I'm coming out!

Chapter 9

It had been 2 weeks since Callen had gone missing.

Sam was storming around the bullpen like a bear with a sore head, snapping at everyone, especially Deeks who was still feeling guilty for losing him while they had been on assignment. Sam had once or twice voiced that he was sure that Callen was not coming back; either the NBSCA had recruited him or killed him.

Hetty looked through her mail when a disc addressed personally to her fell out of an envelope with a note from Callen attached.

'Watch the DVD, don't let the others see it yet, Hetty…I have found my family. The NBSCA is not the group we thought it was, watch it alone…it's important, especially to Sam that you see this before he does. Trust me please. Gregori.'

Hetty took the disc and walked up to Ops.

"Everybody out." She ordered, everyone but Eric got up and left, "Mr. Beale you as well please…" she smiled kindly at him as he slowly got up the weight on the pregnancy pouch making it hard to move as his due date was nearer. "Go…have an early lunch with your husband, and ask Mr. Deeks to come up here as soon as you are back."

Eric smiled, "Thank you Hetty."

He left and she watched through the slats as Eric grabbed Deeks by the hand and pulled him out of the mission.

She walked over to the computer and hit the button to secure ops.

In the bullpen both Sam and Kensi looked up at the slats slamming shut.

"Hetty and Nell must be onto something." Sam stated looking over at Kensi.

Nell walked around the corner, "Who's onto what?" she asked.

"You're not upstairs with Hetty?" Kensi asked, looking over at her girlfriend.

Nell looked stunned and shook her head, "Nope, not me, she must be with Beale."

Sam laughed, "Not unless she's snuck him back in the office, she just sent him and Deeks off for lunch."

Nell shrugged, "That's nice, Eric was hoping to get some time with Marty before they collect the baby from the birthing center."

Sam sighed, "I remember when Michael and I picked up Rachel from the birthing center, best day ever, you two thought about applying to become parents?" he asked.

Kensi looked at Nell who shrugged, "We hadn't yet. We figured we'd get married first, you know, do it right, my father's would die If we applied before we were married." Nell admitted.

"Your father's are traditionalists?" Sam asked.

Nell nodded as Kensi turned to him, "My mothers were too, Julia still is she holds out for us to have a traditional wedding, you know the white dresses and the whole church thing."

Sam laughed, "My mothers were like that too…oh my God you should have seen them go overboard when Michael and I were married, His mothers are Jewish…so you can imagine how they were!"

Nell shot a look up at Ops, it was not like Hetty to use the facilities in there without either her or Eric providing back up.

The slats opened and Hetty, ashen faced came down the stairs and headed to her office.

Sam stood up and walked over to her, "Are you alright?" he asked worried for her.

"I am fine, Mr. Hanna…please continue with your hunt to find Ms Moore's killer and send Mr. Deeks into me when he gets back, I will be in Mr. Getz office." She said hurriedly as her cell phone rang.

She shut and locked the door before answering the call.

"Mr. Callen…It's been a while." She said her voice neutral as her hands shook she sat slowly in the chair as he filled her in on what had happened to him in the last week.

Callen had dozed off in Michelle's arms under the tree listening to her heartbeat as the sun beat down on the pair of them.

"Greg?" Michelle said as she moved.

Callen stirred, but did not wake.

"Callen?" she tried again.

He woke up and smiled, kissing her again. "Hey there, sorry, I can't believe I fell asleep like that…although I love the view." He admitted, looking into her dark brown eyes.

"Sorry I had to wake you." She said the regret in her tone audible, "I can hear cars, I think Nikita is here. Jacob will want to meet him."

Callen sat up and brushed a piece of grass from his jeans, "I'm scared…" Callen said to himself.

"Nikita is a wonderful man, Jacob loves him, all the children do, and he's a natural father." Michelle told him.

Callen stood up and held out his hand to help her up. "Yeah, but…" he shrugged, "Better get this over with." He sighed as she stood.

She turned and pulled him into a kiss, "You will be fine, Gregori…I already love you and I haven't known you for very long."

Callen laughed, "It's just my natural charm."

She led him back to the house and got there just as Arkady got to the door, "Your father is here, he would like to meet you alone." He said.

Callen nodded, although he did not let go of Michelle's hand.

"Greg…it's ok, I will be here when you are finished," he pulled her into a hug and held her tight.

"Thank you…by the way…I think I love you too." He said kissing her forehead.

She smiled and headed off to check on her son.

The door to the room where Arkady had first met him was closed, and there were two armed men outside.

Callen looked at Arkady worried, "You could just kill me…but not here…not where Jacob and Michelle can see, let them know I left…she doesn't need to…"

"Stop!" Arkady exploded a smile on his face. "We are not going to kill you Nephew, do you not know this now? These men are your father's bodyguards; I understand you do not trust. But no one will harm you."

Arkady knocked once and opened the door, giving his nephew a gentle shove, he pushed him in and closed the door.

The man stood with his back to him, watching as Michelle, with a sleepy Jacob in her arms headed back to her quarters.

"She is a good woman son; she would make a good match with you." He said not turning around.

Callen stood there, scrutinizing the man in front of him, trying to see what about him, screamed father to him.

Nikita turned around and Callen gasped, the eyes were his eyes, he had seen them before on the Skype call but here in person in front of him. He was stunned, this was real, and this man was his father.

"Gregori, Moy syn…" he took a step towards Callen, but stopped as his son took a step back.

Callen blinked, but said nothing; he opened his mouth a few times, wanting to say something. Hell he wanted to move, to run, but he could not.

"It's alright son." Nikita said he took another step towards his son.

"Don't…" Callen croaked out, his voice cracking.

Nikita looked hurt, he had been looking for his children ever since they had been taken and his beloved Clara killed, and now he had found his son. However, his son it seemed didn't want him.

Callen could not stop the tears that fell, he wasn't embarrassed, but he was angry. "Why? Why you…? I was supposed to put a stop to this, to take down the head of the NBSCA and bring him in…and it's you." There was so much anger and accusation in his voice that Nikita recoiled with the force of it.

"Then take me son." Nikita held out his arms, "I will not fight you,"

Callen looked at him in surprise, "I…I can't…I know it's wrong…but I can't, I agree with what you are doing here." He sank into a plush armchair and put his head in his hands, "I'm not the sort of son you want Nikita…I…I'm straight…I'm wrong…"

Nikita watched and realized his son was sobbing.

"There is nothing wrong with you son…" he said, crouching down and putting his hand on his son's shoulder.

"But…I'm not gay…being straight…it's unnatural…it's wrong…when I go back it will all come out and I know that as soon as they know I am natural born, I will lose my job and my home."

"Then, don't go back."

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