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Chapter 17

Callen sat there, listening to The President giving his speech, his mind only half on what was being said.

He was watching for the red dot that meant Kensi was in position. He hoped that her aim was true and that her shot wouldn’t be fatal. In all his life he had never thought he would find a cause worth dying for, until now. The thought of Michelle being sent back to a breeding center sickened him to his core, or worse, Jacob being wrenched away from the mother he loved and brought up in the system, segregated from others because his mother was straight. No, this was a cause worth dying for if it meant that no child would be discarded because of the way they were created and no one would again be imprisoned for loving who they loved.

He watched as the dot flared to life on the president’s chest.

"SHOOTER!" He yelled as he threw himself between the bullet, whose shot rang out and was now travelling towards its target, and the President.

Callen felt the impact as the bullet entered his body. “Sorry Kens.” He whispered as both he and the President landed in a heap on the floor.

Within seconds, chaos had ensued. The secret service moved in pointing their guns at Callen, for a second until they realized that there was blood.

“Mr. President are you hurt?” One agent asked.

For a second the President looked down at the blood on his shirt, “I’m fine… Agent Callen….?”

“We’ll deal with him, we need to get you out of here now.” The secret service agent talked into his cuff mike, “Package is on the move.”

“Make sure someone gets him to a hospital, he saved my life!” The President ordered looking at the fallen agent with concern as the secret service agents moved to get him away from the scene.

It took The President all of two hours and a direct order to be able to go to the hospital to see how the agent was.

He walked into the waiting room, ignoring the surprised stares of the staff and walked over to Sam.

“Agent Hanna, I am told you arrived with Agent Callen, this morning, How is he?” The President kept up the pretense of not knowing them and Sam had to admit he was impressed.

“Mr. President,” Sam shook his hand, “I don’t know how G is, He’s been in surgery since they brought him in, no one will talk to me.”

There was a clamor outside the room as a group of journalists had somehow found out where the president was.

“Let them in, I’ll give them a statement.” The president said as he saw a doctor coming out of the room that Sam had indicated Callen was in knowing what was coming. He wanted the press in earshot for this.

“Mr. President, can you tell us what happened?” A reporter asked.

“From what I know someone tried to kill me, An NCIS Agent, who right now will not be named for security reasons, put his own life on the line to save mine.”

“How is the Agent?” Another reporter asked.

The President turned to ask Sam, who had been talking to the doctor.

“What do you mean you can’t treat him and he has to be discharged right away!” Sam yelled, “If you don’t treat him as he’ll die!”

“I’m sorry, I can’t treat him, we ran his bloods… He’s natural born.” The doctor said.

“So this man saves the life of the President of the United States and you’re going to let him die because he wasn’t born in a breeding center?” Sam argued.

“It’s the law!” The doctor argued back. “I hate it as much as you do, but he’s natural born, we cannot waste resources on this man.”

Seemingly ignoring the press, the President turned to the doctor.

“Doctor?” He started.

“Andrews…. N... Neil Andrews, Mr. President.”

“Doctor Andrews, are you telling me the man who just jumped in front of a bullet to save my life is not a worthy enough man to be treated at this hospital?”

“I can’t treat him, it’s against the law!” The doctor said sheepishly, “I want to, I didn’t become a doctor to pick and choose who I helped, but not only is he a natural born, but I think he’s straight, he’s been calling for a woman, Michelle. It’s unnatural.”

“I will arrange for my personal doctor to treat him.” The president said, “I think anyone who saves my life deserves all the help we can give him. Now I am ordering you to save this man’s life.” The President glowered at the doctor who swiftly moved to obey as reporters took photos and notes as fast as they could calling in to report the story.

“I hope this works.” Sam said to The President under his breath.

“So do I.” The President replied.

Callen woke up as an orderly grabbed a plastic bag containing his shirt and jacket and threw it at him.

“You can’t be treated here, get out.” He snarled.

Callen looked down at the roughly stitched up wound, he could still feel the bullet inside him.

“Let me take out the bullet, Please?” He asked.

The orderly shook his head, “And have you contaminate our ER? Do you know what you are? You are an abomination, a natural born, how you managed to survive this far is beyond me!” He replied. “Now, Get out!”

Callen levered himself to his feet and started heading for the exit at the front.

“You can’t go that way, decent folks will see you.” The orderly pointed to the back stairwell, “That way freak!” He shoved him in the back, “Out!, I dunno where you freaks get off trying to take medical supplies of decent folk. I heard you, natural born freak and a Hetero too, disgusting.”

Callen hurt too much to care at the hatred spewing from the orderly and he walked away.

He wandered around the outside of the hospital, hoping to run into Sam.

“Can’t believe it,” Said a man on the phone, “Yeah a natural born... Possibly a Hetero, he took a bullet for The President.”

Callen looked at the man to see what he would say next.

“Yeah the hospital are treating him, The President insisted.” The man looked at Callen in disgust and moved away.

Callen walked into the front of the hospital to look for Sam.

There were reporters everywhere, secret service agents were trying their best to corral them.

The President could be seen in the back with Sam. Callen could feel the blood seeping down his side, he knew that Kensi had hit true and if he didn’t get help soon he’d be in trouble.

He walked towards Sam hoping to get his attention.

“I’m sorry Sir, but you need to leave.”

“I need help.” Callen argued. “Please…”

“I told you to leave!” The orderly said as he pushed his way past Sam, “We don’t treat your sort in here.”

“G?” Sam said as he looked towards the commotion.

“Sam….” Callen slumped against the wall and slid down to the floor.

The orderly picked him up by the neck to haul him out of the building.

"STOP!" The President’s voice rang out, his authority palpable in the air. “Put him down and get him a doctor.”

“But…. He’s a…. Natural born, and a hetero, it’s illegal to help…”

“That man saved my life, he puts his life on the line every single day to help others and you think it’s a fitting reward to allow him to die for saving your President’s life?” Barack asked.


“Get him a doctor! Every person has a right to life, this shouldn’t be allowed. This man took a bullet for me and you are allowing him to bleed out and die in the lobby in full view of the world’s press?”

“I… I…., Get a gurney!” The orderly yelled.

Sam moved to get closer to Callen who was fading in and out of consciousness.

“G…. G… you’re gonna be ok… hold on partner…” Sam told him.

Callen looked up and focused on Sam, “Tell Michelle…. Tell her… I love her… and I’m sorry.” Callen said and passed out.

Sam turned and pushed away a reporter, “Give him some room.” He ordered.

Sam himself had to move as a couple of doctors turned up to help him.

Sam knew it was now his time to act.

The reporter put a microphone in front of him. “You know this man?” He asked, “Is it true, he’s a natural born and a Hetero, both of which are illegal by our laws and he’s a government agent?”

Sam stood up and looked at the president who nodded, “The Agent in question, whose name right now will be kept secret for his own safety, is a natural born person and a Hetero, he is a great agent. He has saved countless lives and I am privileged to have worked with him.”

“Will you have to arrest him now?” Another journalist asked.

“For what? Saving The President?”

“For breaking the law.” The same journalist replied.

The President walked up to Sam and stood next to him, getting the attention of all the journalists there.

“I intend to use this incident, to show the Senate that the law is wrong. Hetero people deserve the same rights as the rest of us. I am also going to talk to the Secretary of Defense about repealing the current Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell law in the military. It is about time the people of America were free to be who they are without any recrimination. After all, is this not the land of the Free…. and the home of the brave? Well, these people who have made it through the rigors of testing for genetic markers; these people who through no fault of their own have come into this world and deserve to have a chance to have a decent life. This Agent, by his own actions has proven himself to be a hard working, normal person. He has managed to hold down a government job and has saved countless lives, all while having to hide who he really was. People like this Agent deserve to be able to live without fear.”

“What about the NBSCA?”

“The group Natural Born and Straight Couples of America is NOT a terrorist organization. We have been given information that they have been peacefully trying to achieve what this Agent has achieved with his sacrifice.”

“How do we know they aren’t behind it?” Another reporter asked.

“The shooting is being investigated, I am sure that the Secret Service will issue a statement shortly.”

“How is FHOTUS taking the news that someone tried to shoot you?”

The President smiled, “As always The First Husband has my back and is confident that with Agents like these around I will be safe, He and my daughters are grateful for this man’s quick reaction. Now if you don’t mind, I will be going to see how the Agent is fairing, I will make sure that you are all kept briefed, but please bear in mind that this is a working hospital and people need to be allowed access to medical treatment, so if you can clear this lobby as soon as possible others will be able to access the health care that they need.”

The President turned and guided Sam back into the main area as his secret service agents helped the hospital security clear the lobby.

“Do you think this will work?” Sam said quietly to The President as they went inside to wait.

“I do hope so Sam, Callen has put a lot on the line for this.” The President replied.

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