Bigger Threat


The multiverse is a massive thing. When something goes wrong it gets noticed. Death sees a wave ripple across reality. Looking for its source leads her to Earth. Looking closer she sees something has gone wrong. She chooses to get directly involved to avoid a reality shattering catastrophe. Fem!Harry

Fantasy / Adventure
Age Rating:


Chapter One: Observation

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter or affiliated characters, places, and things. They all belong to J.K. Rowling and affiliated companies. This particular plot is mine however. And to make it seem more cohesive to the original stories I am using some of the lines from them, but they are not my material. They came for the excellent mind of their owner.

A/N: This is a challenge a friend of mine asked me to do. This story is not ‘someone is sent back in time’, or like my other story Death’s Champion. This will be a much more interactive death. The OCs (Kylie and Akasa) in this story are Dungeons and Dragons (Pathfinder) characters of mine. Kylie became the greater deity of death. A greater deity is someone like Zeus, Oden, Isis, or Athena. The image attached to this story is what Kylie looks like. I will also be incorporating a lot of Dungeons and Dragons (Pathfinder) rules for magic into this story as it gives me a challenge I cannot help it.

The Astral Plane

Death was sitting in her throne watching the lives of the multiverse flicker by like mayflies. ‘Universe’ after ‘universe’ scrambled before her in clusters of similar universes. Had someone told her billions of years ago that this is what goddesses did she would have laughed at them, and then probably killed them. But this didn’t make her life boring by any means. She occasionally sent an avatar to the Material plane to see firsthand how people handle her. There were times she played the good girl, and actually gave people boons, and extended their lives for doing something for her. If they thought, they could rule over her with the gifts she gave the price they paid was dire. One of the best boons she had every given was to Nicholas Flamel. The Philosophers Stone was his masterpiece, but it was her guidance that had prevented him from killing himself or his wife in the process. Just thinking of the man brought to her mind what she herself had done.

Just thinking of that one action brought to mind another deed that she had done for another cluster of universes. Nicholas Flamel was in this ‘universal’ cluster as he was in many others, but unlike in most in this one he gave up the Philosophers Stone on most occasions. That was a smart move on most occasions considering his tendency to go crazy after a thousand years of living. For the most part however it would be unnecessary for him to do this.

She shook her head. This part of the multiverse was in danger. There were better times to reminisce now was not one of them. She sorted through it star system by star system. A quicker scan would have told her the source, but not in the detail she would have liked. She started her search from just beyond the galactic core. Star by star went by like reals of film. Each touched by the black energy, but not its source. Then she reached it. A planet not that much different from the one she grew up on. The only difference was the black energy. It was the negative energy of death but not being controlled by a cleric of any kind, and not at the command of an antipaladin*. In fact, of all the ones that were on the planet none were responsible for this disturbance.

She called one of her pages. The young dhampir entered the room asked what she needed. With a wave of her hand she crafted a note out of nothingness. “Send a copy of this to the other members of the council.”

The young blonde woman bowed taking the note and rushing out the door. Once she was gone Kylie turned her gaze to Earth 9AHP720K once more. Everything was the same as all the other ones of its type. Magic existed within this universe, there was an ‘Earth’, on it were about six billion people, magic was concealed from those who did not have it, and there was boy by the name of Harry Potter. His adversary was Tom Marvolo Riddle, and yes he went by the alias Voldemort. Dumbledore was still alive, and the teachers were all the same as the universe that lay at the core of this cluster of ‘universes’. There were other similarities, but for some reason negative energy had wrapped itself around this planet Earth. She decided to look at this planet’s history life by life to find out what caused this.

With a snap of her fingers a laptop appeared before her. It had been a while since she used one of these things, but it was still nice to have one lying around. She went through this planets history life form by life form. The dinosaurs and the life that occurred before them were the easiest to go through. Not much was different from her home planet. They evolved a meteorite caused their extinction the end. Then the slow crawl to sentient mammalian life. One by one each life was crossed of the list of what could have caused this. The Bronze Age flew by quickly. The Iron Age drew some interest for comical reasons, but still did not really hold the answer. The Dark Ages were a cluster fuck of ideas as usual, but still held no definitive answer. Then came the Renaissance, and with it part of the answer.

During this world’s Renaissance there was a wizard who developed a way to artificially crystalize magical energy on accident. He spent the next ten years learning how to do it, but even after he mastered the art form he could find no practical use for the crystal. The last one he made was filled with his bitterness and hatred. This turned the pinkish crystal black as pitch. In time the hatred the object radiated cause the man to fly into a blind rage that caused him to kill his wife and children. Then he went out and killed everyone in the village not far from his home. The negative energy that came with all these deaths flowed into this crystal as well.

With each brutal murderer near it the crystal grew in power wrapping the man’s mind in abhorrence and despair. When he had killed everyone in the village his body could take no more of the strain his action and the crystal were putting upon it, and the man passed out. When he woke the following day the memory of his actions flooded back into his mind, and the man wept. He apparated back to his home to find his wife lying before their children’s dead and mutilated bodies. He levitated their bodies outside, and magically dug their graves. When they were buried he crafted them a massive tombstone. Upon it he carved their names as well as his own because he had died the moment he turned his wand on them. He apparated to the mountains he once visited as a child. The man spent the rest of the day looking for a place to put the crystal. A vertical cave caught his attention. He went into this cave to find it empty of any other form of life. He placed the crystal on the ground. He then sealed the entrance to the cave. He warded the cave from being entered by magically. After that he removed his work from his own memory, and then killed himself. No one ever went looking for Ricardo de Monforte for they thought he was buried with his family.

The crystal remained concealed for the next four centuries slowly gathering the ambient hatred of those who walked by the cave. As it grew in power those who could use magic could feel its presence, but given de Monforte’s magical strength the wards were hard to break. When the goblins finally entered the cave they found nothing but de Monforte’s remains and the crystal radiating with hate and magic. They took the gem, and left in frustration that there was nothing else there. This was in nineteen forty-seven, and by this point the gem was filled with so much hatred that it was reddish black in color.

The goblins studied the crystal for the next thirty years. It was at this point that the struggle against Voldemort came in contact with the crystal. One of the wizards that worked for the goblins was a young man named Peter Pettigrew. He took a job with the bank as a magical researcher. One of the jobs that fell in his lap was to help them research the crystal. He discovered that the object could project a beam of energy that vaporized anything it touched. Peter took the object from the bank with the permission of his supervising goblin. The following day he Obliviated the memory of his boss that the object even existed.

The first person to fall victim to the gem in Pettigrew hands was a young mundane girl. She was seven years old. He violated the girl then as she lay there weeping on the floor he reduced her to dust. Peter smiled to himself, and hid the gem away. He knew Dumbledore would never approve of this things use, but he pledged to himself that he would use it for his special ‘projects’. Over the next three years the war against Voldemort grew dire. In fear of his own life and his precious crystal Peter went to Lucius Malfoy with hope of joining the Death Eaters.

When he was before Voldemort his mind was raided for information, and the secret of the crystal came out. Voldemort promised him safety so long as he handed over the crystal. In fear of his own life Peter handed over the crystal. Voldemort’s test subject for the crystal was Fleamont and Euphemia Potter parents of James Potter. The man did not use the crystal again until October thirty-first, a year and five months after the death of the eldest Potters. It broke down the door with ease, and was intended to kill Potter, but the ward surrounding the girl was one of love so the crystal turned on itself. The resulting explosion destroyed the child’s bedroom, and injuring Voldemort. In one final attempt to kill the young Potter Voldemort used the killing curse. This like in many other universes rebounded off the boy and killed Voldemort instead.

The energy held within the crystal was starting to be scattered thought the solar system by solar winds. Magic increased the speed tenfold with each passing day until the whole galaxy was covered in a dark black haze.

The sound of the door opening drew her attention. Anther page stood before her. “Mistress the other members of the council wish enter into this realm.”

“I grant them entry.” With those words flashes of light scattered throughout the room. “So what are your opinions?”

“Not even bothering with a ‘hello’ Kylie?” Time asked.

“Yes where are my manners. Welcome everyone. And sorry Life for not asking for better place to hold this meeting, but this shall be brief I swear.”

“We shall see. When did you discover this?” Life asked in irritation as the negative energy of death gnawed at her.

“Less than an hour ago, and we needn’t do anything about what caused the disturbance. The object is gone. As for events that are to happen they should play out the way they are intended.” Time spoke firmly. “You will be going to the planet won’t you Kylie?”

“While that was not my original intent now that you mention it I shall.” She looked around the room. Every over deity from air to magic looked confused. “While everything looks normal I want to make damn sure that gem is truly destroyed. The last thing we need is for Voldemort or Dumbledore using any piece that may remain as a key to alter their reality.”

“There is more isn’t there.” Magic asked. The violet haired goddess brushed her hair over her shoulder with a flick of her wrist.

“In many other worlds other gods and goddess of death, magic, you name it step into help the male or the female version of Potter child in many ways. I wish to teach this one. I will take over as Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher.” Kylie said calmly.

“You want to teach that class?” War asked.

“Well it is either that or History of Magic.” Kylie said coolly.

“You should teach history.” Chaos said with a smile across her lips.

“This is not why we are here.” said Time. “Let me get this straight you want to go and ‘teach’ ‘Harry Potter’ correct?” Kylie nodded. “And I am guessing you want to do more than teach Potter the required material?”

“Yes that is correct, although I will be teaching that stuff to his friends and allies as well.” Kylie said calmly. “That is if you all agree with my plan. Sure Voldemort may not know how the crystal was made, but that will not stop him from trying to rediscover its creation. Dumbledore my start looking for others like the one lost. There are still two crystals that remain untouched by anyone in four centuries. I would like to keep it that way…. for now.”

“Let us put it to a vote then.” Life said. “All of those in favor of this plan?” Kylie raised her hand. She looked around the room. Of the fourteen deities there only six did not raise their hands. “All of those against it?” Of the eight that remained only three raised their hands.

“You may do this Kylie, but you must restrain your abilities with the artifacts we provide.” Time said before leaving in a flash of grey light.

“Of course,” with that the other deities left for their realms. “Now it is time to plan. I will need to send one of my clerics back in time to take on the role of me as a student. They need to be as deceptively honest as possible. Perhaps I should use Akasa for this mission.” After calling the elf into her chambers.

“You wanted to see me my Lady?” Akasa asked while taking a knee.

“Yes, I would like you to take on a role for me. I want you to pretend to be a student in a school using my name.” Kylie said with a smile on her face.

“I am more than willing to do this Mistress, but I would like to know what I will be doing while I am there?”

“Nothing more than going to school, but I will be putting you under some strong magic. You will have to pretend to be a child. You will be turned into an infant and raised by a family of my choosing. If anything happens to you I will exact revenge upon them of that you can be sure.”

“I will do as you ask my Lady. When must I go?” Akasa asked resolve steeling her veins.

“Tomorrow, I must make preparations for you stay on that world. The elves that are native to that world do not look like you, and while you are there you will be under divine glamor to look human. I will explain more tomorrow. You are dismissed.” With that Kylie made her way to her desk. “Now to free up a spot on the staff.” Kylie waved her off, and as the young woman made her way to the door something else crossed her mind. “One more thing.” The young cleric looked over her shoulder at her goddess. “I will be sending you backwards through time to accomplish this task, and it will be on a nother world.” The young elf nodded, and walked out of the chamber.


Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

History of Magic classroom

November 12, 1981

William Weasley was sitting there listening to Professor Binns ramble on about the goblin war of 1283, and was honestly amazed he hadn’t fallen asleep yet. One look around the classroom told him he was one of the unlucky ones. Most of his fellow classmates had already fallen victim to slumber. The old ghost could make the Apocalypse sound boring. How this… man was still teaching was a mystery to the young boy. Surly someone within the last hundred years would have thought to replace him. History was an important subject. Learning about the past was a good way to help shape the future. Well he at least thought so. How was anyone going to react to another dark lord like He-who-must-not-be-named if they didn’t learn about him? They most certainly wouldn’t learn of him if Binns kept teaching here.

As it stood the only thing this class was good for was catching up on your sleep. Most students seemed to ignore him when he complained about this. He loved ancient history. He studied at home form the books his mum and dad had when they went to Hogwarts. He would love to go see the Coliseum, the Pyramids, the Parthenon, and loads of other historical place when he was older. Just to stand in front of such historical landmarks would be such an honour. The thought that such things still stood was amazing. He wanted to be a historian, but his mum wanted him to work in the Ministry like his dad, and he wanted none of it. Really the only job closest to a muggle historian the wizarding world had available was to work for Gringotts the Wizarding bank, and if that’s what he had to do then so be it.

“And Higdnoll’s raid on London broke after two days of siege…” Binns pandered on. “When the… What is going on here? Why is it so cold?”

This caused Bill to look up from his notes, and stare at the professor. The ghost was looking around the room. A look of confusion clearly etched on to his face. The ghost only stayed like this for a couple of seconds though. As the ghost swung his hand down to strike the table in front him his hand passed through it. He looked confused for a couple of seconds, and then at the top of his ghostly lungs screamed “WAKE UP YOU LOT!” With that the sleeping students in the room jolted awake staring in shock and awe at their very aware professor. The ghost ranted for about ten minutes about how disgraceful this was, and how no matter how bored they get no student should fall asleep in class. After handing out some detentions Binns dismissed the class and floated off to talk to the headmaster.

Bill gathered up his things and made for the door. He really didn’t want to get pulled into a conversation with Jacob McLean, a fifth year Gryffindor, about what had happened as this free time gave him the opportunity to do his potions homework.

Headmasters Office

Albus had been sitting there minding his own business when Binns came charging into his office screaming at the top of his ghostly lungs. Somehow the aged ghost had finally become aware of his status as a ghost. He seemed disturbed that no one in the last hundred years had bothered to tell him he was dead. Sure he didn’t mind teaching, but the audacity of it all seemed to bother the man. When he was done yelling the man said he would be taking a sabbatical from teaching indefinitely.

“But who will teach History of Magic Professor Binns?” Albus asked.

“That is not my problem, it is yours. The spell that would alert a ghost to its true nature should they be unaware of it is in the Hogwarts library. So I wish you the best of luck and if you need me I will be in the Great Hall chatting with the other ghosts.”

With that the ghost slid down through the floor, and presumably off to the great hall. Albus leaned back in his chair. This was not good. He already had to find a new teacher every year for Defense Against the Dark Arts, and now for the first time in years Hogwarts was without a history teacher.

“Just when things where settling down, a new problem emerges to complicate things a little.” Albus looked to the devices he set up to monitor Rose Potter. “Well at least she will not be bothered by this, and perhaps I can convince whoever is chosen to teach the class to stay away from Tom’s past.” He looked to a photo on his desk of his sister. “And mine.”


Hogwarts Entrance Hall

Three Weeks later

Kylie looked at herself in the mirror. Her platinum blonde hair was longer then she’d like, and her grey eyes just looked weird behind glasses. The trip here was short and sweet. It still irritated her that when traveling between planes you still end up miles off target. The two hundred sixty-three miles she ended up off target was easy to overcome. The ‘hard’ part was matching of the personality Akasa had worked up over the seven years she spent here. No one here would know that she was a different person, and she had to remember who Akasa’s friends were in school should any of them show up. Snape would be a pain, but thankfully Akasa had no friendly relation with the bastard. Faking the accent was the most ‘difficult’ thing for her to do. The only real annoying issue was the ghosts. Once she set foot into Hogwarts they would all know who and what she was. With or without the necklace and brace that now on her person. She would have to deal with that as soon as possible. She would have to hold a conversation with the ghost before seeing McGonagall about the History of Magic position. Focusing on Hogwarts she teleported there within seconds. Turning her gaze to the gates that blocked the path to Hogwarts she spoke firmly but quietly. “All ghost come to me.”

The sound that followed was a massive high pitched noise. The screams of the ghost could be heard from the entrance gate of the school. She could see the cloud of ghost heading her way. The horde of the undead would be hard for any mage to miss. A quick repulsion enchantment set for humans would make sure this conversation would not be interrupted. Once the ghost had arrived the sound was almost deafening. When the ghost had settled down Kylie spoke soft but firmly to them.

“I will keep this brief and straight to point. I know you all know what I am, but I am telling you this now: If any of you tell Dumbledore who and what I am I will banish you to the afterlife quicker than you can count to one. Do you all understand?” Quick nods from the ghost settled her nerves a little. “Peeves that includes you as well. Now in ten years I will be personally teaching a few students some forgotten techniques. If Dumbledore tells you to monitor those students, you will not tell him a thing about what I am doing is that understood?”

“Yes, but perhaps the headmaster could help you?” asked Nicholas De Minsy-Porpington quietly.

“No. His version of ‘help’ is one I do not want. If he is anything like all other versions of himself, he will not be that helpful. Yes, I just said ‘other versions of himself’. This is not the only Albus Dumbledore. Now am I understood?”

“Yes, my lady.” The ghost said as one.

As the ghost left she opened a dimensional door that led to the front doors of Hogwarts. Walking through the portal to the front doors of the castle brought a smile to her face. The spells that had been lost on this world made certain things a lot easier. She concealed her divine presence even further. She could feel the Elder Wand and Death Shroud sitting there in Dumbledore’s office. She hoped that the old man didn’t notice the pulse the Elder Wand was putting out right now.

Kylie shook her head to clear her mind of these thoughts. Deity or not when your mind was distracted it would show in a conversation. She decided to focus on the hallway and those within it to distract her from these thoughts. The students as they walked past her were staring at her with eyes the size of saucers. She could have made herself look less attractive if she wanted to, but where’s the fun in that? The greyish violet silk following over the curves her body was more than alluring. Her platinum blonde hair framed her heart shaped face, and gave her a sterner look than she wanted, but these were children so being a touch more frightening was probably a good thing.

As she walked down the hallway she spotted the greasy haired potion professor she gently probed his mind to see what he remembered of her time at the school from 1971 to 1977. After millennia of doing this the delicate nature of mind magic was like breathing to her. The concerned look on his face did not last for long and she was out of his mind before he even knew she was there. The man looked around for the person who had touched his mind, but given that she was the only one over the age of thirteen in the hall his gaze settled on her.

As she finally walked past Snape she could sense him turn around and look at her as she walked past. She smirked to herself as she sensed him look her up and down. Akas while pretty was nowhere near supermodel material. That she now resembled a professional model made the man stare for a while. As she rounded the corner she glared at the man through the corner of her eye. There were times she wished she could move someone’s date of death up a few years, but sadly this was not possible unless you directly affected a deity’s sacred places… or people.

As she made her way to the Transfiguration professor’s office she noticed a few students whispering to themselves about the great Rose Potter. She was thankful that Dumbledore didn’t hide Potters identity. The fact that she was going to have to use mortal means of information while she was in the mortal world was beyond irritating. While being in the mortal world briefly she could be at full power, but it would have to be in one of her temples, and since she didn’t have one here that limited what she could do.

She shook these thoughts out of her head as she got to the Transfigurations class room. McGonagall’s Office was next to it, and the line of people who were wanting to take the position that was now open were some of Voldemort’s followers. A simple flick of her wrist gave them the compulsion to go relieve themselves for the next couple of hours. So as to not draw too much attention to herself she let the other two that were looking to get the job go ahead of herself. It would be unsportsmanlike if she didn’t have at least a couple of people go before her before she stole the job.

The waiting was the hard part. An hour and a half dragged by more slowly than she had expected. When she finally got into the office she steeled her resolve. Looking at the raven haired woman to let her know that the other candidates were not looking that great.

“Good afternoon Professor McGonagall. It is so nice to see you again.” Kylie said smoothly.

“Good afternoon Ms. Nightshade you look well. What makes you want this job? I don’t remember you loving History of Magic this much.”

“I am trying to do something more than travel Professor.” Kylie said with a small smile. “I have learned a lot that is not taught in the current standards of the course. I have traveled to forgotten places, and seen things that not many witches have seen in recent years. I am just wanting to pass this information on to the next generation, so that someone doesn’t have to do what I have done to learn these thing.”

“What have you learned Ms. Nightshade?”

“What do you think of when I say schools of magic?” Kylie leaned back and smiled.


June 23, 1991

11:00 PM

Little Whining, Surry England

4 Privet Drive

Rose was rolling around on the ground in pain. She had been shut in her cupboard for four hours now. Her ‘relatives’ had not even asked her to make their dinner. It was kind of a relief really. If she had been asked to make dinner she would have been yelled at by Uncle Vernon some more. If she was lucky she could endure the hunger she knew she would be feeling tonight, and make it to breakfast without causing another scene. And perhaps the pains she was feeling since being thrown into Dudley’s elbow would go away. Given her luck though this was unlikely.

Rose’s attention was pulled off her own misery when she heard someone unlock the cupboard door. Rose backed into the left corner of the cupboard. She knew this really wouldn’t protect her from her Uncle’s rage, but it was better than just sitting there and taking it. When the door opened what her eyes fell upon was not her uncle or her aunt. The woman was wearing what looked like a greyish violet set of robes, cloak, and what must have been a dark purple long sleeve shirt underneath the robes. There was what appeared to be an oak stave in her right hand. The woman was looking down at her with what looked to be concern in her eyes. As she kneeled down Rose asked “Who are you?”

“My name is Kylie Nightshade Rose, and I am just here to check in on you. There is no need to be scared. I will not hurt you. I need to make sure you’re not bleeding internally.” Kylie said this as she waved her left hand over her stomach. “Give me a couple of seconds so I can fix this.” The woman said as she as a white glow came to enveloped her hand. Rose could feel something move within her stomach relieving the dull pain that she was trying to ignore.

“Thank you, but how did you know I was hurting, and…” Rose asked her amazement clear in her voice, but she was cut off by the woman.

“I can’t tell you everything right now, but in time I will tell you everything. Now I must go, but I will not leave you starving. Here take this.” Kylie handed her a small bowl with a lid and a towel wrapped around it. “When you are done eating this wrap it all back up in the towel, and press your forefingers into the center of the lid for three second then lift it.”

“What is it?”

“Pot pie, goodbye Ms. Potter.” The woman closed the door, and Rose heard the door lock once again.

Rose waited a few seconds to see if this was a cruel prank by the Dursleys. After about ten minutes she decided to unwrapped the bowl to reveal a pottery bowl. Rose looked to the door one last time. When it didn’t open she opened the bowl. Inside was indeed a pot pie, but there was also a fork stuck inside the pie. She looked at the bottom of the lid to see if there was special slot for the utensil, but what she saw a bit unbelievable. The bottom part of the lid looked deeper than the outer perimeter looked. She stuck her had in the lid and watched it disappear all the way up to the midpoint of her forearm. She blinked a couple of times before pulling her arm out of the lid. Setting the lid down she decided to start eating the potpie. It was delicious. To be honest this was a thousand times better than her own cooking. She tried to eat in a civilized manor but she was just too hungry to maintain a decent eating speed. When she was finished she gathered up the bits of food that hand landed on the floor, and put them in the bowl. When she put the lid back on the bowl, wrapped the bowl up, and pressed her fingers to the bowl a flash of light blinded her. When she opened her eyes again the bowl, and the bits of food that remained were gone.

The sound of feet pounding on the stair alerted her to her Uncle heading down stairs. She quickly got under her meager covers, and closed her eyes quickly. When the slat in the door opened she prayed that Vernon could see the smile she was trying to suppress. After a few minutes the slat closed, and her uncle went back up the stairs. When the thundering sound of elephant feet ended Rose closed her eyes and went off to sleep.

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