I'm coming out!

Chapter 15

Sam, Deeks and Kensi took the rooms that Nikita had provided for them.

After all the hubbub in the house had died down there was a knock on Sam’s door.

He opened it slowly and stepped back in surprise, “G?”

“Can I come in?” Callen asked.

Sam nodded and moved to let him inside the room.

“Your room ok?” Callen asked as he entered.

“Yeah, it’s great.” Sam replied.

“Did you call Rachel?” Callen asked.

Sam shook his head, “She knows I’m on assignment, Michael has taken her to his parent’s house for the weekend. I didn’t know if we would be able to call.”

Callen sighed, “Probably for the best right now. Jacob’s asleep so I thought I’d come and talk to you.”

“Depending on how this goes, I want to be able to see my son.” Sam said.

“Michelle and I want you to be able to see him, he needs to know his father. I know he isn’t natural born but he will be raised by a mother and father. I hope you aren’t going to treat him differently because of it.”

“Why would I?” Sam asked, sitting on the edge of the bed.

Callen shot a look of incredulity at him, “Really! Don’t you remember how you reacted when you found out about me?”

“That was different, I didn’t know then. Besides Jacob isn’t natural born, he has a brood…”

“Don’t!” Callen snapped, “Don’t call her that. Michelle is Jacobs mother. She is not one of those. I love her Sam, you can’t demean her like that, she is the mother of your child.” He sighed and turned away from Sam looking out of the window at the lights in some of the housing in the compound. “I don’t want to fight with you Sam. For Jacob’s sake, we can’t fight. I just need to know, Michelle needs to know are you planning on being a part of his life and if you are, will you discriminate against him because he has hetero parents?”

Sam shook his head, “I won’t… I must admit I am worried about how he will be treated when other people find out his parents are straight, I mean... Does this mean he’ll be straight raised in that kind of environment?”

“Of course not, but what he will be is free to be himself. We won’t care who he loves, be it man or woman as long as the person he loves treats him with love and kindness back that is all that matters.”

“But, being raised in the compound… I mean, everyone is... You know... Straight…”

“Actually, no, there are a couple who are Lesbian and a gay couple who came to join us. One of the men is a natural born so he joined us with his husband a few months ago,” Callen told him.

“Again with the us!” Sam snapped. “I’m sorry G, but it seems like you aren’t a part of the team anymore.”

“Do you really think I can be Sam?” Callen asked honestly. “I mean I am straight and a natural born, both are illegal in society; Somehow I don’t think the government will allow me to continue being a federal agent, do you?”

“Be a damn shame if they don’t.” Sam said, “You’re a good Agent G, one of the best I’ve ever worked with. If the government can’t tell that then they are stupid.”

For the first time in a while Callen smiled at Sam. “Thanks man.”

Sam nodded in acknowledgement.

“I’m gonna go, we got visitors coming in the morning.” Callen stood up and headed to the door.

“Do you know who Hetty has asked to come?”

Callen shook his head, “No idea,” he admitted.

Callen left and walked down the hallway, stopping for a moment to check on Jacob who was asleep holding a plushie with his thumb in his mouth, he walked into Jacob’s room and pulled the blanket up over him stroking his forehead as he slept.

“Love you daddy.” Jacob said in his sleep.

“Love you too buddy,” Callen closed the door and headed into Michelle.

She was sitting on the bed in her nightgown with a book in her hand.

“Did you get to talk to Sam?” She asked, placing the book in her lap.

Callen nodded, “I did. I think it’s going to be alright, he wants to be a part of Jacob’s life, but he’s ok with you raising him.”

Michelle smiled, “Good, I love my son and I couldn’t cope with them taking him from me now.”

Callen sat on the bed and grabbed her hand. “You are a wonderful mother ’Chelle.”

Michelle smiled and pulled Callen towards her for a kiss.

“Thank you.”

Hetty descended the stairs the next morning to find Callen, Michelle and Jacob already up and having breakfast.

“Good morning Mr. Callen, Ms. Mason.” Hetty said to them.

Michelle smiled as Callen stood to make Hetty a pot of tea. “Morning Hetty.” She replied.

Callen poured the boiled water into the teapot and brought the tea over to her.

“So, can you tell us who is coming today?” He asked.

“The President.” Hetty replied as she took a sip of her tea.

“Obama?” Callen said in shock. “Hetty, what have you done? He’ll have us all arrested or killed!”

Hetty smiled, “Barack is not like others, he has been an advocate for Hetero rights behind the scenes for years. Officially, he is off to Camp David today, but unofficially he is off to visit family.”

“Family?” Callen asked, confused, although he wouldn’t have been surprised if somewhere down the line Hetty turned out to be related to him.

“John and David, the two men who joined a few years ago. Have you met them yet?” Hetty asked.

“John Tennant and David Robertson?” Callen asked, thinking of the mixed race couple he had met a few days ago.

“David’s surname is not Robertson, it’s Obama, he is a natural born. A liaison between a woman and one of the President’s father’s years ago. The family accepted David, but hid him for his own safety. Barack is coming to visit him. David has been working for our cause tirelessly for years, this is primarily the reason why Barack went into politics, to right the wrongs he could see in our system.”

“What about The President’s secret service detail?” Callen asked.

Hetty smiled, “They will be guarding The President and his husband while they go horse riding and have a picnic, while on a romantic retreat and visiting his father’s on a ranch nearby.”

“I don’t….” Callen cut off as President Obama walked into the kitchen.

“Morning,” The President said.

Callen looked shocked.

“Morning Ralph,” Hetty smiled, “Are you ready to head over to the Obama’s ranch to swap with Barack?”

“Yep… Just need coffee first.” Ralph stopped and looked at Callen, “Calm down son, I’m just a look alike.”

“I…. Ok... Hetty?”

Hetty smiled, “Of course I found him and trained him, he has stood in for Barack every time he’s visited his brother, This isn’t the first time Barack has been here. Although it will be the first time that he will meet with your father and uncle.”

“And you’re sure they will be safe?” Callen asked worried for his family.

“Very sure.” Hetty replied.

As Sam, Kensi and Deeks came down, they were surprised to find armed guards downstairs. None of the guards made a move to stop them going anywhere but they were unnerved by their presence.

“Morning.” Kensi smiled at Michelle as they walked into the kitchen.

Michelle was standing at the counter making Jacob’s lunch before she headed off to the schoolroom to teach.

“Carrots mommy?” Jacob asked, pointing at the carrot sticks on the side.

Michelle nodded and smiled at her son while addressing Kensi, “Good morning.” She handed Jacob an extra carrot stick to munch on.

Jacob smiled as Sam walked in behind Kensi and waved.

“Hey Jacob, Morning Michelle.” Sam said as he ruffled the boy’s hair. “Where’s G?” Sam asked.

“Daddy gone meet.” Jacob told Sam proudly, “I help mommy today.”

“Really? Daddy’s gone to a meeting? I hope you’re going to be a good helper for mommy then.” Sam said to the child.

“I the bestest.” Jacob told his father.

Jacob held his hands up and Sam lifted him down from the safety chair and throwing in a small hug for good measure.

“You coming to school?” Jacob asked Sam.

“No, Jacob, Sam is going to the meeting with daddy and Papa Nikki.”

“Ok.” Jacob looked at Sam as if trying to sort something out. “I see you after school daddy Sam?” He asked.

Sam’s heartstrings tugged at that one question, “Yes, Jacob, I’ll be here.”

Michelle picked up Jacobs backpack and placed it on her son’s back.

“Callen is in the main room with Arkady and Nikita and, our guest, you three are welcome to join them as soon as you are ready.”

“Who is it?” Kensi asked.

“You’ll see, don’t worry about the extra guards, they are security for our visitor. They won’t stop you doing anything or going anywhere.” Michelle grabbed her lunch bag, “I have to go school starts soon.”

She headed out, leaving the agents to finish off their own breakfast and hurry to join the others.

They walked to the large room to hear voices from behind the door.

“You’re crazy Hetty.” A familiar voice said, “There is no way…”

“But Sir, too many have been affected by this, you, your brother, my sister…. They, like me, are human, my record proves that what you were told was wrong.”

“I know it’s wrong Agent Callen, that’s why I am here.”

They opened the door, walked in and stopped dead.

“Is that….?” Deeks asked in surprised.

David walked over to his brother, “Barack, the time is right to do this, now… It’s the end of your term in office, what do you want to go out as, the man with a natural born brother or the man who saw the worth in every human being, no matter what their sexual orientation or circumstance of birth, the man who embraced true equality?”

“Damn it David!” Barack sighed; he knew his brother and Hetty were right. “I don’t have a lot of choice, you are right, of course.”

“Mr. President.” Sam said, announcing the group’s arrival.

The president turned around in surprise, “Agent Hanna, good to see you again.”

“Likewise, Sir.” Sam shook his hand.

“Are you…. Natural born?” The President asked in surprise. This was a man he had known, a Navy seal and he never expected to find him here.

“No, I work with Agent Callen. A man who is born naturally and I am proud to be his partner, sir, he’s also a Hetero and a friend.”

“He is a good man.” The President agreed, “Although I think his plan is a little dangerous and very very foolhardy.”

“What is it?” Sam asked.

“He wants to prevent an assassination.” The President sighed.

“Whose?” Sam asked, his face forming a frown as his gut figured out the answer.


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