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Chapter 7

Callen looked at the man on the screen, he was not sure if he was lying, but he did look like an older grayer version of him.

"My…My Father?" Callen asked.

Nikita nodded, "I am already on a plane and we will meet soon I promise, I should be touching down nearby in a few hours, Arkady…your uncle, has been given orders to look after you. There is so much I want to say to you, so much I want to know and I'm sure you have the same request of me…I will let you get some more rest and food, I know you have been asleep for a week. I look forward to seeing you soon my son."

Callen stared at the screen as the connection ended and he looked up at a beaming Arkady.

"My uncle?" Callen asked.

Arkady's smile threatened to split his face in two, "Yes, you are moy plemyannik; you are my nephew…your father is my brother, Of course I have a different surname, it is dangerous to have Reznikov as a surname in the US or back home in the motherland."

Charlie walked in and handed him a drink, the same scotch, as he had ordered the night before…no, not the night before a week before he thought and he took it with a shaky hand.

"Thank you." He said to her.

Charlie kissed his cheek and Callen nodded, he didn't want to disappoint her, but he didn't feel anything towards her at all.

Callen got up and walked to the window, the view of the green rolling hills was calming, but the two men outside with a machine gun gave him the impression that he was a prisoner. He thought about asking to use the phone, but calling Hetty was really low on the questions that were rolling around in his head right now.

He took a sip of the drink and turned to the gray haired man behind him.

"Tell me?" Callen asked, all thoughts of his mission flying out the window, "Tell me who I am. Tell me about my family."

Arkady motioned for Callen to sit on the couch and turned to Charlie, "May we have the room my dear, also could you tell my wife to cancel tonight's meeting, this is more important." He said.

Charlie nodded and shut the door behind her.

"How do I know all this is true, I mean…he looks like me, says he knows my name, but I don't know my name so I can't even tell if he's right or not…Now you say you're my uncle and you know I'm an Agent, so am I a prisoner?" he asked.

"No…although we are not sure if you are really straight and this is a coincidence or if you are gay and this is a trap…after you have met your father, you may make your choice. Stay or leave, if you leave we will knock you out and you will wake up unharmed in your own home. If you choose to stay…well, we will see." Arkady replied, sitting on the couch across from him.

Arkady looked at the emotions swirling in Callen's eyes, eyes that were so much like his own and his brothers.

"What do you want to know?" Arkady asked him.

"What were my parents like?" Callen asked.

Arkady looked at him, "You were five when the containment teams incarcerated your father and killed your mother. What do you remember about them?" he asked.

Callen shook his head. "Nothing, I have no memory of my parents, my first memory was…" he stopped and took a large gulp of his drink.

"I was about five or six, I was in a house…I didn't know where I was and I woke up in a bed…My head was bruised and my arm was broken. There was a man…he spoke funny, and he smelled funny, he said I was a throw away kid, that my mothers or fathers probably didn't want me, I must have been defective as the new birth center hadn't even given me a real name…. Just…. just G."

"You always had a real name…Gregori…I do not know how you lost it, you were always loved and there is nothing defective about you." Arkady told him looking in his eyes to let him know he was speaking the truth.

"But…" Callen thought about his next question, if this man was his uncle…he would know wouldn't he. "If you've been here, in America all this time, why didn't you take me out of foster care, why didn't you or my father come looking for me?"

"We have been looking for you…this group…one of the aims of this group was to genetically test new members in the hope that either you or your sister would find us, we didn't know what names you were using, we had looked for years using your names, but neither you nor Amelia's came up."

"Amy…my sister's name was Amy." Callen said.

Arkady shook his head, "I was there when your mother gave birth to her, and her name was Amelia Nadia Callen-Reznikov." He stated.

"They told me her name was Amy Callen…" he said quietly.

"Whoever took you and your sister to America, must have tried to help you by changing your names…I do not know why, however, unless they didn't want your father to find you." Arkady said.

"Can I see it…the DNA proof…I mean, how do I know that you're not lying to me?" Callen asked.

Arkady sighed, "Young people these days, so untrusting." He said as he walked over to his desk and pulled a file from the top, "Here…the top is yours and the second is your father's."

Callen took the file, he did not really know a lot about genetics. However, even he could see where all the lines matched up and there were many matches. He looked at the line at the top.

G. Callen – N. Reznikov 50% match. 99.99% familial DNA

G. Callen – A. Kolcheck. 25% Match. 99.99% Familial DNA.

There was no denying it, he was this Reznikovs son and the man sitting across from him was his uncle.

He dropped the folder on the coffee table and paced the room.

How could this have gone so wrong? He was supposed to be here to take this group down and throw the leaders in jail. Now he was faced with the fact that if he did that he was condemning the only family he had…well blood related and was betraying the family he'd built for himself over the years.

Arkady studied him, "If you decide not to join us, all we ask is that you do not tell anyone who the leaders of NBSCA or NBSCW are. I have already said we will return you unharmed…Maybe after you meet with your father you will see what we do here is not as bad as the media think."

"You kill people!" Callen snapped remembering Sam and Michael's son.

"No, we do not." Arkady stood and faced his nephew.

"The new birthing center, a few years ago…. Are you telling me that wasn't your group?" Callen snapped, "My friend lost a child in that bombing!"

"It wasn't us…there was no bombing…" Arkady argued, "We did take some women from the center and we brought them here, no one died, the government covered it up…blamed us to make us seem like terrorists."

"My friend's son, Sam Hanna's child…he died."

"Oh Jacob Hanna!" Arkady smiled, "He is fine, and he and his mother live here on the compound."

"What?" Callen looked shocked, "Sam's son is alive?"

"He is Michelle Mason's son, she kept her son's last name Hanna…She apparently bore another child for the couple, Rachel I believe…She met Mr. Hanna on Rachel's hand over, although she was distraught at the loss of her child she found Mr. Hanna to be a nice kind man."

"It wasn't her child, she's a thing, a brood mare…Livestock." Callen answered by rote.

Arkady looked at his nephew sadly. "Do you really believe that?" he asked.

Callen thought about it, he wanted to nod his head, "I was told they couldn't think, they could bear children, but were too docile to be…normal people."

Arkady sighed, "Come with me, you need to meet Michelle Mason." He said, "She runs our school here."

Callen followed as his uncle walked out of the main house and he could see he was in some sort of compound, there was a shop, a library, a gym…a large barn and what looked like a school with a playground and a few homes nearby.

A small group of children all around 3 years old were playing on the play equipment with a dark skinned woman watching them.

"Hello Michelle." Arkady said.

"Arkady?" Michelle smiled at him, "What brings you here?"

"I am showing my nephew around." He smiled.

Callen stared at her, he could see Rachel's features in this woman, it wasn't true what people were told, the brood mares were people, real people…Not mindless women who just produced children.

"Hello, my name is Michelle." She said extending her hand, "I run the school here, do you have a child?" she asked.

Callen shook his head, "No…er…No I don't."

A small boy…a carbon mini copy of Sam came running up to the woman, "Momma…it's nearly time for me to ring the bell." He told her.

Michelle smiled, "Of course Jacob…here you go." She handed him a brass bell which he shook and the children lined up. "I have to go back to class now Mr.?"

"Callen." He replied with a smile.

Michelle smiled back, "Maybe we could meet sometime and talk…I assume from the shock on your face you expected me to be brain dead livestock such as the government would have the population believe."

Callen nodded, "Yes I did…I am glad I'm wrong."

Michelle waved the children in and looked over at Callen sadly. "I only wish we had been able to rescue the rest of the women, it is horrible in those camps and my only crime was being a natural born child and a straight woman." She stopped and waited for the look of disgust that usually accompanied that statement.

"That's wrong…I…I think I'd like to help…I'm straight and I have natural parents. I work for the government, NCIS actually…well I did…" Callen stopped as Michelle put a hand on his arm.

"I really would love to talk to you about this, maybe over dinner?" she looked hopeful.

Callen jumped at the feeling her touch caused him, "I think I'd like that." He smiled.

She smiled back, the smile lit up her face and to Callen it was the most beautiful thing he'd ever seen.

Arkady coughed not really wanting to break up the moment.

"Callen is meeting his father tonight, why don't you join us tomorrow at the main house for dinner, bring Jacob." Arkady offered.

"Nikita is coming here?" Michelle smiled, "Jacob will be pleased he hasn't seen Papa Nikki for six months."

"Papa Nikki?" Callen asked with a smile.

"Nikita Reznikov loves children, he lost two…oh, I suppose you are one of them? Well, he treats all the youngsters like his own children and they love him so much."

Callen smiled as Michelle turned to join her class and he walked back slowly with Arkady.

"So…My father is really a good man?" he asked awed at what he had learned.

Arkady grinned at the light in his nephew's eyes.

"Yes…and Michelle is a good woman…but Charlie?" he asked.

Callen stopped dead, he'd forgotten all about her.

He took a deep breath. "Charlie was a mark…she was a way for me to get in with you all. I didn't know…" he stopped and sat on a nearby bench and put his head in his hands, "I can't do it, I can't turn you all in…not now I know everything about you all is a lie."

Arkady smiled. "Gregori, you are welcome to stay here, Charlie knew you were looking for the group, she will have no hard feelings, she has taken many who have tried to infiltrate the group…a few have stayed but most are found after a few days."

"Yes." Callen snapped, "You guys killed them, they were LAPD and they were found dead."

Arkady looked up, "Dead? No…when we dropped them off they were all alive, although the last man we dropped back, he was picked up by the containment team soon afterwards…Are you telling me they are all dead?!"

Callen nodded.

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