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I'm coming out!

By Gina Mae Callen

Thriller / Drama


AU, The world turned on its head. Being Gay, Lesbian or Bisexual is normal Bi is the accepted term for people who are transgender and have been brought up one way but choose to live another. In this world, it is Immoral and Illegal to be Straight. Children are created in breeding centers and Natural Borns are discarded at birth. Agent G Callen of NCIS is an enigma, he discovers he is Natural Born already hiding the secret that he is Straight.

Chapter 1

Callen woke up and looked over at the blonde in his bed, "You gotta wake up soon baby, and Sam'll be here to pick me up for work." He said shaking her shoulder.

Gerry opened her eyes, "What... G?" she said; she looked over at her dog tags hanging around his neck and smiled.

"I'll need those back lover boy." She said reaching for them.

He took them off, kissed her and walked into the shower.

He was dressed and standing outside as Sam pulled up.

"Morning G." Sam said as he opened the door.

Callen walked up the sidewalk to the door his bag in his hand. "You look better this morning." Sam said.

Callen sighed, "I'm fine." He said, Sam eyed him as he put the car into drive and headed into work.

"Something is different." He said.

Callen stared out of the window, avoiding his eye.

Sam stopped at an intersection and looked over at him again, "You had a date!" he exclaimed.

Callen sighed, "Yes, I had a date."

"Tell me his name." Sam demanded.

Callen looked away again, he hated lying to his partner, but he couldn't help it, Sam and Michael were like family and their little girl Rachel was the light of his life, if he told the truth he'd lose them.

"His name is Gerry ok, and he's a blond." Callen divulged.

"Nice, what's he do?" Sam asked.

"He's a marine." Callen told him.

"Nice, I can't wait to tell Michael, he wanted to set you up on a date with a nice little teacher called Joe."

"Well, Gerry and I are kinda serious, but with 'his' schedule you may not get to meet him for a while." 'Or ever' Callen thought.

Callen looked around as he got out of the car, Kensi and Nell arrived together as usual, they had been dating on and off for a year, Kensi's attitude and Nell's smarts meant that usually they were fighting more than making up, but Hetty had hopes for the couple. The only other couple in the team was Kensi's partner Deeks who last summer had married Eric Beale the tech operator.

Hetty looked up from her desk as Callen and Sam came in.

Sam gave her a nod and she smiled, Hetty had been hoping for years that Callen would settle down to find himself a nice man and get married. She had been keeping an eye on him ever since his mother, Clara had been killed by the CIA for having a child naturally. Clara had been on a CIA mission and had to pretend to be straight, a dangerous assignment, especially for the 1970's when being straight was still illegal.

Especially in the USSR.

Where she had met and seduced Nikita Resnikov and had borne him two children until she had been shopped to the KGB and Nikita had to smuggle them out of the country.

Nikita had been sent to Siberia as punishment for being straight and hadn't been heard from since. Clara had made it as far as Romania and called her ex-wife Hetty for help.

Hetty had pulled as many strings as she could, but the CIA had disavowed their agent and had her killed. Hetty's current wife, however had arrived straight after the hit and had smuggled the children into the US under false passports and she had hidden both of them in the system.

Callen never knew he was the product of an unsanctioned coupling; he grew up like everyone else thinking he'd been ordered and created by the 'new birth' group. A government company where children were created to make sure the population thrived.

Breeding mares, (Straight women who could bear children.) lived in compounds and were artificially inseminated in the case of a gay couple or an implanted egg was used, the egg and sperm belonged to both 'parents' sharing the DNA of both of them.

Hetty had wiped Callen's conception status and as such accidentally wiped his name and he had grown up with just the name G.

She had watched him carefully over the years; there were rumors that children of these 'straight' parents could grow up straight themselves that would have spelt disaster for her boy.

And yes, make no mistake; Hetty felt like she was his mother, after all, had Clara not had to divorce her and take that assignment in the USSR, he more than likely would have been her son. A fact she kept hidden from her wife and Callen.

Callen sat at his desk and got on with his paperwork.

"URGH!" Kensi sat back disgusted.

"What?" Deeks asked, looking over his partner's shoulder.

"I thought we screened the mail?" Kensi said.

Sam and Callen looked up at this.

"We do, it's screened in D.C, why?"

Kensi opened the letter, "Look its disgusting!"

She held up a picture of a man and a woman kissing. "Man shall not lie with a woman." She read off the back, "Who sent that?"

Deeks shrugged, "I don't know." He said.

"I hate stuff like that, I mean I'm not heterophobic or anything, but I really don't want to see that kind of thing." Sam said, turning to Callen.

Callen didn't say anything; he just got out a bag and opened it. "Put it in there, I'll take it to the file burn room." He offered turning and walking out with it.

Callen shut the door to the burn room, he looked at the pictures, the women were really beautiful and he loved looking at them, for a second he thought about keeping the literature, but the hatred written on it hurt him, was he really unnatural because he liked women? He'd never had anyone in his life he could ask about it. He knew that mixing genders was forbidden, the only exception to the rule were people who were born transgender, they could switch depending on whether they were being male or female, the new accepted term for that was bi.

He read the hate mail again and screwed it up in disgust and threw it into the incinerator and shut the door.

He walked back out to the bullpen as Eric blew a big shiny gold whistle and grinned.

"DEEKS!" Kensi yelled, putting her hands over her ears.

"Yes, Fern?" Deeks grinned flashing his husband a wink.

"Can you stop buying your husband whistles." She sighed as he stopped blowing.

"It keeps him happy, give him a break in his condition he can't do much else." Deeks smiled as Eric turned and the bulge in the front of his stomach showed.

The pregnancy pouch was invented to the main carer of a newborn would feel all the little kicks and movements of their baby as the brood mare carried him, it was linked via Wi-Fi to the pouch and the maternal parent would wear it for the entire span of the pregnancy, the pouch getting larger and heavier as time went on.

According to the clock on the side of the pouch Eric had been 'pregnant' for four months 3 days and six hours.

He walked into Ops and sat down as the pouch kicked, he smiled and rubbed the stomach, "Hey kiddo, give daddy a few minutes ok?" he said into the built in microphone which came out of speakers beside the 'mares' body. For the whole time she was pregnant a brood mare was not allowed to speak so that the child would only know it's parent's voices. She was only allowed to touch her stomach when the person wearing the pouch did and exactly where they touched.

Eric felt the baby stop stretching as he rubbed the spot on the pouch where he could feel his child's feet? Could be feet, he supposed and the baby settled down.

Deeks put his hand on the pouch and smiled as he felt the baby kick and then quickly moved to his place beside Kensi as Hetty came in to read them in on a case.

"We have a hit and run." She said briskly. "A US Marine killed on the PCH, and people, it's a hate crime. It's not pretty."

Callen looked up as Eric pulled up the picture.

Gerry Moore's body was splayed out over her car mutilated and naked. The same body G had kissed last night was now broken battered and dead.

He swallowed the urge to cry and scream as Hetty continued.

"Sergeant Gerry Moore apparently was spotted in a relationship with a man, as per the US Marines Don't ask, Don't tell, no one knew."

"Someone did." Sam stated looking at the body on the screen.

"The words WHORE and MANFAGGOT were carved into the hood of the car between her legs." Nell said.

Kensi shot Nell a smiled, "Where was she found?"

"In a rest stop on the PCH, I hear that's where straight people tend to hang out."

"That and public toilets." Deeks laughed.

Callen slipped out and headed to the bathroom, the second the door closed Callen let out a sob. "She was dead, Gerry was dead!" he sunk to his knees in the stall fighting the urge to vomit. Granted they had only met up 3 times before. But the sex had been mind-blowing and Callen had been happy.

He needed to get himself together.

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