Pure Morning

Angel Kiss

Chapter Six: Angel Kiss:


I: Angel

There is another side to me. He's not the demon, but the angel. He too wants to make love, and he's a pure romantic. He wants Anna-chan to feel pleasure too. Unlike my demon counterpart, who is rather aggressive and horny, this angel is gentle with every kiss and caress. Tonight, I kneel before my wife.

"What do you want, my sweet?" I ask. She gives a dreamy look as I hold her.

"You," she says. "Just you." I lean down for a kiss.

"You chose well," I whisper. She pulls me into her arms and sighs.

II: Gentle

I want to be gentle tonight. It's not a night for rough play. That's what I'm thinking as I lean down and nibble Anna-chan on the neck.

"Mmm," she murmurs in my ear. The sound sends chills down my spine. I feel the urge to dive right in, but I refuse to give into to that demon tonight. You must be gentle tonight. Focus your intentions. Do whatever you have do to find your center. My hands instinctively move to caress her breasts.

"I love you Anna-chan," I softly whisper.

She looks up at me with a hazy lust in her eyes. "I love you too, my love" she says in a faint voice.

My hands rest on her shoulders as I look deep into her eyes.

III: Angel's Battle

Every time my angel appears, my demon wants to take control. Go away! You had her last time.

"Is something wrong?" I hear her ask.

I shake my head as my hands begin trembling.

"It's nothing." I lie, trying to reassure her. But mostly struggling to convince myself. "How would you like to try something different tonight, my love?" I manage to pull myself together, despite the fear in voice. Her expression is one of confusion.

"Like what?" she asks.

"I don't know… Something. Anything."

She thinks about my offer.

"Well…" Anna-chan says. "You can begin with a kiss; and then, let's see where the mood takes us?" she shrugs.

The devil suddenly goes quiet. My angel, However, can't hold back as I begin to explore. Gentle, always gentle. Slow your movements. Stay calm. Be gentle. Don't lose control. You can do this, Asato.

IV: Gates of Heaven

The young man rose to his feet. White clouds swirled around him as the diamond gates opened. Seemingly to invite him in. Their airy song drew him closer. I am here. I am coming.

Two angels awaited him. One sat on her knees praying while the other held a sword.

"Halt!" the armed angel shouted. "Identify yourself!" The young man stopped in his tracks, breathless. Their white gowns couldn't blind him from their auburn locks. Their wings added to their divine elegance. The armed angel glared at him.

"Answer me!" she demanded. The young man forced himself back to reality.

"Oh," he said. "Um…" His violet eyes wandered to the gate. "What's in there?" The angel held up her sword at him.

"Why?" she asked. The young man put up his hands, uncertain.

"I don't know, really," he admitted.

"You don't know?" the angel asked. The young man shook his head.

"Sister," the praying angel spoke up. "Let him through. His heart is pure." The angel with the sword eyed her suspiciously.

"But, sister…" she spoke up.

"It's fine," the other angel insisted. Her older sister groaned.

"Fine," she grumbled, lowering her sword. "Enter..."

"Thank you," the young man said, bowing. The angel with her sword rolled her eyes.

"Whatever," she muttered. The gates slowly swung open. As he walked by, he whispered something thing that made the angels blush.

"You are very beautiful."

"Liar," the angel with the sword hissed.

"I'm not," the young man replied. The gates closed softly behind him.

The young man walked through a dazzling fog. Each step led him into the river. Something splashing around him made his heart jump. The warmth of the water made his cheeks flush. The young man froze when he heard a harp playing mere inches away from him.

He noticed an angel dressed in robes of flowing blue silk perched on a rock near the water's edge, playing her wooden harp. Tiny fishes nibbled at her toes in the water. The young man strained to listen to her song. Though the lyrics sounded unfamiliar to him, the song was lovely. He lowered his head as he walked past her. The lyrical melody led him further to an enchanted spring.

V: Nymph

The young man arrived at a crystal blue spring. Thousands of lovely nymphs relaxed in the cool, inviting waters of the crystal clear spring. His cheeks warmed, and began to flush with the hue of embarrassment as he looked upon their lithe but curvaceous bodies through the fog. Water sprites descend upon the young man; nibbling at him until his clothes were completely eaten away.

"What are you doing!" he gasped.

"Relax," they told him. "You are in good hands. We will take good care of you here."

The young man shivered at their cold touch. The sprites flew above him, and pushed him into the pool. When the water came up to his waist, he yelped at the cold.

"Whoa!" he screamed. Laughter swirled above his head. The young man knelt down into the water. Embarrassing… However, his attention ended up being redirected elsewhere.

An angel about his age sat naked next to a stone fountain, washing her face. The sun caressed her skin and the tiny white flowers in her red hair sparked. The young man's heart flipped at the mere sight of her. Suddenly, the angel glanced up and noticed him. He froze as he struggled to find the words to speak. She smiled as she calmly took him in, from head to toe.

"Yes?" she asked.

His heart pounded against his chest as he stared deep into her beautiful hazel brown eyes. The tenderness in her eyes made stars explode in his own.

VI: Grade

Anna-chan dozed off sated, draped across my chest as my angel and demon slumber deep inside me. I believe I've done well tonight.

My internal strife continues, but I am learning. Nothing is so dire that the love of a good woman cannot solve. Sweet, beautiful Anna-chan. Surely, if she knew of the war that raged inside of me she would be frightened beyond belief. But my deep unbidden love for her reassures me that I am becoming a good man. I want to be that for her.

Most of all, I want to consume her goodness, make it flesh, and return it to her tenfold.

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