I'm coming out!

Chapter 10

"Then don't go back," Nikita said again reinforcing his statement to his son.

Callen looked up at him.

"I want to go back... Dad…" he paused and shifted position so he and his father were face to face, "I love my job." he gave a resigned laugh. "I loved my job, now everything is falling around my ears, I can't do it, can I?" he asked, "I can't go back now, the government will now know that I am a natural born... She can't hide me…" Callen stopped and looked up horrified, "They are going to find out, they'll kill her!" he exclaimed, standing up, "I need to go back, for her."

"If you go back and they haven't found out that this woman has helped you then going back could put her in danger." Nikita counselled.

"I told her... Hetty, I told her on the DVD I sent that I wasn't coming back, I told her I couldn't." He admitted, "I want to stay, with Michelle and Jacob,"

Nikita smiled and moved to the chair opposite his son. Leaning across the table he poured two drinks.

"Then stay, if in the future, you need to go back, then by all means do so, but stay here help us in our work." He offered.

"But if the containment team finds out Hetty helped hide me for all these years... They'll send her to Gitmo." he argued worried for her.

"Hetty Lange?" Nikita asked.

Callen nodded, "You know her?" he asked.

Nikita smiled, "She was your mothers ex-wife, Clara contacted her to get you and your sister out of Romania, but I thought she had died."

"No," Callen told his father, "She remarried and her wife works in the DNA marker testing center, she is the reason I had no idea I was natural born until recently. She's been changing my test results so that I wouldn't suffer the same fate as Amy, they tried with her, but didn't know about the genetic markers until the containment team had Amy thrown onto the streets, she died when she was eleven in a storm," he admitted, looking away ashamed as he told his father of his sister's death.

"I knew moy syn, this is why I started the NBSCA over here, I was fighting the injustice I was seeing in Europe, but it needed to be dealt with over here as well, I know that some people in government departments have been helping where they can behind the scenes, but I never for one moment hoped that you would have made it out alive and in a position in a government agency."

Callen took a sip of the drink in his hand.

"OK, I'm in and I'll help, but I need to call Hetty and tell her."

Nikita nodded and left the room so that Callen could make the call.

He talked to Hetty, shed a few tears, but basically he told her he wasn't coming back, to get the files she had on him and the NBSCA and get them to him for her own safety.

Hetty had walked over in Nate's office to the filing cabinet and taken out all the files on Callen that she had.

"Are you sure you want to do this Mr. Callen?" Hetty asked, her voice shaking, "There are other avenues," She closed the cabinet and locked it with her key.

"Someone in there is feeding information to the containment team, I have been told someone has burned my identity to them and it might be dangerous for me to come back anyway." He informed her, it had been a shock to him when he'd heard that from his uncle, but felt he needed to tell her so they didn't kill her or worse.

Hetty's hands shook as she put the file in her bag, "I will leave immediately and bring this file to you, it will be safer with you than here. Do you know who is it that is working with the containment teams?" She asked.

"No." Callen shook his head even though she couldn't see him, "No, Just leave I'm texting you the address memorize and wipe it, get here as soon as you can and tell no one."

Hetty put a few more files into her bag, "I'm on my way." she said quietly and walked to the office door hanging up her phone.

The door opened and Hetty saw a door down the hallway close. Taking her bag to the office, she tried not to let her nervousness show, and as usual she was a master at it. She stepped on her stool and took her jacket down from the peg, putting it on and walking to her desk drawer she pulled out two envelopes. One was a plain white manilla envelope which contained a new set of identities for both her and her wife, and an older cardboard envelope which had red lettering on it, this envelope needed to get to its recipient as soon as possible. She placed her chair back and took a last look at her office, recalling the times she had spent there in the past. With a small sigh, she turned and walked out.

"Something is going on," Sam said, watching Hetty walk around her office write something on a piece of paper and put it in her pocket.

"Something is." Kensi agreed, "You think Callen is in trouble?" she asked.

"She doesn't usually look that scared." Sam admitted, we need to follow her." he decided.

Deeks stood up after Hetty walked out, "Come on then, if she's been coerced, we need to be her back up, that's what Callen would have done."

He waited as Kensi caught up to them, "I'll drive, we'll take my car," Sam stated as they went out of the door, determined to follow Hetty to her destination.

As they went Nell watched them go and picked up the phone.

Hetty was so consumed with getting to the address that Callen had texted her that she had actually let her guard down and she didn't notice the black challenger tailing her, after all it was a car she saw all the time.

Sam followed at a discreet distance as Kensi was talking to Eric and Nell on her phone.

"She has played a DVD, the drawer is still open," Nell ran down to Hetty's office there was a pad with a sheet of paper torn from the top, "there is a scrap of paper, hang on…" She grabbed a pencil and gently rubbed it over the indentations, "I can't read all of it, but it's in Inyo national forest and I can read Black mountain." she said.

"Why would she be going there?" Deeks asked.

Nell looked at the paper turning it to see if she could make out any more words.

"I can see the words Callen…. er... NSBCA... Danger!" she exclaimed at the last word.

Sam put his foot down a bit more trying to keep up with the fast moving Jaguar, "Callen's in danger?" he asked, "We need to get there, the NSBCA are dangerous, they have killed before, they could have blown his cover and be holding him hostage,"

Both Kensi and Deeks checked their guns, "Do you have vests in the trunk?" Kensi asked.

Sam nodded grimly as his hands tightened on the wheel.

He didn't want his last words with his partner to have been an argument.

Callen walked outside and found his father leaning against a fence as the sun started to go down. He found his eyes straying down the street to the house where Michelle and Jacob lived. He smiled as Michelle stepped out on her front porch and walked toward them.

"I have someone watching Jacob for the night," she told Callen at his questioning glance.

He smiled as she snuggled into the arm he held out for her.

"It is beautiful here." Nikita said watching as the stars started to come out.

"It is," His son agreed pulling Michelle in closer as she lay her head on his shoulder. "I told Hetty where we were, she's on her way, it's for her own safety, someone in the office may realise that she knew about me and they may send her to Gitmo, it's where they send all conspirators," Michelle nodded sadly, My friend Joelle, she helped me when she knew I was straight, she hid me from the Containment teams, they took her away to Gitmo, I never saw her again." she told them sadly.

"This is wrong moy syn, do you see that, people should be free to be who they are, to love who they want to love, they are not hurting anyone, you see? This is what we are fighting for." he told his son.

Callen nodded, "I can see that now father."

Nikita smiled, "I know, I look forward to meeting Hetty, it will be nice to put a face to a name I know so much about." He smiled at his son, "You two go and have a nice time together, I will greet your Hetty when she gets here and will get a room ready for her."

Michelle giggled as Callen shot his father a smirk and grabbed her hand running for the house.

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