Pure Morning

This Could be Heaven

Chapter Forty-Nine: This Could be Heaven:


I: Sundown

Sundown comes and the rain has stopped. Asato-kun is still sound asleep. I can't help but smile as I look at him. You big baby…

I pause as I feel him shifting around next to me. When he lifts his head and looks at me, I whisper "Hey."

"How long were we asleep?" Asato-kun yawns as he blinks the sleep from his eyes.

"A few hours."

"Well, then..." His eyes light up with mischief. I can tell something is going on in that head of his. "Let's stay here for the night!"

"We can't!"

He pouts at me and whines, "But, why not?"

I fold my arms across my chest. "You have work tomorrow, remember?"

He pokes out his bottom lip, and whimpers, "Aw, do I have to go?"



"Yes, husband." Somehow, I can't help but laugh. I love it when he sullen and petulant like a small child.

"Fine," he mumbles.

"What?" he asks.

"You can be such a child at times," I shake my head and smile as I cup his head in my hands as I speak to him.

"A child?" he asks.

"Yes, a child!" I nuzzle his nose. "That's what I adore most about you."

He runs his fingers through my hair and looks tenderly into my eyes. "I love you." He says, sweetly.

I lower my head and my cheeks flush pink.

II: Great Care

"Let's have a look at your foot." Asato-kun sits up and rolls up onto an elbow. He reaches out for me and wriggles his fingers insistently. He picks up my foot and examines it carefully with a raised his eyebrow, tilting his head in puzzlement.

"What's that look mean?" I ask him.

"Strange," he remarks. His presses his thumb into the bottom of my foot to gauge my reaction to pain. "Your injury seems to have completely healed, Anna-chan." My cheeks turn bright red as he holds my foot.

"Yes…" I answer.

"Is that so?" he asks. "Can you walk?"

"It doesn't hurt, see?" I remark as I rise to my feet.

"You sure?" he asks.

"Yep!" I smile brightly.

"Ready to go, then?"

"Yes, my beloved," I nod.

We both get dressed and set out from the temple together.

III: Uncertain Future

Crickets are out this evening. It's only about five o'clock so, they're out a bit early. The constant thrumming of the chirping leads me back to my previous thoughts. Nothing lasts forever, that much I know for sure. From what I understand, even the afterlife isn't permanent. I have a nagging feeling that our happiness will end all too soon. The thought that's keeping me awake at night is wondering about how. The future never bothers Asato-kun. He always smiles and shrugs it off. Death doesn't seem like an option in our case. So, how will it end?

"Why worry about things like that?" he asks quite pointedly. "Let's just enjoy things like they are now."

I envy the carefree side of him. I really do.

IV: Bliss at Home

"What should we have for dinner?" Asato-kun wonders aloud.

I squint, pursing my lips into a thin line while puzzling things through.

"Huh? I don't know," I shrug cluelessly.

"I'm starving. I need to have some dinner now."

I playfully swat him on the arm. "Is that all you think about?"

He gives me big puppy dog eyes. "Anna? Please?" He tries to charm me with a sad sack expression, complete with puppy dog eyes.

I sigh and throw my hands up. "Okay, okay. We'll pick up something on the way home."

"Yes! Can we have burgers tonight?"


"And ice cream?"

"That, too."

"And cake too?"

"Yes, whatever you like." I shake my head and laugh.

His lips curve into a naughty smile. "Including you?"

I lick my lips, thinking of a clever answer to his question. "Well..." I purr. "Play your cards right, and we'll see."

He laughs at my low sexy voice. He raises a randy brow at me and smiles devilishly. The man definitely understands me more than most. Just another thing that I love about my husband.

V: Bursting Heart

As we walk home, something dawns on me. I think I've finally realized the truth of my marriage - I love this man. I've known this all along. But, why did I ever doubt it in the first place?

Asato-kun glances over at me with a concerned look. "What's on your mind?"

I could tell him everything. Tell him what I'm really thinking. How much I love him. How I don't care how much time we have left. That I promise to stay by his side forever. That I will love only him with all of my being. I could say that. Instead, I smile and shake my head.

"Nothing much," I answer. "I just love you."

"Well, I love you too," he says back.

VI: Heaven

I can do this. I really can live a normal, stable, life like anyone else. This is fine, what we have. Isn't it? After all, I am with the man I love.

Asato-kun holds out his hand to me and I accept. Yes, please… let's go home.

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