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Chapter 8

Arkady strode off, leaving Callen standing there stunned.

"I…wait…!" Callen ran off after him, "You didn't know they were dead?"

Arkady turned sharply, "No…we do not kill people we are not terrorists."

"Tell me everything," Callen put his hand on his uncle's arm, "Tell me on the record, so no one can accuse you again."

Arkady looked at him for a moment and motioned to one of his bodyguards nearby. "Have Michelle Mason and Jacob Hanna come to my office." He said and nodded to his nephew, "I will, we can record the interview."

Callen walked with Arkady back to his office.

He opened the computer on his desk and turned it to face the two of them.

Callen pressed record on the computer. "This is an interview with special Agent G Callen and Arkady Kolcheck," he added the date and time, but omitted the location and Arkady sent him a small nod of thanks.

"Are you, Arkady Kolcheck? Leader of the NBSCA?" he asked.

Arkady nodded, "We need you to talk for the camera." Callen prodded gently.

"Da…yes…yes I am." He replied.

"And at this time do you waive your right for counsel, with the proviso that if so needed counsel will be provided for your later?"

"Da… Yes."

"Arkady Kolcheck, you have been charged with masterminding the bombing and murders of broodmares and children at the breeding centers, do you want to tell me what happened?" Callen looked relaxed and nodded in Arkady's direction.

"A few years ago we found a location of a site where the government was using women to birth babies for people against their will."

"It is on record that brood mares do not have feelings and emotions and that they do not have the mental capacity to do anything but birth children," Callen said.

Arkady bristled and then noticed the look that Callen was sending him. "That is not true, these women who are held in these centers are as smart and capable as you or I and their only crimes were to be natural born or straight."

"The government tells us differently, they say that all the women in that attack were killed by a bomb planted by your group."

Arkady nodded, "I know what the government said, but they are wrong, we did not kill the women that left, apart from those who wanted to stay here in our community, the rest were sent home, like the detectives that infiltrated our organization, some have stayed and a few were returned home, unharmed."

"The undercover officers that you sent home were all found dead." Callen told him.

Arkady took a deep breath and steeled himself for his next move, "We have proof that all were unconscious, but alive when we left them, I have discs showing all the men alive, we wanted proof that they had been dropped off safely, everyone who has come here, including yourself has been given the choice to stay with us and help build a new tomorrow, or to be sedated, as no one knows where we are, and dropped off unharmed in a motel in Los Angeles. They are left with food, water and a prepaid cell phone so they can call for help as soon as the sedative in their system wears off."

Callen turned to the camera, "Hetty, I'll send the discs along with this." He turned back to Arkady, "Arkady, you say that the government lied about your attack on the birthing Center, can you please clarify what you meant by that?"

Arkady nodded and waved a hand off the screen where Michelle and Jacob were waiting, "A few of the mothers that escaped came with us, they did not all die as you were told." He stood up to allow Michelle to sit down.

"This is Michelle Mason, she is our schoolteacher, and mother of Jacob Hanna. Son of Special Agent Sam Hanna."

"Hi…" Michelle said to the camera with a smile, "I am straight, and for this crime the government locked me up in a birthing center. We are artificially inseminated by a strangers sperm, as soon as we are confirmed pregnant, we are moved to a room where we are forcibly strapped to a bed We are not allowed to touch the child that grows within us," She wiped a tear and reached for Jacob who climbed onto his mother's lap and sucked his thumb. We are only allowed to touch our stomachs if the person wearing the pregnancy pouch touches him or herself, and the right light lights up on a panel in the wall above our beds. The worst thing is for Nine months we are not allowed to speak or utter a word, if we need to defecate or urinate we have to press a button and wait for an attendant to accompany us to the bathroom to make sure we don't make a sound. It is worse than slavery." Michelle sighed, "I have birthed only one other child, I am lucky, when I had Rachel, Jacobs older sister…Sam Hanna paid the premium to make sure I was the one to bear his other children and no one else's, he…reserved me for the exclusive use of his family."

She wiped a few stray tears from her eyes; Callen wanted to hold her and help ease her pain. "I am one of the lucky ones, Brood mares are not mentally deficient, we do not exist solely to provide couples with children, I was put in the birthing center without trial, because I loved a man…and for no other reason."

Callen hit pause on the recording, "Thank you Michelle." He said looking into her deep brown eyes."

She gave a small smile, "Thank you, Callen…"

She stood up and lay Jacob, who had now fallen asleep on the couch.

"Why do you both not take a break, I will watch Jacob." Arkady said.

Michelle nodded and Callen followed as she led the way to the kitchen, grabbed two cans of soda and headed out the back to the gardens behind the house.

"Do you think Agent Hanna will take Jacob from me for doing this?" Michelle asked.

Callen shook his head, "I know Sam…we…worked together, I know he was devastated at the loss of his son, but he has a huge heart and I think he'd rather let Jacob stay where he's happy." Callen wasn't sure if he was lying or not, but he hoped not.

Michelle walked away from the house to a small copse of trees, "This is my favorite spot." She admitted, she sat on the dapple shaded ground and leant against a tree, "It's like a mini woodland."

Callen smiled as she watched her open her soda and take a drink, the cold soda dripping down her skin. He coughed as he lost focus.

"It is nice here." He replied agreeably.

"So…are you seeing anyone?" Michelle asked with a smiled.

Callen shook his head, "I am here on assignment, I was tasked with infiltrating and exposing the NBSCA."

Michelle stopped drinking and turned to look at him, "Are you going to?" she asked.

"I…. I don't want to…I mean…Nikita and Arkady, they are my family, but, I have my duty." He dropped his head onto his knees, "I feel torn." He sighed.

Michelle puts her drink down and turned to face him, "Don't do what you are told is right just because someone tells you it is…think about it, find out more information and trust your instincts."

He turned to find himself eye to eye with her, "Trust your instincts?" he said, repeating what he'd just heard.

She found herself smiling into his blue eyes. "That's what they…." She stopped, as he silenced her with a kiss.

"…Say…" she breathed after they were done.

"I'm sorry; I just wanted to do that ever since I met you." Callen said.

Michelle smiled, "Me too." She reached out and grabbed his shirt and pulled him in for another kiss.

Callen laughed as they parted, "You know I think I like this assignment."

Michelle nodded as he held her, "What do you plan on doing?" she asked.

"I will send what I have so far to Hetty and then tomorrow I will meet my father, with the woman I have some deep feelings for by my side." Callen said honestly.

"What do you think this Hetty will do, can she be trusted?"

"She kept my secret about being natural born for my whole life even from me, to protect me, she was married to my mother; before she met my father."

"Are you looking forward to meeting him?" Michelle asked.

"Who my father?" Callen asked. "Yeah…I am, and I'm nervous and scared…and…you should be a therapist, I have told you more about me in the last five minutes than most people know."

Michelle shrugged, "I am a mother, we are born interrogators." She laughed, "Jacob can't keep secrets either…" her face fell, "I don't know what I'd do if I lose him."

Callen looked into her sad eyes, "I will do everything in my power to protect you and your son." He promised.

And he meant it, he had no idea why, but that woman and her son were the most important two people in the world to him at that moment.

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