I'm coming out!

Chapter 6

Callen woke up slowly; he was disorientated and had no idea where he was. He remembered being grabbed from behind by two men and Charlie sticking a needle in him, but… he wasn't in a dank and dark warehouse or basement where he had expected to be… he was in a comfortable bed in a light airy room.

He blinked as the curtains were opened and the sunlight streamed in, he looked outside, all he could see were fields and horses and cattle.

"Where am I?" he asked, his voice cracking a little.

Charlie turned with a smile, "You… are a very, very special man G. Callen, I don't know why, but our leader gave orders for you to be brought here." She said, handing him a tray with a sumptuous breakfast on it.

"I hope you like it, I made it myself." She smiled, climbing next to him on the bed and offering him a slice of bacon.

Callen swallowed thickly, his throat was sore and his head ached, "How long have I been out?" he asked.

Charlie smiled at him, "A week, it was necessary. We had to do tests on your blood, we are sorry; you never said who you were."

Callen looked at him, "What do you mean who I am?" his blood turned to ice, if they had found out he was a federal agent they'd kill him for sure.

Charlie smiled, "He's been looking for you for years, but I'm not going to spoil all the fun." She kissed him. "Eat your breakfast he's dying to meet you."

"Who is?" Callen asked.

"The leader of the NBSCA." Charlie told him, "There are clean clothes in your size in the closets and the bathroom is over there," she said pointing to a door on the right. "You have all the same toiletries I remembered from your bathroom."

"Thanks?" Callen said, confused.

"Eat up, I'll be back in an hour." She smiled, kissed his cheek and walked out of the room.

Callen sat there in shock, what on earth could be so important about him?

Deeks paced the floor in front of the big screen at ops re-watching the same piece of footage again and again.

"There must be more!" he said to Eric, who looked sadly over at his husband.

"Marty, I've looked over a hundred times, there is nothing else, the van disappeared, Sweetheart, there is no way to find him." He said softly.

Deeks looked at the sadness on Eric's face. He walked over and wrapped his arms around his husband, "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to snap at you," he rubbed the pregnancy pouch on Eric's belly and felt the 'baby' kick. "I just feel like I've let him down, I was his partner and I needed to have his back." He said.

Eric smiled up at Deeks, "It's ok Marty I'll keep looking." He said.

Deeks turned around and pushed the chair Eric was sitting on towards the door, "Nope, you are going to rest, this isn't doing you or the baby any good," he said as Hetty walked up the stairs, "Hetty tell this husband of mine to rest and put his feet up." Deeks said to her.

Hetty looked at the bags under Eric's eyes. "Your husband is right Mr. Beale, you need to rest, go and have a few hours on the couch downstairs, and I'm sure Ms. Jones can take over the search for you." She said and shooed him down the stairs.

Deeks turned back to Hetty, "Thanks." He said.

She turned to him, "I would suggest you join him, you have hardly slept in the last week." She said softly.

Deeks looked at the floor, "I failed him, Hetty, and I couldn't get to him in time. I didn't want to let him down."

Hetty patted his arm and gestured to a bench on the walkway; Deeks walked over and sat down, looking over the bullpen area as she sat next to him.

"You see the rest of the team down there…do you know what they are doing?" she asked.

"Cases?" Deeks replied watching them typing on their laptops, "Paperwork?"

"They are following up every lead your husband has found in the last week, looking for Mr. Callen. They have your back and they have his."

Deeks looked at them all working hard and realized he wasn't alone in this.

"As soon as someone finds anything we will work on it, this case will not go cold and Mr. Callen will be found." She told him.

Deeks nodded unable to keep his eyes from misting up, "Thank you." He said. He looked over to where Eric was leaning against the side of the couch trying to get comfortable, the motors in the pregnancy pouch were moving as the child inside the brood mare picked up on Eric's mood through the sensors and was antsy.

"I think you husband needs you right now Mr. Deeks, go have an hour or so, help him to sleep and then you can join us in the bullpen." She said.

Deeks looked at her and smiled, "Thank you Hetty, I will, but if anything comes up…."

"I will wake you immediately." She promised.

Callen showered and dressed and was surprised to find the door to his room was unlocked.

He walked down the hallway and saw a guard on the stairs.

He tensed as the man turned, "Good morning Sir." The guard smiled, "Charlie is downstairs in the lounge, 3rd room on the left." He said.

Callen nodded, not sure what to say and continued to walk down the stairs, he stopped as another man walked past arm in arm with a woman who giggled at something he had said.

Callen's eyebrow shot up as he recognized the man as one of the undercover detectives that Deeks had told him about.

"Agent Callen…Good morning, it's nice to see you awake." The man said.

"I… I… er... Thanks?" Shit…! Had he been compromised?

He took a deep breath and as he entered the lounge he saw Charlie sitting on the couch with a silver haired man.

The man stood up and smiled, "Callen! I am so glad you are awake and feeling good no?" he asked with a thick Russian accent.

Callen nodded, his eyes darting for something he could use to defend himself.

"Ah… you are worried are you not?" the man said, "Forgive me I should have introduced myself, my name is Arkady Kolcheck, and you are looking for a weapon, are you not?" he opened a case containing the same gun that Callen usually used. "Would this make you feel at home?" he asked and handed him the weapon.

"What the hell is going on?" Callen asked.

Arkady smiled, "I run the US branch of the NBSCA. It is a smaller group than the worldwide Natural Born and straight couples of the world. NBSCW." He said. "We are sorry for the method that we used to bring you here, so many people have tried to infiltrate and destroy our group, and also our leader had us checking DNA in the hope that one day you would seek us out."

"Me?" Callen asked, confused. "Because of the fact my parents were straight and I'm natural born?"

Arkady shook his head and laughed, "No you are so much like him… No… Because the leader of our group has been searching for you and your sister for years,"

"I don't have a sister." Callen answered by rote.

Arkady nodded sadly as Charlie put her arms around him, Callen flinched in terror at being held by a woman as a stranger looked on.

Arkady shook his head sadly, "One day moy syn, you will be able to do that in public with no shame that is our leader's goal."

Callen moved away from Charlie and looked out of the window, "You know who I am then?" he asked, knowing he wouldn't be able to escape.

"Yes, our leader is very proud of you." Arkady said with a smiled.

"He is?" Callen looked totally confused, he had expected to be met with a gun, but instead, Arkady was opening a laptop.

"Yes, he would like to talk with you." He said opening a Skype connection.

Callen couldn't believe this, this wasn't how he and Deeks planned it at all, "I will talk to him first, he was excited to hear you were here and wanted to talk to you first before he came to the United States."

"I don't understand, what is so special about me?" Callen asked as Arkady maneuvered him into a chair facing the laptop screen as a man's face came into view.

"Gregori?" the man said his face breaking into a smile, his bright blue eyes tearing up, "I wasn't sure till just now, I mean I know DNA doesn't lie, but…my God you look like your mother." He said his Russian accent cracking with emotion.

"I'm sorry, who are you? You knew my mother?" he asked looking at the grey haired man.

The man smiled and nodded, "Very well, Gregori…"

Callen shook his head, "My name is G…G. Callen."

The man nodded, "Yes, I know, Gregori Nikitovitch Callen Resnikov."

"What? Who are you?" he asked again, the voice touched a longing within him and he didn't know why.

"Moy syn, I am your father." Nikita said his hand touching the screen tracing the features of the son he hadn't seen since he was five.

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