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Adventures of Mistress Susan

By MissSusan246

Romance / Adventure


One thing... I am putting my entire story on hiatus until I can get my format figured out. This means that I may need to redo some chapters... Now that I'm thinking about it. This copy of my story is no longer official. In fact, it won't come in batches of chapters anymore. It's all one chapter (one story) for you to read.

1. The Daleks

"Doctor!" I called out as several Daleks started surrounding me. I could barely see in front of me because of the massive blizzard, as well as the harsh wind blowing my long hair in front of my face. As I tried to move my hair to the side, I felt a sharp pain in my upper stomach. My scream echoed in the wind toward the Doctor. "Susan?!" he called out, "Where are you?" All of the Daleks that were surrounding me disappeared, revealing me kneeling in the deep, cold snow. Maxi had also noticed and ran over to me. "Susan... Are you alright?" he asked. I only groaned a bit while still grasping my chest. He and the Doctor noticed it and realized that one of the Daleks had actually attacked - by shooting - me.

I attempted - in vain - to get up a few times before finally blacking out. Maxi, concerned, knelt down next to me to attempt to boost my uncertain recovery. After a few failed attempts, he finally decided to take me back to the castle with him to recover there. Instead of walking, he teleported into our room and lied me down on the bed. I was still barely breathing, and my lips were still bluish-purple. Later that evening, I finally recovered enough to regain consciousness. I groaned a little bit, which was audible enough for Maxi to hear.
I finally managed to wake up fully and register where I was. Ugh... I thought. What happened? I looked around and found Maxi sitting alone on the balcony, seemingly waiting for me to fully regain consciousness. "Maxi..." I called over softly. "Susan?" he called back in response. I sat up, still feeling a bit dizzy and colder than normal. I suddenly remembered that I had to go back to school the next morning. Oh boy, I thought, I have to go to school with a bit of hypothermia; well, at least Earth winters are warmer than here...
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