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MSA: Afraid of Losing You

By Rainbow

Romance / Thriller


This story is a sequel to a previous fic of mine, "Understanding". You can read it here: https://www.inkitt.com/stories/fanfiction/41201


A crisp, autumn evening...

The weather had been a little flaky in their town recently. They had a thunderstorm last week and it was said to expect snow sometime soon. It was getting real windy, though, and this concerned Vivi. The weatherman often made mistakes and predicted unlikely forecasts. Maybe the snow was supposed to be a tornado, she wondered?

Vivi took the pencil out of her mouth and scribbled down a few more notes. She’d been observing the weather for signs of another storm. Just for the sake of preparing, of course. They bought some new, expensive equipment recently and she couldn’t let that get damaged. Not after Arthur nearly broke their new camera.

It’s been a year since Lewis re-joined the Mystery Skulls crew. After the eventful(and emotional) trip they went through, the gang decided to take it easy for the first few months. They went back into investigating and, with Lewis, their profits increased fantastically. It was really beneficial to have a ghost on your crew while you communicated with other spirits. They finally had someone to take care of the physical labor and heave their equipment around all day.

Yes, the Mystery Skulls crew was revived. They were just as fast, sophisticated, experienced, and intelligent as they were years ago.



The skeleton ran into their kitchen and came back with a bucket-full of water. He shoved it into Arthur’s mouth and the teen took about 10 gulps before letting out a loud belch. He wiped the tears from his eyes and took deep breaths, clutching the counter next to him.


“I told you that was a stupid idea.” Lewis threw the bucket on his head. “You can’t eat a ghost pepper, Arthur. I told you that.”

Arthur muffled a few words underneath the bucket before he took it off. He shook the water out from his hair and tossed it on the ground, rolling his eyes. He said, “Whatever. I totally don’t owe you 20 bucks, though.”

Arthur had the greatest idea to make a bet with Lewis. The bet was, obvious as it is, to eat a single ghost pepper. Clearly Arthur had trouble with spiciness and Lewis couldn’t eat anything, so it was a pointless attempt for the both of them. But they really had nothing else to do. They couldn’t take cases in weather like this.

“Yeah, I’ll remember that when you’re standing on the edge of a cliff.” Lewis retorted and floated over to the couch. He laid down and took the remote from the table, turning the TV on. “Let’s just hope the wind didn’t screw up the cable again.”

Lewis and Arthur still didn’t get along. While the ghost said he forgave them and that they were friends awhile back, it didn’t really seem like it. The two of them had trust issues and having them team up together was barely an option. If anything, it was Vivi that tied them all together in the end. Something needed to be done about them soon, or Arthur surely wouldn’t be here for long.

The teen gulped at that thought and wiped the sweat off of his forehead. All he could do is pray and try to get Lewis to like him again. As impossible as it seemed, he was really trying. Maybe he should buy him a gift basket or something...

"DAMN IT!" The ghost threw the remote on the ground. Arthur looked and saw the TV playing static across from him. Lewis held his skull in his hands and said some muffled swears. He couldn’t blame him, quite frankly. Without TV, there wasn’t much to do to pass the time...

Mystery shuffled from the chair across the room and yawned. He’d been taking a nap until Lewis woke him up. Arthur walked over to the dog and petted him.

“It’s fine, Lewis.” Arthur assured him as he sat down in the chair. “It’s getting late, anyway. We’ll just fix it tomorrow.”

“It’s not THAT I’m mad about.” He replied. “It’s the fact that this has been the 5th time this month. This town hasn’t had such bad weather before. What happened?”

Figuring that the team stayed in Arthur’s house nowadays, it may have been because of how fragile his place is. The doors had to be shut carefully, there were too many leaks for anyone’s liking, and some of the windows had to be boarded up. Arthur gave Lewis a nervous smile as he shrugged.

“Eh, I don’t know? Maybe it’s just ’cause the weather is getting colder...”

"That’s not it, though!" Vivi suddenly barged into the room. A notepad was held in her hands and a couple of pencils were shoved in her hair. Lewis perked up when she sat in his lap and dug her head back into her notes. At the lack of an explanation, Arthur tilted his head.

“Wha-? What else could be the reason, V?”

“Completely none.” She answered and leaned back onto Lewis’ chest. “There’s been an unknown disturbance in the weather recently. A couple of months ago, wind speeds were low and the temperate was quite average. Out of nowhere came a shift and this weather hasn’t been in any other region.”

“So you’re saying something caused this, but we don’t know?” Arthur repeated. Vivi nodded.

“Yes! I’m trying to figure out why, but even I can’t do it...”

She slumped into Lewis’ chest and let out a sigh. The skeleton patted Vivi’s head and wrapped his arms around her. He said, “We’ll figure it out soon, Vivi. You’re the smartest girl I know. Hopefully the wind will die down sometime and we can go out and find some new cases.”

“Yeah, IF it ever dies down.” She pouted. “It’s been a week and the wind has been getting stronger. I’m afraid if it’ll go to dangerous levels sometime soon.”

“If it does, I’ll protect you.” Lewis assured. Vivi smiled and nuzzled the bottom of his skull. Arthur turned away from the two and pet Mystery. Even though Lewis and Vivi had dated for a couple of years before the “incident”, it was still pretty uncomfortable to see them intimate now. Especially since Arthur felt he had a chance after Lewis was temporarily gone.

He sighed. Those two couldn’t ever break apart. Because, when they did, they only ended up getting back together. It was ridiculous for Arthur to ever think of Vivi liking him. Her heart clearly belonged to Lewis and his heart belonged to her. Why did things end up like this? That thought always lingered in the back of his mind for who-knows-how-long.

And, as he pet Mystery, he closed his eyes. If only she was back into the group...


Underneath the ground, between the soil and remnants of fossils was a figure. It was moving 20 MPH in a northern direction that was near Lewis’ mansion. When it was 2 miles away, the figure climbed from the dirt and grass and settled herself on the ground. She wiped the mess off of her shirt and looked in the direction of the mansion. She inhaled deeply in the environment around her and muttered.


She walked towards the mansion and felt the breeze heading her way. In front of the steps were petals that had been flown by from the wind. She took one and analyzed the color, lightly sniffing it. A wide grin spread on her face when she realized that it had his scent. The one she was after. She could already feel the euphoria coming to her.

She’d kill him and everyone he loves. His past can’t be hidden forever and the damage he caused still lingered with her. This little red petal will lead her to him eventually. She just had to follow the wind and hope that there was a spirit she could feed off for her powers when the time came.

She dug beneath the Earth and started to head in the direction. She’d be there by a week if things went according to plan.


A heavy feeling was weighing on him. It had been for a long time, but now it was getting heavier. What did he do wrong this time? Surely nothing because he helped save Arthur. That counted as good, right?

Mystery whined and went into a ball once more. The dog was feeling uncomfortable that night and couldn’t sleep. He looked at Arthur behind him, who was currently fast asleep and snoring. He didn’t know why these thoughts were suddenly coming to mind....He had buried them deep long ago and they never came back up since. He was a good boy! Why did he need to worry?

The dog jumped off the foot of the bed and nudged the door open. He walked down the hallway and stopped at one of the doors. He slightly peeked in and saw Vivi fast asleep in Lewis’ arms. The ghost’s flame was out, so Mystery assumed that he was asleep, too. The dog sighed in relief. At least they were okay and Lewis was still here. He was important protection against anymore spirits that came to them.

The dog made his way into the kitchen and drank some water out of his bowl. He heard the wind pick up from outside and something tapped on the window. He glanced up and saw that it had been a twig. Something colorful caught his attention, though, so he climbed up on the counter. He took a peek out the window and saw a trail of red petals leading to their house.

He gasped. Shiromori!

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