I'm coming out!

Chapter 3

Callen held his breath as Hetty entered the lounge area where he was sitting with his hands clasped tightly in his lap.

"Mr. Callen I talked with the containment team and convinced them that you were working under my direction as you have a plan to help find this group and take them out." She said, "So now… We need to come up with a plan don't you think?"

Callen nodded.

"How are we going to do that?" Sam asked from his seat beside his partner.

"We will send someone undercover." Hetty said flatly. "Mr. Callen I need a word with you." She walked down the corridor away from her office and opened the door that belonged to the operational psychologist. "In here please." She said with a small smile.

Callen looked at Sam and shrugged, and then he followed Hetty into the office.

Hetty closed and locked the door and Callen couldn't help but gulp. Then she pulled a key out of her pocket and opened a locked filing cabinet.

"I am sorry, Mr. Callen, I have some things you need to know, but they are vital to completing this mission." She placed the file on the table and sat on the chair facing him.

Callen looked at her worried.

"First things first, I am sorry for your loss." She said flatly and Callen blanched.

"My… My…?"

"I assume you were in a relationship with Miss Moore which is why you removed your credit card from her car at the crime scene," she said having seen the LAPD crime scene photos and noticing the discrepancies.

Callen looked in fear towards the locked door, had Hetty turned him in?

"Never fear Mr. Callen, I have so many of your secrets, I assure you I will not be reporting you to the containment team because you are straight."

Callen blinked, he opened his mouth a few times not knowing what to say, then he spoke, "My secrets?" he asked.

"I should be asking your forgiveness, but please be assured that everything I kept to myself was for your own safety and mine."

Callen watched as Hetty with a slightly shaking hand opened a file and looked at him.

"I knew your mother," she said quietly.

Callen looked up in surprise, "You did? You knew her before I was assigned to her?" he asked.

"No… Mr. Callen, I knew your birth mother, her name was Clara, and you lived with her till you were five years old."

"I… I… can't have, I know births don't work like that, the child is taken from the brood mare and assigned to a family."

"You are a natural born child." Hetty said and watched as the horror crossed his face.

"I?... I can't be… to be natural born is illegal, I would never have been allowed in the foster system, I would have been left to die on the streets as an infant. It's the law." He stood up and tried to go for the door.

Hetty stopped him, "Wait Mr. Callen, I need to explain."

Callen moved over to the chair again and sat down. "OK." He said he was shaking, but he didn't care at that point everything he knew was being turned on its head.

"I was married to your mother a long time ago." She said matter of factly. "I met Clara in the early 1960's she was beautiful and we fell in love, however, it soon became clear to me that she was straight. She tried to hide it of course, but in her own way she loved me too, and I accepted her for who she was, and who she was, was a loving and kind woman, who loved her job."

Callen looked up as Hetty took a picture out of the file and handed it to him, "Your mother was CIA, she was in black ops." She said as he looked at the picture of the smiling dark haired woman.

"Did you take this?" he asked.

Hetty nodded, "On our Honeymoon in Paris." She told him.

Callen traced his finger over his mother's face, as Hetty told him the story, "We had some wonderful years together Mr. Callen, we were not selected to be parents, but in some ways I do consider myself to be your mother."

Callen looked up at her tears in his eyes that he was holding back, and nodded in agreement. "Me… me too." He admitted his throat hoarse.

"Clara was given an assignment in 1965, to make contact with a Russian Major, Nikita Alexsandr Reznikov. Apparently he was straight too and your parents 'hit it off', as they say."

"Reznikov? He's my father?" Callen asked stunned.

Hetty nodded, "When they fell in love they disappeared underground, Clara emerged in 1975, Nikita had been taken by the KGB for being straight and having children naturally, he had managed to smuggle you, your mother and your sister out. They made it as far as Romania, Clara called me to try to get you all smuggled into America; however, I was being watched, but my wife now… she understood how much Clara and by extension you children meant to me and she agreed to help. She didn't get there in time to stop the contamination team from killing her."

"I have a sister?" Callen was stunned, "Where is she?"

Hetty sighed and shook her head, "We didn't know…" she said looking him in the eye, "Back then we didn't know that they tested them in the orphanages, Amy…your sister, failed the test for genetic markers, they threw her out onto the street, she fell down a culvert during a storm and died when she was eleven."

Callen blinked back the tears he felt for a sister he never knew.

"How did I pass those tests?" he asked.

"You didn't, you've never taken one, Wanda…my wife works for the testing department, she's been falsifying your test results for years." She admitted, "So you see both my wife and I are a guilty of wrongdoing as you are by your smaller transgression, so you can see your secret is safe with me."

Callen nodded, "I'm pleased you told me Hetty, it's nice to know I had family, have family…in you, but why didn't you tell me earlier, why tell me now?" he asked.

"Because we can use this to our advantage, we can send you into the NBSCA you don't have genetic markers and this means when they test you you'll be clear."

"Will they use needles?" Callen gulped.

Hetty smiled slightly, she had developed his phobia of needles as a child and the state had been forced to call in outside help for his testing, which usually involved Wanda or Hetty herself.

"Probably, but don't worry this time you won't fail the test, but now I hope you understand why I need you to be the one to go undercover."

"But…I can't tell the others about me and Gerry, Sam especially won't understand, not with what he and Michael went through last year."

"You do not need to tell them, only the fact that you are going undercover, due to the nature of your assignment I am going to ask Deeks to be your handler, he has the extra resources of LAPD, people on the ground that are also investigating the group." She said.

Callen looked at her and smirked, "You got forced to include LAPD didn't you?" he gave a small laugh some of the tension dissipating as Hetty smiled back at him.

"Yes Mr. Callen." She said.

"Hetty?" Callen asked as he held onto the picture not wanting to give it back yet, "If you know all this about me…Do you know my name?" he asked.

Hetty shook her head, "Sadly no, as we did your records your name was lost, maybe one day, we will find someone who knows it."

She reached out for the picture, "I'm sorry, it's not safe for you to have that right now,"

"But…Hetty?!" he looked heartbroken, "I…it's her…the only piece of her I'll ever have."

Hetty nodded, "And it will be here for you to see any time, but right now you have to go undercover, your assignment is to find out who is heading this group and help us stop them. They may be right in their thinking, I'm not going to lie to you and tell you I think straight relationships are wrong, because they aren't and I personally hate what our government is doing, but terrorist attacks are wrong and these need to be stopped."

Callen nodded in agreement. "Do we let Deeks in on the secret?" he asked slightly worried.

"About you? No! As usual Mr. Deeks will be under the assumption that I have pulled off one of my miracles and have managed to get you all you need to infiltrate this group. LAPD have information on where this group meets and using Gerry's card and the Erm…intimate knowledge you have of her, you can use this to find them and attend their next meeting, which according to LAPD is tomorrow. You are to contact Mr. Deeks once a week. Now, are you ok enough to go and join the others and fill them in on the plan?"

Callen nodded, "Yeah…and Hetty…Thanks…thanks for everything."

She nodded, "You are a fine Agent, Mr. Callen maybe someday we will be able to prove that being straight is nothing to be ashamed of and it's as natural as being gay, lesbian or bi is now."

Callen gave a half-hearted smile. "I hope so Hetty." He said and watched as she unlocked the door and they stepped out.

"Do me a favor Hetty?" Callen asked as they walked towards the bullpen in order to brief the others.

"Anything?" she said earnestly.

"Don't tell Nate that the door locks." He grinned as they turned the corner.

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