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Chapter 13

Deeks stood holding the gun, he couldn't stop shaking. Callen was his friend and he understood that some of the things he was saying might be true, but this was his child, his baby boy and he and Eric would lose out if he didn't stop him.

"I...I can't Callen...my son…" He tried to explain the turmoil inside him but he couldn't.

"We will help you to be with your son, I know the pain of losing children to his situation." Nikita said.

"You can't promise that." Deeks snapped, "They will throw you in jail."

"And if they do, things will stay the same and you will have your son. If they don't, maybe we can make the change and still help you and your husband to have your son."

"What if his mother will not give him up?" Deeks asked still holding the gun on Nikita's son.

"Not all Brood Mares actually want to keep their children or feel any love towards them, do you know the name of the woman carrying your child?" Arkady asked.

Deeks nodded, out of curiosity Eric had hacked into the system to see if the broodmare looked like them, hoping she had blonde hair like they did. "Celia Blackwood."

Arkady gave a curt nod and picked up the phone.

"Put it down!" Deeks ordered.

"I am not calling far, I am just asking Michelle to come back in. I promise no….how you say, funny business?" Arkady asked looking to his nephew hoping he had got the saying right.

Callen nodded, "Tell her to leave Jacob with Charlie."

Sam raised an eyebrow at Callen. He knew people well enough to trust them with his son and was giving orders?

Arkady nodded and turned his attention to Deeks, "With your permission?" he asked.

Deeks gave a curt nod, "But no funny business or Callen gets it first."

Arkady shot a worried look to Nikita but dialled.

"I need someone to bring Michelle Mason back to the main house, please ask Charlie if she will watch Jacob for her, it is important." He said and hung up.

"Deeks...please…" Kensi said worried for her friends state of mind.

"Just sit and wait." Deeks growled.

Callen sat in the chair Deeks indicated, worried as to what his friend would do when Michelle came in. More than anything he didn't want her hurt.

"Deeks please, you don't need the gun. If 'chelle knows her, she will tell you what you want to know, you don't really want to shoot us do you?"

There was a short rap at the door and Michelle smiled as she stuck her head inside. "You wanted me?"

Her smiled faded as she noticed Deeks in one corner with a gun, she came in and closed the door.

Ignoring the fact that Deeks still had the gun trained on him, Callen moved to protect Michelle who grabbed his hand in fear.

"Greg?" she asked.

"Are you wearing a wire?" Deeks snarled pointing the gun at her.

"Don't be daft, she's been gone all of ten minutes, she had no idea you were holding a gun on us and who the hell would be on the other end, the cops?" Callen sneered derisively.

"Who's Greg?" Deeks asked.

Callen sighed, "I'm Greg, it's my name. You wanted to ask her, she's here, so ask her."

Deeks looked at her, "I want the truth woman or I will shoot him." He waved the gun at Callen and Michelle gulped and nodded grabbing G's hand and holding it tight.

"Do you know a Brood mare named Celia Blackwood?"

Michelle thought for a moment and nodded, "Blonde, five-three about 26 years old. Or at least she was when I knew her why?"

"I want to know, if she could keep her child, would she?"

Michelle shook her head sadly, "She never viewed them as children, she always called them parasites. She never wanted children at all, in some ways I think she would have made a bad mother if she had been rescued with us, her children were better off with the allocated parents."

"So...she wouldn't want the child she was carrying now?"

Michelle snorted, Callen smirked at her but she shook her head, "I very much doubt it why?"

"Deeks and Eric are the fathers of the child she is carrying, he was worried that if he helped us he would lose his son." Callen explained.

Michelle shook her head, "You have no fear on that, he would be better off with you. But if you decided to stay and join us that is completely up to you."

Callen took a step forward and held out his hand.

"What do you say Deeks...will you at least listen?"

Deeks sighed and handed Callen the gun, "Don't make me regret this partner."

Callen took the weapon and unloaded it handing his uncle the empty gun.

"You won't and I will help you and Eric get your son."

Deeks sagged onto the couch as Sam moved to give him space.

Michelle sagged next to Callen and he wrapped his arm around her. "How do you do this all the time?" She asked.

He gave her a wry smile, "This?" He asked. "This was always the best part of the job." He laughed and they sat on the opposite couch next to Hetty.

Nikita moved to stand between them and he turned to Deeks and held out his hand. "Thank you for not killing my son."

Deeks shook is weakly, feeling slightly ashamed of his outburst. Of course he should have trusted Callen, but at least no one was blaming him for protecting his child. He wondered how Sam would cope knowing that Jacob was here and not with himself or Michael.

"I...I just…" Deeks stammered unable to adequately explain himself, but Nikita just smiled and nodded totally understanding.

"Let us eat, you will stay overnight in the house as our guests, we will show you our community and then you may decide what you wish to do. We will not fill you with propaganda, just food. Ask any questions you wish from anyone, no one will lie to you here." Nikita replied. He walked to the large double doors and threw them open.

"Come walk around in safety, meet people." He said.

The team stood up and followed him out to the front of the house where the inhabitants of the compound had gathered.

Nikita stood in front of the group and raised his hands to quieten the hubbub around him.

"Yes, yes my friends you have heard correctly, these people are federal agents." He waited as the hubbub grew again. He waved his arms again. "One is my son, as you all know. We will show them what we are really like, if they ask you any questions please feel free to tell them all you wish and tell them the truth, we have nothing to hide."

The crowd nodded and dispersed.

Slowly the team stepped off the porch and started to walk around.

Michelle looked over at Callen, "Charlie has Jacob tonight, I was wondering, do you think Sam will be wanting to take Jacob from me?"

"I don't know 'Chelle, we'll talk to him, ok? Just let him have a little time to see what we do here...hell you can show me around the bits I've missed so I can see what we do here." He smiled and took her hand the others looking at him like he was crazy to hold a woman's hand in public. But here, finally Callen could be himself and be very much at home.

Watching as he walked off with Michelle the three other team members looked at each other with trepidation.

"Do you really think this is a good idea?" Kensi asked.

"It shouldn't hurt." Deeks admitted, "After all there is a chance that this isn't as bad as it seems...I mean look at G, he looks happy. They all look happy and I don't mean in the crazy Stepford sort of way either."

They looked around and realized that everyone was happy and relaxed. Children ran around laughing and holding hands with their mothers and fathers. None of the children looked deformed or mentally deficient like the propaganda had told them.

Sam walked up to one of the men sitting with a young girl. "Hello." he said smiling at the girl who was about the same age as his daughter Rachel.

The man looked up at him, "Hi, my name's Todd." He stood up and shook hands with Sam. "This is my daughter Kamran."

"Who's her other father?" He asked looking around.

"Her mother is Symone, she's our doctor."

Sam looked over at the little girl who was tending a flower bed.

"And she's ok? I mean developmentally?"

Todd laughed, "Yes, she's fine. Actually she's slightly gifted, she's ten and she's two grades ahead of her peers."

"Really?" Sam was shocked.

Todd smiled, "Her mother and I are proud of her. Do you have children?"

Sam nodded, "My husband and I have a daughter, Rachel….and Jacob, Michelle Mason's son is mine as well."

"Oh, Jacob is a bright boy, I teach at the schoolhouse with his mother."

"He is?"

Todd nodded, "I teach Drama and Arts, he's a talented youngster. Of course being so young he is into everything right now, he was a pumpkin in the play we did last year, made his mother as proud as punch."

Sam looked at the man who knew his son better than he did. "Jacob really loves it here?"

Todd nodded, "He's a bright and happy boy Sir, you should be proud of him."

Sam smiled, "I think I am."

Kensi and Deeks walked around the compound and asked a few questions of a few people. Everyone seemed friendly and open towards them.

"It's kinda nice here," Kensi remarked.

"Yeah...for Straights, these people seem ok." Deeks agreed.

A loud clanging came from a long low building. People stopped and packed up their stuff heading for the low barn.

"Come on guys, it's dinner." Callen said as he walked past them hoisting a giggling Jacob up onto his shoulders heading towards the barn.

"Dinner?" Kensi asked.

Michelle turned as she walked past, "We have a community dinner, once a week, where everyone contributes." she held her tray aloft as if to reiterate her point, "I made peach cobbler, my speciality."

Callen turned and grinned, "You had better save me some babe."

Michelle laughed, "I made one for you and left it at the house for later."

Hetty walked up with Arkady and Nikita together still talking quietly together.

"You ok?" Kensi asked Hetty as they waited for her.

"I am fine Ms Blye, how have you enjoyed your stay so far."

"It's been interesting but I'm still not convinced it's normal." She admitted.

They took their place in line and helped themselves to the selections that were available.

Michelle having a child was ushered in to eat first, Callen waited in line with the team and selected his food.

"Daddy!" Jacob called and Callen smiled and headed in the direction of the waving child.

"You've only been here a few weeks and you let him call you that?" Deeks asked.

Callen nodded, "Sure."

"But Sam is his dad." Kensi said defending her teammate.

Callen turned to her, "Sam is Jacob's father, but I'm his daddy." He put his plate beside Michelle and sat down with the others sitting opposite.

"You think that's fair, I mean what about when you come back to NCIS?" Deeks asked.

Callen laughed until he started coughing, took a sip of water and wiped his mouth with a napkin.

"I am a natural born child, I can't work for a government agency it's illegal, I'm illegal. Until it is not a crime for me to be alive, I have no intention of coming back." He had been thinking about it for a while, but had literally just made a solid decision about it.

Hetty, Nikita and Arkady smiled at his decision, Nikita put his hand on his son's shoulder. "Are you sure you wish to stay moy syn?"

"Yes papa, I am finally in a place where I am free to be myself. I just wish…." he trailed off as he grasped Michelle's hand.

"You wish what G?" Sam asked.

"I wish I could be free to be myself anywhere without fear of being taken by the containment squad or sent to Gitmo. I am annoyed that I can't do the one thing I am good at, the one thing I was good at. I am going to miss being a federal agent." He sighed.

Hetty looked at the team all sat together around the table, she didn't want this to be the last time it happened and maybe with the plan she had put into action it wouldn't be.

"It is a good thing then Mr. Callen, that I might have an idea to fix your problem." She smiled.

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