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Chapter 12

Sam held the wriggling child in his arms and looked at him carefully. "My... son?" He asked, amazed, "But... my son died?"

He looked again this child was the spitting image of his Rachel at that age. Jacob reached out to his father, "Daddy?" Jacob asked, looking at his mom for a reply.

With tears in her eyes, she nodded, "Yes, baby that's your daddy."

Jacob looked at Callen, "No Daddy... G Daddy." he said, pouting in a way that left Sam in no doubt that it was his son.

Callen moved forward a step his hands still tied, "No Jacob, Sam is your daddy."

Jacob wriggled out of Sam's grasp and ran towards Callen grabbing him around the leg, "No...G Daddy…" He insisted.

Callen shook off Deeks' hand on his arm and crouched to his knee. "Jacob, I love you and I love your mommy, but Sam is your daddy, look at your hands, you have the same hands as Sam."

Jacob looked at his hand and he walked up and put his hand in Sam's, "Same daddy?" he asked.

Sam teared up, "Yes... Yes, Jacob we have the same." he lifted him up and hugged him.

He looked over at a very worried Michelle, "Thank you." Sam said, "For keeping him for me and not letting him go into the system."

Michelle shifted uneasily, "Please... Don't take him from me, he's all I have." she pleaded.


"I think Mr. Hanna, this is something that we should all talk about in length," Hetty said walking into the room.

Nikita turned to the group, "I have a large breakfast coming I hope you will join us in the dining room for breakfast, I made arrangements if you wish for you to stay for a while."

"Until you kill us?" Deeks asked, thinking of the undercover officers.

"We haven't killed anyone Deeks, they were all alive when they were sent back, they were supposed to highlight our cause, they can hardly do that if they are dead now can they?" Callen said.

"We...? Our cause?" Deeks asked. "Have you joined them?"

Arkady and Nikita looked up in interest at his answer.

Callen stepped away from them and towards Nikita.

"I stand with my family." he stated.

Sam smirked, "See Deeks I told you he wouldn't let us down, we are his family and always will be."

"That's not what I meant Sam, This is my father, Nikita and my Uncle Arkady. They run the NSBCA and the NSBCW."

"You don't have a father." Sam argued as Callen picked up the file Arkady had shown him just two weeks before and tossed it to his partner.

Nikita shifted worried about his son.

"DNA doesn't lie." Callen said, "Look at them, look at me, you can see we are related."

"But your loyalty to the government?" Sam argued, "You took an oath."

"Loyalty to family trumps everything, besides someone at Special Projects is sending information to the containment teams, if Hetty or I go back we will be instantly arrested, Hetty will be sent to Guantanamo and I may just end up being killed. So Sam... Do you want to hear us out or condemn me to death?"

Sam sat down and smiled as Jacob climbed into his lap.

"Convince me that we shouldn't just arrest the lot of you." He said.

Kensi and Deeks sensing a change in the air, followed Sam's suit. They weren't sure what was going on but they trusted Sam and they to a lesser degree trusted Callen.

Callen stood behind the chair, he motioned Michelle to sit in.

"Sam, guys this is Michelle Mason, she is Jacob and Rachel's' birth mother."

"She's a brood mare?" Deeks asked shocked.

Callen snapped his head around, "No... She was one of them, but the government lied to you, She's as aware and smart as you or I she runs the school here in the compound."

"I don't believe it!" Kensi scoffed.

"I was a fully qualified kindergarten teacher before my arrest." Michelle told them as Callen lay a comforting arm on her shoulder.

Kensi looked at her suspiciously, "What were you arrested for?"

Michelle looked up at Callen sadly, "Falling in love with a man, we were caught together."

"Oh my God, that's disgusting!" Kensi snapped.

Callen shot her a look of annoyance.

"No, it's not." He snapped back, "It's no more disgusting that you and Nell, Eric and Deeks or Sam and Michael!" he ranted. "It's just love... People can't help who they love."

"But it's not natural…" Kensi argued, "Even the Bible says Adam and Steve not Adam and Eve, I mean... How can you justify it?"

Callen turned away from her and took a deep breath, trying to calm his temper.

Kensi kept on unabated, "I mean, maybe they can fix you Callen, maybe it's because you are not like us...I mean, maybe it's not your fault... After all, you were natural born."

"EXACTLY!" Callen shouted, Jacob started to cry and he stopped looking down and the child he had come to care for greatly. "I'm sorry 'Chelle." he said, ignoring Kensi's disgusted look and kissing her temple.

"I'll take him outside for a bit." She said.

Sam moved as if to protest, but Callen cut him off, "He's not going anywhere Sam, she's his mother she won't hurt him."

"Michael is his co-parent, she's just the broodmare." He snapped, "So, this one has a brain, doesn't mean they all do."

Callen sighed and leaned against his father's desk.

"Be patient moy syn, you cannot expect him to change a lifetime of prejudice in an instant." Nikita said.

Callen nodded, "I know Papa, but…"

"It's not prejudice," Sam argued, "It's the law, remember G? The law you work for and uphold?"

"THE LAW IS WRONG!" Callen shouted and they all looked shocked.

"They've turned you?" Deeks asked.

Callen stood up and paced the room, they were all watching him.

"Deeks, when your fathers beat you and threw you out for shooting one of them was that right?" Callen asked.

Deeks looked hurt, he had told Callen that in confidence.

"Callen?" he growled.

"No, bear with me, but you were picked up and put in a foster home, a nice one right?"

"Yeah, Susan and Lacy Deeks took me in." He admitted, they were nicer than my fathers."

"Where do you think you would have ended up if you were natural born?"

Deeks shrugged, "I suppose the same place, how do I know?"

Callen walked up to the file Nikita had on his desk, and took a picture out of it.

"Look at it." He handed the picture to Deeks, Kensi and Sam leaned over to look as well.

"Cute kid." Deeks admitted looking at the picture of the ten year old blonde girl.

"Her name was Amy." Callen said his voice flat, "That was taken a year before she died."

Kensi looked shocked, "What happened?" she asked.

"She was thrown out onto the streets like trash, by the government, because she and I do not have the genetic markers in our blood that the government inject into the DNA of children created in their laboratories. Because we are natural born."

They looked from the photo to the three devastated men in front of them. "Amy was killed in a flood while she slept in the LA river basin."

Kensi's hand flew to her mouth in shock.

"Her only crime was being born, she didn't ask for her parents to be straight and she didn't to be natural born. She didn't ask for her parents to be in love, but they were. Do you think she deserved to be cast aside and thrown out like trash?"

"No but…" Sam started.

"Sam, you have worked with me for years, until a few weeks ago when you and I found out I was natural born would you have said I was lesser than any of you, I was your team leader."

"Are you not coming back?" Sam asked.

Callen shook his head, "I can't Sam...not yet, I want to but we need to let people know the truth. What the government is doing to people who are straight."

Deeks' got a sinking feeling in his gut and reached for his weapon.

"You can't be allowed to leave here." He said shakily pointing his gun at Callen, "If you leave...if you tell...Eric and I will lose our son, they'll let the broodmare keep him." Tears stung his eyes, "He's our son...our baby, we can't lose him."

Callen nodded sadly, he had thought about this, and yes some families would be torn apart for a while by this, some people would be hurt but it was for the greater good and he said so.

"Greater good?" Deeks couldn't believe it, "How does our son growing up without us amount to the greater good. Eric and I are his fathers, we are what is best for him. Without the broodmares we will die out as a species, it's always been this way!" he snapped.

"Marty, just because it's always been this way, it does not make it right."

"No but with the head of the NSBCA in the same room as me, if I kill you then the secret dies with you. No one need know about this, my son will be safe."

At that Sam turned pale, "What about my son Deeks, you gonna kill him too?"

Deeks shook his head wildly, "No, you take him home with you Sam, genetically he is your son, there should be no problems. We can say Callen went rogue, he killed them all and Hetty, he's a natural born after all."

Callen stepped in front of his uncle, father and Hetty to protect them, this was all going so wrong.

All he wanted was to expose the corruption and to make people realize his love for Michelle was not wrong. He hadn't wanted this.

"Please, Deeks...we'll help you keep your son." Callen started holding his hand out appealing to him not to shoot.

Deeks had admired Callen for so long and yet now his heart was at war with his head, he loved his husband and he loved his unborn son. Helping Callen and these….people, that could destroy everything, he could lose everything.

He just couldn't take that risk, could he?

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