it for tonight, anyway. I can do this. I can do this!

I'm out of there with just the thing I need within minutes. That's it for me. Think I need to stay away from that store for a while.

III: Bait

It starts with a text to Usagi-chan -

Meet me at home.

Have a little surprise for you.


Can't help but smile as I hit send. Will she even go for this?

Sure, she will. The demon reassures me.

How can you be so sure?

Anna-chan can be quite kinky. Want to test it out?

My libido overrides my common sense and I begin smiling like a feral cat on the prowl. Hell yeah!

Chop-chop! Let's get to work, then!

Alright, alright. I shake my head and mumble.

I wait in our bedroom until the door slides open. I count her footsteps approaching my "lair".

IV: Kitty Blues

I grin devilishly when I see her lovely face. "Welcome, my pet."

Anna-chan slides the door closed behind her. "What is all of this, Asato-kun?"

I'm loving the confused expression on her face. "Let's play a new game tonight."

"What kind of game?" Anna-chan makes air quotes.

"Take off your clothes."

"Oh! That kind of game. Nice." Anna-chan slides her dress off excruciatingly slow. She stands before me half naked then, watch with great delight as she wriggles out of her red and pink bra. Her panties hit the floor shortly after.

Yes, my little pet. Take it all off!

"Good.". I reach into my special bag and pull out a headband with fuzzy black ears, before presenting her with the matching tail.

"Here… put these on."

"What?" She crinkles her nose.

"Please?" I poke out my bottom lip and pout. "It'll make me happy."

She doesn't quite get it at first. "What is this?" Anna-chan wonders.

"Just trust me on this one, okay?" I plead. "Please? It'll be worth it." She hesitates for a beat before reluctantly taking the ears and tail. Without any instructions, she figures out how to put them on. Damn. "They look great on you," I tell her.

She looks up and to the right, and worries her bottom lip as she adjusts the ears.

"Hang on." I hold up my hand and search for the velvet bag from the store. "I have one thing left to give you," I tell her. I reach into the bag, and pull out a black satin collar with Swarovski crystal studs. "I had it made especially for you."

"No fucking way I'm putting that thing around my neck!" She growled through clenched teeth.

"Oh come on." I give her my sweet puppy look again.

"No!" She stamps her foot, and crosses her arms.

"Just for tonight. Please baby… please?"

Anna-chan lowers her head, softens her posture, and sighs. "Alright."

I stand up and fasten the collar around her neck. "Perfect!"

I sit back and take in my handiwork with a sly grin.

V: Kitty Cat

"Come to me, my lovely..." I lower my chin and beckon her in my sexiest voice. She takes a nervous step forward.

"Uhn-uh," I tell her, pointing to the floor. Anna-chan instinctively sinks down onto all-fours. She tries to stand up, but finds her body too heavy to move. It's all I can do to keep from laughing out loud as she struggles.

"Surprised, are we?"

She shrugs a shoulder cluelessly.

"I put a special spell on the collar to prevent you from being 'human' for now." I lean forward. "Now, come to me." I crook my finger in a come hither motion.

Seeing Anna-chan crawl toward me like a nervous kitten makes me hungrier. I want to flip her onto her back and fuck her until those fuzzy ears fly off. When Anna reaches my feet, she looks up at me with those big eyes of hers and blinks shyly.

"Good kitty," I pet her on the head and scratch behind her ears. Anna-chan purrs in response.

"Oh," I almost stutter. This it's my turn to be surprised. She's really getting into this. I love it.

"Meow." Anna-chan reaches out in a clawing motion. She turns away and presents her ass to me, lowering herself so that I can see everything. The roundness of her beautiful ass makes me want to pound her into the rug. But, seeing her pussy like that, with the lips plump and glistening? God, I just wanna dive between her legs and eat like starving man at a sushi buffet.

I unzip my pants, crawl up behind her and sink down into her until I'm nearly glued to that tight little pussy of hers. "I'm going to train you good!" I chuckle. Then I raise my arm and smack her ass hard as I can.

"Meow?" she wonders.

Oh my darling, don't wonder - because I am gonna fuck you into the floorboards. And, I do just that. My demon should be well sated tonight because he has definitely had his way with both of us, using my body to take his pleasure. I felt possessed by the ferocity of our love making tonight. No heart eyes and tenderness for either of us. One moment I was so deep inside Anna-chan that I couldn't tell where she ended and I began. In the next breath, she had flipped me onto my back and was riding me with reckless abandon. She would raise her hips until I nearly wasn't inside her, and squat over me while she swiveled her hips in a circle. She growled, scratched and clawed at me like a feral cat. It's probably gonna leave scars, but God, it was magnificent.

VI: Bad Kitty

After such a deeply carnivorous fuck, I'm struggling to catch my breath. This trial-run turned out a little sloppy, but we can work on the little kinks for next time. Sweat looks good on Anna-chan's skin, and I love pushing her to her limit. And, as it turned out - she loves pushing me to the edge too.

We lie quietly in the dark, listening to the rain on the roof. Aching, tired and sore. The window is open slightly and a light breeze wafts into our room to cool us as we catch our breath, blending with the musky scent of an evening of great fucking.

"I love you," Anna-chan murmurs. I kiss the shell of her ear and smile.

"Shhh, I know," I whisper back. "I know."

I embrace her from behind and curl myself gently around her. It's the first tenderness we've shown each other all evening.

What a beautiful way to drift off into sweet slumber.

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