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Chapter 11

Callen awoke his arms wrapped around Michelle, he sighed in contentment and found himself snuggling into her neck.

"Morning Greg." she sighed, "What's the time?"

Callen looked over at the bedside clock, "7.30am, we need to get up, you have to pick up Jacob later." he said kissing her and rolling away to sit up.

Michelle groaned, "It was a great night Greg,"

G looked at her, "But….?" he asked his heart constricting.

She looked confused, "But nothing? It was a great night, and I meant what I said, I love you Gregori Callen Reznikov."

He let out a brilliant smile and pulled her to him, "I love you too, Michelle Mason, and Jacob as well."

She pulled his shirt on and sat cross legged on the bed, "So you're staying?" she asked.

Callen nodded as he stood up, "I am... If I went back it wouldn't be long before the containment team sent me to Guantanamo, I have fam... Family here." He stumbled over the word as his throat constricted with emotion. "I know they don't want me there, so yes, I'm staying." he grabbed a towel from the closet, "I'm gonna grab a shower, Hetty is on her way down and I want to be ready when she gets here, you rest... I won't be long."

Michelle smiled and stood up, "I need a shower too... Got room for one more?" She asked innocently and burst into laughter as he grabbed her hand and pulled her to him.

Hetty was tired, she had been driving all night and she turned up the dirt road leading to the NBSCA camp, not noticing the van with no lights that followed.

"There is no one following her," Sam said, "Are we sure that this is where Callen is?"

They pulled over as Hetty stopped and got out of the car at a checkpoint, she stood with her arms outstretched as she was searched.

"We need to ditch the van and do the rest of this on foot." Kensi said.

The sun was a third of the way across the sky as Hetty and her escort reached the house. Kensi Deeks and Sam followed at a distance, but hadn't been spotted.

"It's like a self contained compound down there." Sam said as he looked through his field glasses at the buildings in the small valley.

He watched as Hetty was taken to a large house, she stopped and Sam watched as a dark skinned woman carrying a small child walked up to her and said something. She nodded and walked inside.

We've lost sight of her, Kensi, you take the perimeter, Deeks and I will go to the house, we need to get her out of there.

They came down the side of the valley, the scant brush giving them just enough cover so as not to be seen.

Deeks put a finger to his lips and pointed as two men walked out of the house.

"Arkady... We have to do this. We cannot continue as we have been, it is time for a change, the authorities know where we are, Gregori may trust the woman, but she may be a spy, Gregori will get it out of her."

"Nikita, you cannot hurt her, Gregori trusts her."

"I have no intention of breaking my son's trust, but we need to know if we are to move operations." Nikita sighed, he looked directly at the bush that Sam and Deeks were hiding behind but saw nothing. Then he turned and walked back into the house.

Sam looked at the windows, there were men with guns in the house and he took note of where they were, then he saw Callen.

Callen walked out of the back of the house and sat on the porch with a mug of coffee in his hand. The woman they had seen earlier followed him out and kissed him, he took the child from her arms and sat with him on his lap.

Jacob held his hands out as Callen gave him a small square of toast and he chomped on it.

"Dada." he gurgled happily holding the chewed piece of toast out to Callen.

Callen laughed, and Sam and Deeks looked at each other confused, he looked really happy.

There was a crash from inside the house, Callen gave Jacob to Michelle and pulled his gun, "Stay safe." He told her, he kissed them both and went into the house.

Michelle gathered her son up and hurried him away from the house, not noticing the two men who were heading towards her.

She stopped as she walked into the large, muscular man, "Shh... We won't hurt you." he said pointing his gun at her.

She moved her son out of the line of fire, "Who... Who are you?" she asked worried.

"Federal Agents." Sam said, holding out his badge for her to see.

She shook her head in fear and turned to run, "You're not taking my baby." she screamed in terror.

Sam held his gun on her, "Ma'am... Please... I…."

He stopped as an angry voice came from behind him, "Put the gun down Sam." Callen growled, his own gun levelled at his ex-partner's head.

Deeks levelled his gun at Callen, but his hand wavered as Sam turned to him.

"What the hell G? You can't have decided to side with them…?"

"Put the gun down Sam or I swear to God, I will shoot you if you harm either of them."

"G, I'm not gonna hurt them, but I'm not dropping my gun." Sam growled.

"I think you should though." Kensi said, placing the barrel of her gun in the small of Callen's back for a second.

Callen looked at Michelle, worried for the fear he saw on her face, "I'm sorry." he said as he dropped his gun and raised his hands.

Sam moved towards Michelle as Deeks zip tied Callen's hands behind his back. "Leave them alone!" Callen cried as he struggled to get to them.

"I'm not going to hurt them G, but we are all going to go inside." Sam replied.

"Please, I'm begging you Sam, let them go, they've done nothing to you... Please... Jacob is just a child... You can't turn them in."

Sam shot him a look of annoyance, "They've brainwashed you G, you can't honestly think any of this is normal!" Sam exclaimed ushering him toward the house, "Besides with the kid here there's less chance of someone shooting at us."

"You wouldn't want that…" Callen mumbled as he walked up the steps and Kensi opened the door to the house.

"Where's Hetty?" Sam asked as they walked inside.

"In the study." Callen replied curtly and nodded towards the room where he had had his own life changed just days earlier.

Sam walked up to the door, "Get them to open the door," Sam hissed. "Deeks you take the rear, you're gonna be a father soon, you shouldn't be in the firing line, Eric would never forgive me."

Callen laughed, "Says the man who is using his own son as a shield."

"Shut up…" Sam snapped, he had no idea what Callen was talking about, but if he had been turned he wasn't about to listen to the straight lies that Callen would come out with.

He undid Callen's hands, "Get us in there and no funny stuff G."

Callen knocked on the door, "Papa... We have guests." He called and winced as Sam put the gun up to his head, "I said no funny stuff…. What the hell G!"

The door opened and he was shocked to see a pair of eyes as blue as the ones belonging to his ex-partner staring at him.

"Sam Hanna, Martin Deeks and Kensi Blye... Yes come on in, Henrietta said you would be along shortly." Nikita stepped back to let them in.

They walked in to find two men sitting at a large desk with a pot of tea in the center of it.

"Where is Hetty?" Kensi asked, noticing her absence.

"Upstairs freshening up from her long journey, would you care to join us for some tea?" Arkady asked.

Two men behind the door, pointed their guns at them and the team relinquished their weapons.

"You double crossed us?" Kensi asked, looking at Callen shocked.

G shook his head, "No... You won't be hurt, but I needed the guns gone from around Jacob, he's just a child... Sam... This is Jacob Hanna, your son." He said, handing the child to his biological father.

Michelle moved to stand with her hand on Callen's arm, she trusted him and knew he wouldn't do anything to harm her son, and he hoped beyond hope that Sam Hanna was the man she had been told he was.

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